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Unexplained Swelling, Tingling, SOB

Hello.  I am a 20 year old male who was in fairly good health.  I usually exercised regularly up until one month ago when i believe i sprained my left foot playing basketball.  This kept me from exercising for the better part of a month as it hurt a lot to walk on it at first.    I am currently in university, so during midterms i sit for long periods of time studying.  Maybe be at my desk for 6 hours a day, with short breaks in between.

Two days ago, I was sitting at my desk studying once again, when I very slowly and mildly rotated my ankles to get some blood flow down in there.  Keep in mind i'm still sitting down.  Well, the right foot (the uninjured one) for some reason started to swell up on the upper surface around the midfoot area.  I felt intense pain, and couldnt' walk on it.  

This scared me because i had never heard of a foot sprain due to rotating your ankle slowly, and i was siting down.  I thought it might be a clot of some sort, or something dangerous, so i went to the ER.  They took an xray, no break.  The doctor looked at it, and said it was a foot sprain.   I asked her how that was possible if i wasn't doing anything.  She had no answer.  I told her my full list of symptoms which were

1. tingling on face and abdomen (might've been cause i was scared)  i do no tknow
2. foot swelling
3. foot pain- couldn't walk on it.
4. slight bit of lighteheadedness (again, i don't know if this was cause i was scared)

Still stated it was simply a sprain of the foot.

It is now two days later and i am having
1. SOB
2. mild headaches
3. other ankle hurts a bit
4. tingling on face (comes and goes)
5. lightheadedness (comes and goes)

I am worried It might be an embolism or thrombosis.  Is it possible to have an embolism in your foot?  And will it cause Pulmonary Embolism?  The SOB had been ongoing for a few weeks prior to my right foot swelling and pain incident two nights ago.  Idk if i have asthma, but my doctor gave me advair and proair to treat it.  Sometimes it treats it, sometimes it doesn't do anything.

What type of doctor would i go see about this kind of issue?

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