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Tardive Dyskinesia

I have involuntary twisting of my tongue.  They say it was caused from taking Reglan used for nausea.  So far they say there is no cure.  It is so serious that it throws my balance off, and I fall down.  Have been in the bed now for almost 3 years.  I stay close to bed because the falls I take are very hard falls and I get injured.  They put me on high dosage of vitamin E, and said it might help, it doesn't.  Has anyone heard of anything that can help this problem?  I'm so tired of staying indoors and have to wear slippers when I go to doctors appointments.  If I wear shoes I am sure to fall.  Also, have to use a cane.

Thank you for any suggestions,

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As a person with advanced tardive dystonia I would confirm that tardive dyskinesia although not reversible is treatable. You need to see a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist. Recent studies have shown that vitamin e is of limited help. Known treatments include Bachlofen, Requip, Aricept and Mirapex. Botox injections are often used for specific focal dystonic spasms. More experimental treatments include tetrobenzine and Zofran. The Catapres application that I use can be helpful depending on the extent and variation of the type of spasms. The natural remedy rhodiola when supervised by a neurologist can be of help. All of this information should be discussed with a movement disorders specialist. For more information in the meantime google "Patient Education Tardive Dyskinesia" and as well there is a clinically detailed article on Emedicine that you could discuss with a neurologist.
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The literature states tardive dyskinesia does not go away. It is caused by a number of psychiatric medications and is common in nursing homes.

That being said, I discontinued meds for a 99 year old female at age 99 and the phenomena disappeared by age 102. She is 105 and it has not reappeared.

Don't give up hope.
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