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What could be causing my body itching and body aches?

I received a low positive ANA test twice in the matter of 2 months. My doctor said he'll retest me in 6 months to see where I stand because he found out that I have some allergies, such as allergic to Cow's milk, Sesame seed, and ragweed. I complained to him about itching all over my body, but no rash just skin irritation, and some body aches. Was prescribed Methylprednisolone and Cingular...relieved me for quite some time, but the itching is back, but now with some mild testicular pain. I'm a little nervous now...what kind of autoimmune disease could be causing these body itching and mild pain in my groin area?
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Hi there.  Nothing else had chanced since you found out about the dietary allergies?  They made no diagnosis with the low positive ANA test? dermatomyositis is one that could cause a rash.  Do you see a rash or just have itching.
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Thank you for the response! I've made changes to my diet, which has helped. I have not experienced any rashes, but I get skin irritation where it turns red, no raised bumps, my doctor said I'm dealing with Eczema...it comes and goes, the itching is now minimal, but I still deal with body aches. I wish it will go away and my body return to the normal feeling as I'm accustomed to.
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"I received a low positive ANA test... what kind of autoimmune disease could be causing..."

Hi, it's a common misconception that ANA detects only autoimmune conditions. Think also of infection and even allergy.

"...a positive ANA test may also be seen with non-autoimmune inflammatory diseases, including both acute and chronic infections."

"Divergent roles of anti-self antibodies during infection"

"The presence of antinuclear antibodies was confirmed in... some allergic diseases. Examples include atopic dermatitis, non-allergic asthma, and pollen allergy."
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Remember that allergies are in the same category as autoimmune disorders.  The things we're allergic to are not in fact generally harmful to us, though sometimes we are allergic to things that are harmful, such as cow's milk or toxins in our environment.  If this is in fact an allergy problem, you want to try to tamp down or balance the immune system response, if you can do that.  There are some natural remedies that can help, but in my experience they often work for awhile but since they don't entirely eliminate the allergy they can poop out.  But the main point is, common allergies are an immune system problem that can have many causes but is treated by being very kind to your immune system so it gets back into balance if you can find a way to do that.  
That's an awesome approach, thank you for the comment! I looked more into my diet that involved Cow's milk...there is so much food that has milk ingredients in it, no wonder my body was reacting the way it was! I was thinking I contracted a STD from getting a massage. I told my doctor about my encounter and he said that activity won't cause a positive ANA Test, told me it was either allergy related or arthritis because it was a low positive.
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