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Uncontrollable shaking


I am new to this forum. I am not sure where to post this as I do not know what I have. Around 9/26 I had a strange attack. I wasn't doing anything strenuous or stressful, but I felt like I was having difficulty inhaling and catching my breath. I immediatley got up and started walking around, only to find that my legs had begun to shake so bad that my legs had gone weak and I was having difficulty walking. I also felt like my mouth was very dry and that  I needed to use the restroom and was burping and passing gas a lot. After a few minutes of trying to walk, I regained my normal state, walked outside for fresh air, calmed down and had some fruit. Later on that night, I experienced something similar. I immediatley went to the ER. Unfortunately for me, by the time I got there the episode had stopped. The doctor who saw me, checked me out and said I had hyperventilated and had an anxiety attack. I was relieved it was not serious. A few days later I had ANOTHER attack. Same problems, only I had noticed my bowel movemtents had become runny. So i called my doctor for an appointment. The morning before my appointment, I had another attack, only more severe. It felt like if I stopped moving I would die. All of my vital signs came back normal at the doctors that day. My doctor checked me out and said she wanted to do a blood test for my thyroid because I also had a goiter. So she did and the results came back that I did have high levels in my bloodstream for hyperthyroidism.I immediatley cut caffeine out of my diet, thinking this may help me. The next week I went for my scans of my thyroid and didnt have any major issues at all for a couple of days, no shaking, weakness, nothing. I had started experiencing little aches all over my body though. Never dehabilitating or severe, just an ache on my shoulder blade here and an arm pain there. The arm pain has been consistent ever since. It feels almost like carpal tunnel.   I had an appointment to meet with my PCP on october 17th and an endocrinologist on the 18th. That sunday and monday (the 15th and 16th) I began to shake again, although this time it was just the uncontrollable  shaking. I went to my PCP the next day and she said my scans came back normal so she was interested to see what the endo would say.  My endo said that the scans came back normal but he would do a second blood test anyway to check my levels. He also said I was slightly tachycardic and I told him about the shaking fits. He then prescribed me some propranolol (20MGs twice a day), calling my shaking fits "tremors". These meds seemed to work for about two weeks or so. Just this past sunday the shaking fits started again. They mainly happen at night now and the shaking starts in my legs and then my whole body begins to shake afterwards. My bowel movements have gone back to normal though and my heart rate seems to stay the same.  Sometimes it lasts a couple hours, other times 20 minutes or so. My hands and feet get extremely cold when this happens. I curl up under a blanket and that seems to help. If I just lay under a blanket and relax I feel much better. I can't understand what is wrong with me. I don't have
headaches or dizziness, or anything but I feel "off". People say you know your body and know when somethings wrong. Well something is wrong with me. I have googled everything from "anxiety" to "epilepsy" to "brain tumors". I have another appointment with my endo on the 15th of this month to check my thyroid again. If its not my thyroid causing this, then what is it? Its disheartening shaking for no apparent reason. Am I having a seizure? Do I have an infection somewhere? Is it possible that I have poor circulation from the meds?  I normally don't post in forums, but
I'm really scared. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this,

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I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I've had some similar symptoms. In fact, just an hour ago I had a fit of uncontrollable shaking and muscle weakness. This is the second time it's lasted longer than a few minutes. I'm not cold, by my forehead feels cool to the touch and I have to get up and walk around sometimes. Other times I have to curl under a blanket and talk talk talk until it stops. I've had minor fits as well that last a minute or two, then go away. I know something is wrong with me. I've known for months. I'm 19 and still have a pediatrician as a PCP and she just seems to think I'm crazy when I go in with various symptoms and concerns. I also have an overall feeling of being "off." Have you experienced any random chest pain on either side of the chest??
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I've been experiencing many of the same things
first I would feel sick to my stomach then light headed
with slight motion trails/light trails, my vision wasn't exactly blurred
but it seemed indescribably different. I would be panicking, have the feeling like I was going to die or something was seriously wrong with me.
I started to have the full body shakes, not shivers I wasn't cold. My mom gave me some sweet juice to drink which helped, she thought I was having low blood sugar or going diabetic. Strangely enough, I researched these symptoms and came up with a lot of answers that said it was a build up of adrenaline through stress and drinking some sweet juice or having fruit can help burn some of that off. That is also why the body shakes, to get rid of some of this excess adrenaline. I've been going through a very stressful month with lack of sleep, not any exercise, and a constant schedule. I'm thinking this might be a reason/ possible answer. I also went to the ER and took all sorts of tests which came back normal, blood glucose normal, EMT normal , etc.. I'm going to go to a doctor for some more information and try exercising, hope something works for you!  
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I could have written the above comments myself.  I have never posted a question plus I have slow dial up so I feel blessed to have found this discussion on my first try.  

I had a "fit" last night and decided I would go on line to see what I could find.   It lasted several minutes maybe an hour.  I had been in bed only a few minutes when my legs started to feel strange then they started shaking and the shaking spread over my entire body.  I did not have a fever.   I also felt the need to potty but never had the burping or gas.   I felt like I might die and I had to walk. After a while when the shaking had slowed down (not stopped) I told DH that I was going to lie back down.  He suggested the electric blanket and helped me get it on the bed. I snuggled down under it and even though I didn’t feel cold it seemed to help.  I felt very weak and really weird.   It was awful; I hope it never happens again.  I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worse enemy.  
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I am so amazed to find out that I'm not the only one thinking my body has lost it's mind.. I didn't sleep at all last night and felt like I needed to move constantly, laying down helped as long as I was laying stomach down b/c all the rest made me shake or feel nauseated. After reading this, I've come up with my hypothesis. I think mine is a combination of the low blood sugar and the adrenalin build up as well as possible medicine side effect since I was on cold meds as well. Yesterday was truly a stressful day complete with almost getting in an accident, being told my car could catch fire at any moment with a defect in it and not having a dime for anything in the next week and a half till we get paid. So I agree with all of you and right now I'm trying the sugary drink thing to see if that helps, as well as eating something but we'll see!
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I have very large concerns of a particular student which attends my school. She seems to constantly have worrying symptoms in which dramtaically affect her health. She rarely attends a full day of school as she is always going home with an undiagnosable disease. The other day her hands were severly trembling along with her face and she was making funny slurping noises. Out of pure concern we asked her if she was alright and between her gasps for air she answered that she had experienced the syptoms before and she would okay if we put her near a heater, despite the fact that it was a 30 degree summer day. This girl has also had epidemics of blindness which she states are caused due to over-exercising. She plays netball but has on some occassions left the court as she was unable to see her opponents and the ball. This is terrible in netball as you need to be able to see what you are doing in order to play the game. She also constantly experiences these 'crazy' moods where she threatens fellow class mates. During a school production she once pushed a child off of the stage for an unknown reason. One last thing is that she has often been away from school saying that she has many professional 'appointments' in which she is attending but really they dont seem to be helping. This girl once got hit on the head extremely hard with a 'Wii Control' whilst a friend was playing tennis and we feel that this could have contributed to her unusual symptoms. Perhaps she has brain damage. We are all deeply concerned for her health and safety as she is a prized student at our school. It would be a tragic event if Poppy could no longer continue with her studies... PLEASE HELP!!!
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Well, I'm happy i'm not the only one with this issue. This thread has been amazing regarding information on this. I think I can relieve some people when I say this has to do with stress. I myself just had a shaking "episode" while in bed. I'm typing this on my iPhone because I dont feel like going to the computer. I am 18 years old and I have been suffering with stress and anxiety related issues since the last week of November. About 2 weeks ago it got to the point where I was having a full blown anxiety attack. For some reason I am getting very stressed out over colleges and SATs more than beyond normal and it is just creating all these problems. I usually take stress pretty well but I think I reached my limit. Before while I was having the anxiety attacks, these shaking episodes as you guys are describing on here, would follow. Other times I would just randomly have these "episodes". It would always be in the evening or at night though, never during the day. With the shaking episodes I also feel like I have to move around or I am going to die or in my case I always get this weird feeling like something bad is going to happen to me even though I clearly know by now it most definitely will not. I will also get a bit of dull chest pain. Just today my sinuses in my face were driving me crazy all day and i was having random pains all around my chest maybe every hour or so. I feel much more fit and relaxed now that my episode seems to be just about over but I will agree it is VERY scary. I had an EKG done 2 weeks ago after my second anxiety attack whick came out normal. That following weekend I had some blood work done which I am still waiting for the results. I am not expecting and problems from that and neither is my doctor. I also have trouble sleeping as fearing something bad happening because of a little stress related chest pain. Something I have nothing to fear over but I do it anyways. Possible a sign of an anxiety disorder part on my side I'm not totally sure but I am completely sure its anxiety causing it. Rest assured there is reallu nothing "wrong" with anyone having thesr problems (unless its hyperthiroidism), its just simply your body's response to abnormally large amounts of stress. Try telling yourself theres nothing wrong and relaxing. I bet you for about 5min all your pains go away. Sadly this doesnt work during the episode because the adrenelin is already there but it helps to at least temporarly relieve stress when your not in one. Well now that it is 4am and I have waited out my fit here I must try and get some sleep. I wish everyone the best of luck with this problem and I am glad to know I am not the only one with it.

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Sounds like MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  If you go to www.webmd.com****.***, you will see that most of the symptoms you are describing fit that disease.
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Also, check out if you have a cyst on your pyneal gland.  I've experienced that same thing twice now in the last couple months.  All my tests (EKG, blood, etc) were normal.  However, after I told them that my Dad died of brain tumors (albeit in his 60's), they decided to do a CT scan.  They found that I had a small blister (cyst or fluid pocket) on my pyneal gland.  What I've found is that they are not cancerous but they can put pressure on the optic nerves and can affect your sleep (pyneal glands regulate melatonin, etc.).  Some doctors don't do anything because there's not much you can do being so far in the brain and being somewhat dangerous procedure to remove.  However, some will monitor it over time to see if it grows.

Most cysts on the pyneal gland don't get much larger than 2cm.  This was my first CT scan and so there's no way to tell how long it's been there.  They said it could've formed anytime.  Yet, many people have said that they've had some traumatic head event before discovering the cyst.  It's possible hitting your head could cause them.  It's hard to say.

Anyway, many people have these cysts and never seem to have trouble.  Others experience headaches, dizziness along with other systems.  If your symptoms get worse over time than I'd suspect that the cyst is getting larger (filling with more fluid) and may require a surgical procedure to drain it or remove it.

Of course, CT scans and surgery are expensive routes.  Don't allow your anxiety (along with depression, are also possible symptoms but not always) to go crazy.  Be smart and act according to how severe you think your symptoms are.  If it's disrupting your normal life then I would have them check.  My doctor said mine was really small but that I should have a neurologist check it out anyway, because of my family history.  Isn't the human body a fun toy?  My model comes with free weird problems.  Cheers!
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Oh, another interesting side note is that if you have chronic pain on both sides of your body, (muscle knots, pains in various joints or muscles, etc) then you should also look up fibromyalgia.  It may not explain the shivering but it's still interesting to know. =)
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My doctor called my two episodes, along with my extreme fear and anxiety, "severe anxiety" or Panic attacks.  She proscribed Paxil (generic version is called Paroxetine).  I do well with 10mg but have the best results with 20mg once a day at the same time (usually before bed is what they say on the bottle).  Anyway, it also helps treat depression as well.  I find that things don't bother me and make me worry like before.  I'm just much more calm and relaxed.  It's supposed to treat the symptoms and not just cover them like Xanax (tranquilizer).  It took a week or so to kick in but it definitely was a noticeable improvement.  My friends noticed as well.

It also helps to exercise regularly and eliminate caffeine.  Caffeine worsens anxiety symptoms and usually makes you more irritable.  I also regulate your blood sugar levels so that you're more level.  High fiber (beans, etc) along with Vitamin B and C are good for that.  I really like this organic stuff called Moringa, Noni juice and Coral calcium.  All three of these help regulate blood sugar levels, improve immune system and energy.  

I'd also highly recommend keeping a regular sleeping schedule.  A great natural way to fall asleep is using Delta Wave cds.  In other words, there are programs out there that you can rent from the library or purchase that help you reach sleep and dream states easier by generating certain tones that you can hear by using stereo headphones.  These tones help to stimulate your own body's brain patterns that most closely resemble those stages of sleep and dreaming.  I have found that it helps me reach deeper sleep, despite any anxiety I might have.

There are other natural sleep aids out there but you have to be careful when mixing them with medications that treat anxiety or depression, especially tranquilizers.  Supplements like Melatonin can accelerate the drowsy effects of medications in these areas, making you a little too sleepy or in the extreme, death.  Of course, if that happens, you can counter it by using products like Emergen-C (high vit C and B) to boost your energy quickly and keeping it up for hours.  Vitamin C is the quick energy and vitamin B helps regulate your energy so that it lasts longer and limits the peaks and valleys.

I hope all this helps.  The best thing is to listen to your body and don't be afraid to ask for help from medical professionals.  =)
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Check out this discussion.  I posted some good stuff about an all-natural series of products like Amoryn, Seredyn and Mellodyn:


Also check out the actual homepages of these homeopathic alternative treatments for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, vitamin deficiencies.


I ordered all three.  I imagine I'll only use Seredyn and Mellodyn as needed.  Amoryn is the longterm treatment that I'm most looking forward to.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!
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sounds like you guys got Et other wise known as Essential Tremor you guys if you belive this is it go see your closet qualified neurologist know about your health, your family medical history, medicines you may be taking, and any surgeries you have had, your doctor will want to know bout this. there are treatments, the two proven are Stereotactic Thalamotomy Chronic thalamic deep brain stimulation(DBS) ask your doctor bout that. you will also most likely be put on meds.... which will help with the conbusions... Patients who cannot undergo surgery include those who have medical conditions other than ET that make them poor surgical candidates and those with a significant loss of thinking ability.

good luck
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My brother was just sent to hospital for what we thought was a slight stroke.  He was shaking uncontrollably, sweating, lack of memory, and just acting very strange; he also said he had a lot of excessive rectal bleeding with extremely runny stool.  He is on 4 types of medication (2 for a slight irregular heartbeat problem, high blood pressure, and cymbalta, may have misspelled these). He seemed fairly lucid once they admitted him and are running every test know to man but so far they say the CT scan came back fine and the blood test are fine. The bleeding has stopped and the neuro doctor seems to think he is having panic attacks however he claims he is not anxious or panicked.  He does say his heart is racing a little but he thinks this is due to the irregular heart beat problem he has had for several years. I have no idea what is going but I can tell you my brother is one of the hardest physical working men I know. He is consistently on the go and has insomnia a lot.  the only problem I have ever know him to have is he drinks... but his wife says he has cut way back in past few months and his problems are getting worse... if anyone has any suggestions let me know. If I find out anything I will post updates.
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I have just started to experience similair issues. Thursday 3/19 was my first issue. My heart began to race, my face turned bright red to the touch, I was dizzy and shaking all over. Assuming I was having an alergic reaction to something I took some benadryl and laid down. Once the Benadryl took over I was better. Another time over the weekend I had the same thing happen. I did the same thing and it went away. This past Friday 3/27 I became so dizzy I had to lay down on the floor. Within minutes I was shaking very badly and my breathing was heavy. I was not able to control my breathing or shaking. The only way I can describe this is I felt as if I were going to come out of my skin. I went to the Emergency Room where I was told I was having an allergic reaction to medication. I had not taken any medication that day or the night before. I have a low Thyroid and I take Levothyroxin daily. However, when I woke up that morining I had a glass of milk. Levothyroxin must be taken on an empty stomach with water only. AT the hospital I was given Benadryl and Vallium. Since being home I have stayed dizzy and weak. Today at lunch I became very hot again and once again began to shake very badly. This time I took the meds I was sent home with along with benadryl. I am not sure what is going on but I am quiet afraid. Could this be related to my thyroid? If anyone knows anything please let me know. I have an appt with my general dr. on Tuesday but I fear I will just be brushed aside as "nuts". Thanks for your help.

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I was also waking up with the shakes and couldn't understand why this was happening. I then went to my doctor and found out it was an allergic reaction to Reactine. The shaking you are experiencing could be an allergic one. Have you been tested for allergies? Since I have stopped taking the Reactine my shakes have stopped. Who would have thought that an allergy medication can cause allergies? Hope this helps you somewhat and good luck.
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I recently turned 13 years old.I'm a girl. I was making a YouTube video like a few minutes ago... I got up from the chair and just stood there for a few seconds because my legs started shaking like it scared me.. They were shaking like it was so weird! I looked it up on google and found this. My hands and feet get cold sometime but like my whole body exept for my feet and hands are warm... It's weird. I also tend to shake but it's mostly my hands. I think it may be genetic because my mom and grandparents shake. But I don't know about my legs. I also sometimes had like I was in the car and I don't know I felt like I was out of air like claustrophobia maybe? I had to get fresh air and drink water and calm down. It really scares me and I just told my mom about my legs and she said to go to sleep because my bedtime is up. I was scared also because I though like I had dystonia and it's like starting or something like that because I saw that the girl that got a flu shot got that. And I probably mentalized that. I really hope It was because I was like nervous. I was also making a "dance" music video even though I can't dance. I had to like bend down because the camara was too low and that forced my legs like I got tired... I am really really scared!! And now it is very hot even though it's oct 30 and it's 11:01pm and it's 56 F . I'm scared. Please Tell me if there's something wrong with me!!!
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I have had a thyroid problem now for about 10 years and from all the research that I have found on the internet and trying things out for myself which I do not recommend but that is who I am because I am stuburn. I told my doctor for four years whom is an endocrinolist that they level he is keeping me at is not right for me. He was keeping me at a 1.23 and I told him it needs to be lower well he wouldn't lower and my thyroid has not gotten worse.

For some reason when I sit down and raise me feet off the ground so just my toes are on the floor I start to shake and it is mostly on my right side. Lately it has also been happening when I push down on the gas pedal to drive a car. I do have Hasimoto's diease and from what I have read if you are just .10 off it can throw your whole immune system off and they are talking about the thyroid problems go hand in hand now with Endrometriosis which I have had surgery now twice and it seems that the past couple years it has gotten way worse.  I also saw that they may be changing the level from a .5-5.0 to .5-1.5 which I find very interesting because I have to be at the .5-.7 level or I feel off.

There is a website but I can't remember what it is that said that having a thyroid problem can be the biggest masquerade because they are starting to realize that if it is off just a little bit it has a huge impact to the body. Including the heart, how much estrogen you get which than can cause cancer, it regulates everything.I am not saying this will be the case with everyone but this is just what I have tried. I did take extra pills to try to see if it made a difference and it did so I went back to my doctor and said if you don't keep me at this level I am going to see someone else. Well he finally listened to me because I lost two jobs because of my thyroid problem.
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iv just come across this its very uncomfortable if i burp i feel a little bit better along with gas. i get nausea a hot sweat to a cold and can not stop shaking for the life of me. also my heart beat is rapid. iv only experienced this one other time and it happened when i ate uncooked chicken. this day i ate half a sub/ 4 spicy chicken sandwiches/water/and an amp energy drink. it also feels like theirs a lot of pressure on my left side under my heart... its so hard to lay down and try to sleep that i just end up sweating even more along with shaking. and get back up. one thing i do find use-full if anyone else is experiences those same symptoms is to 1. SIT UP/2.Breath in slowly with your eyes closed/3. breath out and count 1 breath. go all the way up to 10. listen to some relaxing music and do your best to breath normal.  
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You and the other women should look up the symptoms associated with Parital Seizures!  My mother started having these when she was in her late 40's. .... just out of the blue for no real apparent reason!  Blood work was fine, ct scan was fine, all seemed normal, but she continued to have these episodes.  She felt like she was going crazy!  Undoubtedly these are like really more common than we realized.  You are fully alert while they happen, you can sometimes even feel them coming on!  
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my father has been experiencing what you have nearly all been experiencing. He has been falling over as his legs just give way and so do his arms. some days he has no problems then other days he shakes just like jelly. we have noticed this when he goes to stand up. When he is sitting there is no problem. I think its a confidence thing, the doctors have no idea. any suggestions?
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I had a massive heart attack in august 2005 my heart stopped twice since then i have had lots of other problems i have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the power to my legs has gone i also thought that i might have multiple sclerosis but that has been ruled out but since may last year i have started to get this uncontrolabe shaking along with dizziness blurred vision and severe insomnia i also get a lot of pins and needles in my hands and face i feel like i am going out of my mind i am 55 years old and wonder if i will reach 56 so yes it is scary but looking at this thread i am not alone good luck from dell
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I am just (hopefully) in the last few days of a very nasty flu virus but yesterday early evening I started shaking uncontrollably and my teeth started chattering. After a while it subsided but left me feeling worn out. Again this evening the same thing happened and when my teeth started chattering it was a whole lot worse. So much so that my jaw bone was extremely painful. I had the heating on in the house but my spine became extremely cold. Any ideas???
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I am just (hopefully) in the last few days of a very nasty flu virus but yesterday early evening I started shaking uncontrollably and my teeth started chattering. After a while it subsided but left me feeling worn out. Again this evening the same thing happened and when my teeth started chattering it was a whole lot worse. So much so that my jaw bone was extremely painful. I had the heating on in the house but my spine became extremely cold. Any ideas???
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I am just (hopefully) in the last few days of a very nasty flu virus but yesterday early evening I started shaking uncontrollably and my teeth started chattering. After a while it subsided but left me feeling worn out. Again this evening the same thing happened and when my teeth started chattering it was a whole lot worse. So much so that my jaw bone was extremely painful. I had the heating on in the house but my spine became extremely cold. Any ideas???
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