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Strange wounds skin on outer genital area keeps coming back

Hello! I've been having weird wounds on my outer genital area for a couple of weeks. They keep slowly spreading over the area, started on one side and has spread to the other.

I am a woman and I did have unprotected sex with a new person on the 25th december (merry christmas to me!). He doesn't have any conditions (that he knows of). I have been to take all STD tests since then but have yet to get the results. The physician said it looked like a bacterial infection. She said it didn't look like herpes.

I do NOT have small blisters, like herpes would have. They go straight to being circa 1 cm big wounds that seem like they simply took away a layer of my skin. They ooze a bit. I have approximately 20 with 5 active right now, so it doesn't sound like syphilis. One wound has spread to my lower tummy. The rest are on the hair area on top of my vulva (the front?) and the top of my inner legs. Nothing at all in the inner areas.

It does not hurt to pee. I have no other symptoms, no fever or anything.

I am going crazy with worry. What is this!? Why does it keep spreading? How can I keep it under check?

Picture can be found here, sorry that it's slightly graphic (no genitalia showing):
Obs! The dark spots around the wounds are residue of bandaids!

Thankful for any answers.
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Please help, someone! Gonnoreah and so on was negative. All I'm awaiting results for now is syphilis and HIV.

Is it ringworm? Here's another picture

Not all of them have an outer redder edge though.
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I think going to a dermatologist would be the best thing you could do. You might could even try to see a gynecologist.
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I have been to both. They don't know what it is.
You could always try different general practitioners until you find an answer to your problem. Sometimes you have to go through lots of doctors to get the right answer. I wish I could be of more help to you.
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I think you have folliculitis. You should see your medical provider for an antibiotic.
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I got an answer today from my physician. I have Group B Streptococcus (GBS) that are causing the skin condition. This seem pretty rare but is VERY serious, although treatable, so if anyone in the future notices similar sores, now you know what it might be! They took samples from the wounds and that's how they found out.
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I am glad they figured out what it is early on. I hope you heal fast.
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