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Sick after secondhand smoke exposure MOST of the times

So i'm mostly in my room, which is smoke free, but my mother smokes all day at every part of the house with her 2 kids in it, very terrible, whenever i leave my room theres this strong smoke smell, the bathroom is filled with this crap, impregnated, as she lives smoking there, so i went there to give bath to her 3 year old daughter and i breathed that second/third hand smoke, i INSTANTLY got a burning throat and nose, so awful, seems like i'm the only, the kids doesn't get this, i also have some allergies, a deviated septum, hypertrophic turbinates, a igE of 2500 last time i checked and strong allergies to dust mites and dust, which has lessened a lot lately.
So i start sneezing, nose running burning in the bathroom, throat burning, then i leave and go back to my room, the following day i have a mild/medium fever, sore throat that hurts when i swallow and when i touch my neck, thick nasal discharge yellowish, blowing my nose all the time, excess mucus, throat hurts, burns and feels dry and raspy, just lost my sense of smell. Ok, most of these symptoms are understandable, but i can't understand the fever, why do i get the fever this quick? From the secondhand smoking exposure? I dont understand and is concerning, i have it like 4 times this year i believe already, after a few days it clears up, but after i leave my room to go to the other places of this smoke hidden house it often happens. What's the reason of the fever? My sinuses aren't hurting at the moment, but i have chronic sinusitis and they are often without a fever. I dont know why so often the next day after some exposure to secondhand smoke here i get a fever, lose my sense of smell, sore throat, also my right ear hurts a bit, etc, it's pretty terrible. Does cigarette smoke affects me that much? I have a huge aversion of it. I don't read about fever when it comes to secondhand smoke exposure.
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People of any age exposed to first or second hand smoke over time, may not only have defective anti-viral responses , but hyperactive, contrary to  previous prevailing views, that  cigarette smoke decreases anti-viral responses.Your situation has much more to do with just addressing your health issues.
-Citation:The Journal of Clinical Investigation,Vol.118, No 8

The environment where you're living is to put it bluntly a disaster zone!
I'm afraid your mom has deep issues of her own to see what  is really going on around her.

This unfortunately puts you in a very precarious position along with your... two  quite young half siblings?

In order to properly address your health issues, the unhealthy dysfunctional home situation has to change drastically, which easier said than done.

Perhaps you can look into public resources available
in your area, that can offer some advice and help to
your entire family.

Short of spending a lot of time outside the house, keeping windows open as much as possible, etc., the only thing I can  recommend is to look into  medium to long-term planning so you can end up living in a safer, cleaner and healthier space.

Your long-term prognosis, should you continue staying there under the same conditions, is unfortunately not positive  and likely your health will deteriorate further.

Please post again and let us know how you're getting on.

Best wishes,

thank you so much for your help :) yes, that's true, and she does indeed has issues, serious ones, has a crazy bipolar disorder, is extremely nervous and has addictions, has used drugs as well...
she doesn't care about it, i tell her all the time, you should only smoke outside, she doesn't listen to me.

Today my fever went away and my sinuses started hurting, my jaw too and i'm coughing a little, my mucus are green. I must develop a sinus infection nearly everytime i'm exposed to it out of my room, i even wear a mask some times but i had forgotten, now i'm having to wear it.

Yes, they are my half sisters, it's very bad for them, their lungs are still developing, they're kids.

But I'm going to move out of here pretty soon in 1 or 2 months and live very far from her, but it's truly uncomfortable while i'm here getting these apparently sinus infections when i breathe in smoke, first time this was happening i even thought oh i just got a cold, and i would wait and it would go away, but i have noticed now that it happens when i have inhaled smoke, so it was never a cold but sinus infections from inhaling tobacco smoke, it always starts with a burning in my nose and throat and sneezes, then it becomes a sore throat, fever, running nose, then pain, green mucus, cough.
I'm going to show your message to her and talk to her more about this.
Honestly i think it should be considered a crime.
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now today i'm completely fine, it lasts like 2 days, it's weird. I know i'm allergic with hypertrophic turbinates, deviated septum, enlarged adenoids too, chronic sinusitis and inhaling cigarette smoke from time to time, but shouldn't a sinus infection last longer than 2 days?????? why does this weird thing comes when i inhale smoke the next day and lasts 2 days? the fever, sinus pain, thick yellow mucus, loss of smell, it should last longer shouldnt it?
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Hi weirdornot.

There are far too many co-factors, most of them variable,which play a role in your symptom presentation, which make it difficult to pin down in any precise manner.
Your diet & nutrition, stress levels, absorption of nutrients/minerals/vitamins,  genetics, viral load, over-all immune function, and a lot more would be affecting your
health and your ability to recover in varying degrees.

well, i eat clean has been 4 years, very clean: no wheat, no sugar (just sugar naturally present in foods, i rarely use honey, i sweeten my food with stevia or splenda), no aspartame, no MSG, no trans fat (only butter, coconut oil, olive oil), no processed food. i'm not eating very much, some times i go a day without eating, but when i do i eat, even though healthy and clean, very high caloric foods, always homemade, i only eat what i make. i do eat lots of dairy, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cashews, coconut water, cheese, eggs, butter.
i have IBS-D it seems, following a stomach bug i had 3 years ago and drastic changes on my diet, andalso maybe for too much pressure on my midsection from using tight waist cinchers, i have GERD too and i have had toxic hepatitis back in early 2014 from eating several cassia cinnamon sticks everyday, i should have recovered by now right since i stopped it altogether, i often have light stools though, it must have affected my bile or something.

now regarding the stress, i'm a calm person but i have anxiety, depression and OCD and maybe paranoia, but i'm usually calm and alone, the most loud thing i have is my mind.

viral load? as if my sinusitis was caused by viruses? it's strange because it only happens after i inhale the secondhand smoke. and why not bacteria? maybe the secondhand smoke paralyzes my cilia so the bacteria can grown in my already swollen nose vessels, turbinates, adenoid, deviated septum nose

so this is my background, i think a sinus infection should last longer, i wonder if it's really that. but if it's just a cigarette smoke irritation then why the 1 day fever?
oh and i never drank alcohol in my life, never smoked of course besides secondhand and thirdhand smoking and never used any type of drugs ever
Wow, quite a detailed account of your health background.

Your immune system has obviously been exposed to the particular pathogens several times in the past, thus it has become more efficient in eradicating the infection.

Viral sinus infections are far more common than bacterial.

Your diet seems to be reasonable, just don't skip meals.
Our bodies are like machines and running on empty-for not a good reason- usually backfires.

You can do Dr. Coca's Pulse test
(self-test, search it online for details)
to get a fairly good idea, what foods you may be sensitive to.
If you're sensitive to gluten, you have a 50/50 chance of also being sensitive to dairy.

Also the SCD program has been a "lifesaver" for many IBS-C and IBS-D
sufferers. Have a look at it.

Something is telling me that you have
some genetic mutations, linked to some of your issues.
Have you ever had any genetic testing? If, not is this something you could afford?
I have dealt with 23andme (I'm in Canada) and the genetic testing cost was last year about $150 USD, but no analysis comes with that (but I can decipher most of the data they send, anyways)

Finally, you could benefit from a liver detox, specially if you are a slow detoxify-er.

Best wishes,
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