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Swollen Lymph Nodes, and other symptoms

Hello all,

I am ne to this fourm and have some very worry some problems that I have been dealing with since July/August of this year.  First let me start out by telling you that I have had multiple surgeries on my low back and have lived in chronic pain for several years.  I am on pain meds for this.  I had a salivary gland removed in April of this year and this is what seems to have triggered all of my symptoms.  It started out as what I would say is localized swelling in the are of the glad removal and then I started to get pressure in my head. I went to the ER for the head pressue and they did a CT scan and found that there was nothing. no sinus infection, no bleeds nothing.  Good I suppose.  I then caught a cold that everyone in the house had so I thought nothing of it, then I started to notice a burning sensation in my neck on both sides. Lymph Nodes I thought and since I had a cold didn't think much of it.  I am now experiencing swollen glands all over my body, it started out on just the left side, except for the neck. (this is the side that I had the gland removed from) Now I am feeling lumps all over that seem to burn and are symmetrically dispursed throughout the body. I have been on antivirals, Pennicillin V for 4 weeks, Augmentin for 20 days, Singular, and Clairnex D.  After about a week on the antihistime the head pressure has gotten a bit better but the nodes are the same or worse. I keep getting nothing from my docs, blood work is normal, CT scans normal, MRI normal.  Iwent to see the doc the other day and they found or I found a lump in my cheek, same side
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as the gland removal.  I am awaiting the results of that CT scan. I also have the neck stiffness, pain in the hands and arms although I have had pain in my arms and hands for years and have written it off as being Carpal Tunnel as I am a Network admin and was a Welder/Fitter/Mechanic for several yearsuntil the back injury.  I have pain under my arms, in my groin, under my ribcage, in my chest and also in my legs. My ENT told me that the lumps that I was feeling were Lymph Nodes but thought it was a residual infection or MONO, but did no blood work to confirm. I seen another doc and they did the blood work and all tests normal even the mono test.  I now have noticed lumps on the back of my knees.  Doc tells me that its a cyst same as the one in my cheek.  He also told me that he thought I had Dercum's Disease, which is a rare disease that occurs mostly in post menapausal obease women although it has been found in men.  There is no test for this disease and I feel that he gave me this as a DX, so he didn't have to do anything.  These lumps that I have found in the back of my knees are very large and are not fatty tumors as with Dercums.  I am very concerned but I am wondering if I should be as I am being told I am healthy although I feel like ****.  I have the night sweats as well as a low grade fever that waxes and wanes, never over 100 degrees. Any sugestions, there is no real history of cancer in the family or any other rare diseases. I have been fairly healthy all of my life except for all the lower back problems which do run in the family. I am at wits end here. Please anyone that has any suggestions I am willing to take them.

Sorry for the long posts but I am really concerned.
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Did your physicians rule out diabetes, thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders and/or possible STD infections ?

Also... do you have trouble breathing ?

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No trouble breathing, everything has been ruled out by my physicians say so.  Blood work is normal, HIV test is negative as well as other STD's.  I am a celabate man. There is no explaination from anyone on this.  I am wondering if it has something to do with the gland removal.  As I have a bad taste in my mouth as well and I have had several bad teeth lately, but from what all the docs tell me its not my mouth/teeth.  I have ringing in the ears at times also but its intermittent.
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net geek,

I would suggest going to lymenet.com and checking out the symptom chart on lyme disease.  it is only a suggestion as to what might be ailing you.

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Do you have inflammation ?
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As for the Lymes disease I have already been tested for that as that was my thinking to all these problems but test has come back as a negative.

As for inflamation, just in the lymp Nodes or around the Lymph Nodes.  If you are asking if i have swollen legs or arms then the answer is no.  As I said my glands are enlarged as I can feel them and they feel like they are small round glands.  I have had swollen Lymph nodes before with strep but only in the neck so I know what they feel like.

As for my last doctors visit they found or actually I found a lump in my cheek that they say is a cyst and think that is what is causing the head pressure.  See tow diffrent ENT's as well as PCP on the 9th.  Will post more as I know it.  

I also wnat to mention the fact of the broken tooth and then a decrease in the pressure I feel in the head.  I had that tooth extrated today and low and be hold... My dentist gasp as she removed it, she said that the root of the tooth had grown into my sinuses.. HMMM now I wonder if this was the problem all along on the head pressure side of things.  Although I have been told by several people and dentists as well that dental problems rarely cause the enlarged Lymph nodes throughout the body as well as pressure in the head.  Let me know if ya all have any ideas and thanks to all that have read this and have posted comments.
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Bad teeth can KILL you. I  know someone who died from an infected tooth. Always remember your teeth. SOmetimes there will be no pain in the tooth either until way later.

Also, I know someone who was sick with a FUNGUS, which is not treated with antibiotics, the docs kept treating her with antibiotics as they didn't know what she had, and said they would rather do something than nothing so continued to INCREASE antibiotics as the lowere doses werent' making her better. Eventually, within months she was dead and I mean she was healthy, walking the tread mill the day before this routine exam that landed her in the hosptial.  You see, antibiotics destroy all of your good bacteria, good bacteria fights fungus. Antibiotics are a mild form of chemotherapy, they destroy good and bad cells like chemo, so whatever you do, if the docs dont' know what the diagnosis is.......dont' guess and take meds for LONG periods of time, and watch to be sure you aren't getting worse, if you dont' get better and if you starte getting worse, I would stop antibiotic treatment..........SO ALL THAT TO SAY.............check a fungus doctor, the doctor my friend saw was an INFECTIONS specialist and he said he didnt' think a fungus would kill you........................so be careful, later that was the cause of death.........make sure they know fungus too and no quack doctor either. ...........THere are meds you can take, homepathy meds, aloe juice, nystatin by prescription, cocunut oil has a fungus fighter made from it, can't recll the name, do a google. Gosh good luck to you!
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Towards the end of last week...I think it was Wednesday, I woke up after sleeping funny on the right side of my neck. When I moved my neck at first it was stiff and a little pain but went away and hasn't come back since. However, I noticed on the back of my neck there is a small hard bump. There is no pain when I touch it. I asked my parents what they thought it was and they told me it's from sleeping funny. That they get those as well and it's nothing to worry about but should go away soon. I've had it for 5 days and I think it's smaller. Also, I have sinuses and haven't been keeping up with taking my sinuse decongestent pills so I'm thinking that might be another reason for it? After reading about Lymph Nodes, I'm not sure if that could be it. Any ideas?
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I have a very sore left side of my neck with swollen glands.  I was on norvasc and have since been given adalat and my blook pressure is up and I have palpatationsand head ache?  What should I do?
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i have a painless bump right behind my left ear and a few lymp nodes in my groin area on both sides and under my throat i have itchy skin alot and my head often hurts i get alot of pains in my joints also wat could this be?
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Have you heard of Lymphodema? My mom got it after having a lymph node removed. Have you been checked for that?
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Hi, im really worried about my condition.  I have swollen lymph nodes (groin) for about a month already. And now, I'm having red patches (small) all over my upper body (front and back), it starts to spread on my upper extremities and now on my upper thighs. It's not even itchy. I dont know what to do. I'm really worried.  I need help...
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My daughter is 22mos old and has been sick since birth with recurring respiratory infections and tonsillitis, ear infections, and swollen lymph nodes. For the past 2-3 mos now she has swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin area and the right side of her neck she has a node about 1/2 inch and in the left side of the groin she has one atleast 1inch long. The hospital we go to is supposed to be in the top 10 in the nation but they cannot seem to find out what is wrong. They even tested her blood for leukemia amd lymphoma and her platelets looked normal. I am just fit to be tied and worried sick. She can't go to daycare because she gets sick everytime she goes around the little ones and her appetite isn't the greatest anymore either. I Mean she still eats and drinks but not like she should. She is starting to have night sweats and is getting more tired and whiny as well. Has anyone had any of these same syptome with their children or themselves or have any ideas. I do have an appt with a children's hopsital in immunology/.infectious disease but I would like some ideas if anyone has any. Please respond...I am a vr ery concerned parent of a very special little girl!! Thank you so much for whatever input you can give.
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Recently I have been incredibly tired and have noticed very big, swollen lymph nodes in my left and right cheeks, right at the jaw line, two round, hard bumps.  When I bend down to pick something up, I feel like they are going to explode.  Any suggestions?
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