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Worrying throat problems, pain and swelling

Hey, back again, different type of problem this time! Ive been having throat problems for some time now, nd they have changed again. My throat is now showing swelling around the glands under the jaw, gettin intermittent throat and mouth pains, feeling of a lump in the throat (which I think is mucous coming down). The swelling isn't particularly painful, more uncomfortable. What really gets me is I've had two week long courses of different antibiotics, and while the pain that I originally had has subsided, the other symptoms haven't subsided. Stuff to worry about? Thanks
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Do you have thyroid problems?  Or have you had your thyroid tested?
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Give yourself a simple Thyroid Neck Check to see if your symptoms are thyroid:

Hold a mirror in front of the area of the neck where the thyroid gland is located. This area is just below the Adam's apple and right above the collarbone. (Note: The Adam's apple is not the thyroid location.)
Tip the head back.
Take a drink of water and swallow, watching the neck during the process.
Check for any bulging or protrusions or up and down movments. If any is detected, call a physician for a check up.

Good Luck!


I am not a Doctor or in the Medical field.
My statements and comments are meant as
informational guide only, not as a diagnose or treatment,
for that is between you and your doctor.

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There is a virus going around that "settles" in the back of the mouth, throat, voicebox, and lower aesophagus.  It inflammes the tissue, some people have a hoarse voice, and the mouth and throat feels dry all the time. Sleeping under a fan will make it worse and give you pain from the mouth getting too dry.  You may get a painful burning sensation that eases with water. Nothing works except time for this virus.  It can go as long as a month, especially if you drink or eat things that keeps the throat dry, like sodas, salty junk foods, or use a drying mouthwash.  Antibiotics don't help either.  If it goes beyond a month, see the MD again.  good luck
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I have a lump in my throat also and what it is is acid reflux (reversed). Meaning that I do not get heartburn or any pain in my chest just a lump in my throat where the acid builds up! Taking medication for acid reflux has relieved my sensation.
Good luck!!
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