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Vitamin D Frustration!


I'm so frustrated and hoping that someone on here has some advice.  I recently went to the dr. because I was feeling very fatigued and achy all over...not like "coming down with the flu" achy, just in general having more aches and pains and muscle twitches than usual.  They ran a bunch of tests and came back saying that my bloodwork was spectacular, except for a Vitamin D level of 16.  They prescribed 50,000 iu a week of ergocalciferol for 8 weeks and said they'd retest my blood then.  I took the first pill last Thursday and within a few hours felt awful.  I had terrible insomnia, anxiety, etc.  The dr. said not to take it for a couple of weeks and then try again and see if the same thing happens.  Since then, I'm experiencing a lot more muscle and bone pain and fatigue.  I went to the dr. again yesterday because I just don't feel well.  I saw the nurse practitioner, who said she's "never heard of anyone having that reaction," said it must be my anxiety, called in a prescription for Buspar and Ativan and sent me home.  I'm really annoyed right now.  I have a history of anxiety and depression and don't like taking medication, so maybe the reaction I had to the massive dose of D was all in my head, but it certainly seems like others have had a bad time with it.  This doesn't feel anything like my anxiety issues in the past.  I have no intention of taking antidepressants or anti anxiety meds at this time until I get to the bottom of the physical issues.  I'd like to figure out why the D deficiency happened.  I do have IBS, GERD, and PCOS, so it could be a malabsorption problem, I guess.  I do not have celiac...I've been tested.  I'm trying to get an appt. with the endocrinologist.  My calcium level is 9.5, so at the higher range of normal.  They didn't test my parathyroid yet, so I'm hoping the endo will do that.  I'm thinking of taking a smaller dose of D3 daily instead of that weekly huge dose of D2...and possibly going for a few tanning sessions to see if that helps.  (Please don't yell at me about skin cancer...I am white as a ghost and can count on one hand the number of times in my 34 years that I've ever had a tan...a few sessions won't kill me!)  Does anyone have advice?  Does a smaller dose of D3 help as much as the megadose?  I read somewhere that taking magnesium with the D would help.  Should I also take extra calcium or will that make matters worse since my calcium level is normal?  I don't know what the benefits of D2 once a week are vs. D3 every day.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!  
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Please read my comments in gastro forum.  When I was going thru what I went through I also had a vit D defiency.  I would suggest taking smaller amounts...to get your color back your going to have to backtrack your diet.  What are you eating?????  Anxiety could be caused by alot of things (besides stress)...you seem to be stressed.  Stress won't help.
Take a couple of deep breaths...everything is going to be O.K.  Again, read my thought in the gastro forum ...it might help!!!!
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Sorry your not feeling well,
I  also  was experienceing severe leg bone pain, muscle pain, severe fatigue and very
weak. Just didnt think i had the energy to even walk to my bathroom. My reumatologist
ran a lot of blood work trying to figure what autoamuine disease i had and mine came
back positive ana and also very low d mine was 10. I was also given the 50,000 mg to
take a week. I had no effects of it other that it made me a little naushus.

So i eat a little something in the morning and took it in the morning, and it did make
me a little gittery, but that wore off by the next week. Low d for me did feel like the flu
i had never felt so bad also had brain fog with the low d.

Hope this helps you  and you get to feeling better!!!
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