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Vaginal itching around time of period?

For the past 4 months, I've developed a terrible itch/redness in the vaginal area about 5 days prior to my period; it goes away 2 or 3 days after I 'start.'  

I've never had a yeast infection before, but the first month it happened I assumed that's what it was.  I treated it OTC to save a trip to the doctor.  Since then, I've just lived with it until it passed.

I have an annual exam coming up within the next month, and this problem is top of my list for discussion.  However, if anyone has any advice or personal experience with something similar, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

P.S.  I'm married and both of us are completely monogamous - it cannot be an STD of any sort.  Haven't changed laundry detergent, body soap, lotion, perfume, or anything else I can think of in quite some time.
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Hi.  The same exact thing is happening to me.  The doctor really doesn't know what it is.  He said it's something with my cycle and to continue using vagisil for the itch.  I am frustrated.  It's very uncomfortable and leaves me extremely sensitive.  I actually know when it is coming on because I start to get very sensitive, then the itch starts, then my period begins a couple days later, then the itch goes away about two days after my period begins.  Even after my period ends, I am still left extremely sensitive.  Even hurts to wash and forget about intercourse, it's extremely painful.  Vagisil does help with the itch, so I use that, but I can't stand knowing what is causing this.  It's definitely happening as part of my cycle, but why all of a sudden?  I just don't get it.  I've never had this my whole life and now it's been happening practically every month for the past nine or so.  It's not an STD because I have yearly paps and I've been with my husband only for ten years.  Like the doctor said, it's obviously part of my cycle just the time that it comes on and how it goes away after I start.  So weird.  Anyways, if anyone has any advice or has talked to their doctor and gotten some better answers than me, please write.  Thanks.
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Me too! I get it exactly 8 days before I. Due and then the relief of getting my period is so great because the itching and soreness stops. Think it must bacterial imbalance made acute with hormonal changes. I'm goignto start taking lots of B vitamins, evening primrose oil and of course lacrobacillus to see it it makes a difference next month. It's such a nightmare and has definitely just got worse recently ( have just turned 41). Vagisil makes it worse. Resorting to sleeping pills so i can get to sleep... Arghhhhh....Good luck all and it's comforting to know Im not alone...
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I am having the very same thing. It's not a yeast infection but it's as bad if not worse than one. What's interesting is that I started getting this after my fertility returned having my third child (I nurse her and my period did not return until 18 months after having her) so I thought, it must be some hormonal thing. I've had it every month since then, except one, so I don't know what I did differently that month (if anything). It's driving me nuts. I've got a physical in April so hopefully they can determine what it is. Hope you all get some relief.
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Has anyone solved this mystery? I have been experiencing the same thing since about two months post-partum (seven months ago). I am also nursing. My symptoms (abnormal discharge, swelling, and burning) tend to last all month long, but are greatly intensified in the days right before my period and the only relief I get is in the few days after my period. And I've only had two periods post-partum, so that's not a lot of relief! I saw the doc this week and am waiting on test results but am getting impatient. :-)
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This recently started happenening to me. It's driving me insane. i feel better reading this knowing im not alone and its nothing to be worried about, i hope...

Anyone found a reason, a way or even a helpful hint!?
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I am experiencing the same thing. Does it ever go away permanently? I am currently 13 months post partum and am still nursing. On day 17 or 18 of my cycle I get itchy and sore and it hurts to wipe. Sounds like the same as the rest of you.
Anyone find a reason or a cure yet?
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this is just because of hormonal changes in our body n ph balance change of the vaginal discharge occuring before the periods..have curd n drink lots of water,avoid sweets,n yes stop taking birth control pill.it will help.i m doin the same thing and i guess its working...
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I have the same issue... Does anybody got some relief? It drives me nuts this itching feeling.
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A related discussion, Same Question...as above was started.
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I have the same thing and I am 42.  My mate and I refrain from having relations when I am this itchy.  ( She has the same problem).  I had this itching even before I was a practicing lesbian so I know it is not that.  And we are very clean when we do have sex.
I just make sure that the vagina stays clean, and make sure air is getting there at night. Cortizone cream does help, once you gently clense the vaginal area.
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