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Weird back and leg pain

Sometimes when I get up from a sitting position I get an extremely strong pain in one side of my lower back which also go down into my leg. I can barely move my hip and leg when this happen. The pain actually get worse when I try to lift my leg from the ground. I can basically only stand completely still .

When this occur I always sit down again and try move my back and legs a little (the pain goes away when I’m not standing) - after a short while of doing this I can then stand up and go on like it has never happened.

What is this and why does it happen? Is it a pinched nerve from getting up wrongly? Or muscle spasm? I honestly fear a spinal cord tumor or something that’s equally worse.
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It could be a pinched nerve, an inflamed disk, or a host of other things.

How often does it happen? Have you noticed it when getting up from a certain position, like sitting crossed-legs, or does it happen in any position? How long has it been going on?

If you're afraid of a spinal cord tumor, which of course is possible, but the chances of it being something else are much, much higher, then you should get it checked out. Not going to the doctor doesn't change the diagnosis.
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Thank you for answering.

I’ve been to my doctor, neurologist and a  rheumatologist.. none of them have said anything about spinal tumors.  They don’t seem that worried. My physical neurological exam showed nothing (they tested my reflexes, numbness etc) Is it possible to pass a neurological exam perfectly if you have a spinal cord tumor?

Would a spinal cord tumor even show symptoms like the one I have? Or is it more constant? I have no numbness or anything else but a mild lower back ache. I do have poor posture though.
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My symptom has lasted for half a year and It doesn’t happen everyday. Maybe every other week or so.

It can happen from any position.. but mostly sitting
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Have you mentioned your fear of a spinal tumor to any of the doctors?

Other than pain, you don't mention any of the other symptoms - https://www.aans.org/Patients/Neurosurgical-Conditions-and-Treatments/Spinal-Tumors

Have you had an x-ray done? Any other imaging?

Since your symptoms aren't constant, I'd say it's not likely to be a tumor, but definitely share your fears with your doctor. Also, work on your posture, and see if that helps.
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I've mentioned my fear of spinal tumors to my doctor, but she says that i shouldn't be worried since it's only occuring when i change position and since its not constant.

I've had an x-ray done and they found nothing!

I do however experience numbness on the left side of my hip when lying on the side (both sides) and I can't provoke the same numbness on the right side. However it's only when I lay on my sides.. so again. It's only happening when I do certain things ..
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It might sacroiliac inflammation. I had a similar problem, and was diagnose with that. I got steroid injections in the joint between the sacrum and ilium, and have had much less trouble. Having the pain after sitting is a sign of  this problem.
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