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Surgery Scheduled

For those of you who asked for me to let you know what's going on, thought I would let you know that my surgery has been scheduled for August 31.  He will remove all of the thyroid and lymph nodes in neck as well for pathology on those.  I am glad that i don't have to wait more than two weeks - I am very anxious to get on with the business of getting well - but have a long road yet to travel.  There is lots more to thryoid cancer than I thought.  I assumed it was very simple - take it out and be done with it....how I wish!
Anyway, hope that this finds all of you doing well.  Would love to hear from everybody...Duchess, Chris, boninclyde.....
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Hey Chris,
Yeah, there is alot more to it.  I have been on the thyca group and found out that I have to go completely hypo after surgery in order to get me ready for the radioactive iodine treatment.  I am really dreading that.  Before I found out I was hypothyroid back in 1998, I was a real mess.  I lost my job because I COULD NOT get out of bed.  It was horrible.  I am praying that it won't be that bad this time.  Once RAI is over, will have to wait a period of time (not sure how long) and then will have to go hypo again and have whole body scan to see if there is metasis anywhere.  There is a lot of playing with meds to get levels at suppressed state.  There is talk on the other boards about the "new normal".  Of course, I could always be the exception rather than the rule and I am going to pray that I am.  I pray that I will one day have energy again and look forward to waking up instead of dreading it.  Trying really hard to keep positive attitude!
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I didnt know any of that I thought you had your thyroid removed etc. Then I thought you might have to have chemo or something plus follow ups. I suppose its worse for you because you have a thyroid problem anyway. I hope your the exception rather than the rule as well.  It seems to be the case that nothing is ever straight forward is it. Your attitude will help you get through this , although understandebly your going to have down days  I think thats natural. Good Luck!!! I will be thinking of you and truly hope you are getting the support you need from close family and friends. Its times like this when you need them. Take Care XXX Chris
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Hey Charley. You always keep everyone here up beat don't let us down now. I still have your info and i will go there for that chat soon. I know what you mean when you say things just keep getting worse. At first my breast cancer was just DCIS. Then DCIS with lobuler extension. Then DCIS w/Lob exten grade 3. Then comedo type. Now more than likely it is invasive cancer. On and on. Still scared to death of my up coming surgery but ready to get it over with. It is hard for me to imagine how I will walk into that hospital that day. I just see me freaking out. I do take xanax that helps control my spells but they don't always work. I guess we will get through this. We have no choice but to have our surgeries. I do not like having a choice and I don't like being under control of the nurses and doctors. Guess that goes back to my youth.
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I'm glad you are all set with your scheduled surgery.  Try not (although it's very hard) to think too much past the surgery.  Maybe you won't need to go through as much afterwards as you think. Get through one thing at a time.

I can relate to the not being able to get out of bed with the thyroid  problem because that was me back in 2001 before I was diagnosed with Graves disease.  That's exactly why I left my job.  
I am in remission still right now, but next time the thyroid is hyper. it is time for RAI.  My docs. are worried that I have been on the thyroid meds. for too many years now. Last time I was in remission for 8 months.  I have passed that this time.  It's been 9 months so far. Hurray!  It's the little things that make me happy. lol

What is the recovery time after surgery?  How soon will they do RAI? We will all be waiting anxiously on Aug. 31, and hoping to hear from you soon thereafter. Bring a laptop to hospital (ha ha)
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Hey yall,
It was so nice to log on here tonight and see your posts.  I feel truly blessed to have so much support here in the forum and at home as well.
BONINCLYDE,You keep your chin up.  I know that is hard to do right now.  One of my aunts (who is only a few yrs older than me) just had double mastectomy a couple of months ago.  She is preparing for reconstructive surgery in October.  She is doing great and told me to tell you that keeping a positive outlook is key!  Cancer does not have to mean a death sentence for you, me or anyone else.  Not being tough on you, just want you to absorb some strength.....I am praying for you and so is my church.  Funny to look in the church bullentin and see "boninclyde" on the prayer list...but it is there - and you are being prayed for alot!  I hope that atleast gives you some comfort.  You join the list with Duchess and Chris and peipaws...and others.  Just want you to know that we all care and are concerned.  Wish I was there to hold your hand but know that you are always close in thought.  Yes, it is hard to give up control....I am having issues with that myself.  I have a really hard time with that in relationships and at work....tend to take on more than I really need sometimes because of it, but those are things that I will just have to continue to work on.  You take care - and USE THAT INFO I GAVE YOU!!!!!!!  (((((hugs)))))
You go girl!  Glad to hear that you passed the eight months mark! I am trying to take one day at a time and know that I don't need to look so far ahead.  There are lots of people on the thy can board that have had recurrences...some one yr, two yr, 10 yrs and one lady 38 yrs later....Man!  Right now, just preparing for surgery.  He said that recovery time differs from one person to another but the first three days would be rough and would get better from there.  I think there is an amount of time (2-3 weeks) before I will be able to lift stuff and will have to be careful about turning my head a certain way for a while.  Said that the first week would be kind of uncomfortable trying to get in a good position for sleeping.  He also said that time between surgery and RAI will be 3 - 6 weeks.  Hopefully, my tsh will get up quickly.  If I am not mistaken, it has to be somewhere around 50!  Yuck!  Anyway, thanks for all the support.  I posted to you about the pinched nerve thing - and will get some info posted to you in the next day or so.  You take care of yourself...one day we will all be well!
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That was quick Charley. Glad you don't have to wait too long although I can understand how anxious you are. What do you mean theres more to it than you thought? Do you have to have more treatment afterwards? XXXChris
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Oh my! Oh goodness! Wow. My apologies. I only use that name because it is my dogs names and I can remember it. They stayed in trouble (Still are) when they were pups. Part lab, part german sherpard. Also have one named Country. My real name is Lisa If you would like to change it for the church. Maybe it will help someone else know me also. I didn't think most people even knew who Bonnie-n-Clyde were. I must admit I got quite a chuckle out of that. Charley you are not being hard on me. I know my attitude must change. I believe after surgery it will. Then my war will begin. One I know I must win. Talk more later.
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Hi Charley. Just wanted to jump in & wish you a speedy-healthy
recovery. I noticed the 31st is a Thursday. I read that's one of the best days. Dr's are caught up on paperwk/golf stories/
their primed for duty/relaxed & waiting for weekend. May want to
ask for any info at ofc/hopsital of what to expect when released
so you'll be organized. Take CD's/player to drown out the
traffic noise & carts. You've probably started your ck-list of to do & takes. Try do get things done now so you can relax &
do/go/visit/call 5 days before so ya' don't stress. Later, I'd
be interested in some catch-up on how the bozo's kept missing this. You can help many by sharing your experience. For awhile
though, just focus on you. Maybe hopsital has counselor that can
direct you to items like a special pillow to get for sleep. I
had a different procedure but was told to get a 10" back slant
wedge to put pillow on to keep back comfortable & head elevated.
It doesn't slide around like stacking pillows. Lay flat & you
throw legs over it to relax lumbar. Take care. The best is now
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Hey Demi,
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.  You're right, I am making lists and checkin them twice...; )
Ya know, I was talking with a friend last night and she brought up something I had no even thought of.  About 3 yrs ago, I ended up at docs office with laringitis (?)for about 3 weeks - no other symptoms.  Ended up doing X-ray and then the dye and MRI or Cat - don't remember which.  X-Ray showed mass in my neck.  The other test showed nothing.....hmmmm.  Wondering now if this had any bearing on this now.  Most likely not, b/c nodule on thyroid measured 1.9cm on left lobe and 17mm on right.  Just strange how all this has played out.  I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid in 1998, fibromyalgia in 1998, bi-polar disorder in 2003, epilepsy in 2006 and now thyroid cancer.  It will be interesting to see if some of these other things resolve themself upon taking care of the cancer.  Thyroid can cause mood swings and depression...so I really do not believe now that I am bi-polar.  I recently read a study from a major university that said there may be correlation between neuro problems and thyroid diseases....although when i posted on thyroid forum, doc said not likely.  Just trying to resolve all this in my mind.  Just need to focus, as you said, on the matter at hand.  I will post more later about how all this came to be.  I think what I am concerned about is that it has spread to lymph nodes and has spread to other parts.  Surgeon did say that even if it has spread to lymph nodes, it is still very treatable, so that is good.  THANK YOU for the info about Thursday!!!!!  That makes me feel ALOT better!!!!!!  It has been a very trying few years, and very stressful with docs all trying to tell me there was nothing wrong physically - constantly trying to convince me that it was all being caused by fibro or all in my head.  Glad I kept pushing but it was a long road to get here.  I had one friend who kept telling me to push.  It took her 3 yrs to get diagnosed with lyme disease.  She even had the tick!!!  Had to fly all the way to NY to a specialist to find someone to help her.  She almost went crazy during that time, so she was pivitol in helping to keep me going.  Anyway, gotta scoot for now.  Will post more at later date.  Once again, thanks for everything.  I do hope, as you said, that my experience may be able to help someone else!
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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!  Thanks, I really needed that laugh!  It's ok - nobody said a thing.....just said prayers!  I will change it to Lisa if you want!  I know you will find the strength to do this as there is no other choice....that's what makes it so hard - there are no choices here.  It's do or die.
Please use what I gave you - I think it would help us both.
You take care.
Prayers comin your way,
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Hi everyone - I've been reading posts & keeping up with you all, but haven't jumped in before as I felt I might be intruding somewhat. But I just wanted to give you all my love and tell you what wonderful, inspiring, positive people you all are and that you are helping alot of others as well as eachother. Don't know what I would have done without this forum in the past year. Thanks. Sheila xx
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You jump in any time you want. I am sure you'll fit right in. We need each other.
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