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blood in saliva

I have recently been experiencing the taste of blood in my mouth.  When I spit out, I am seeing traces of blood.  I had chest x-rays that came out clear.  I saw an ear nose throat doctor who checked my nose and throat and saw nothing except excess mucous.  He prescribed a nasal spray for me.  I have been using it for about two weeks now, and am still seeing and tasting the blood.  I am also experiencing some pressure in my throat.  Any suggestions on who to see or what could be going on?
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Hey marty, I was originally going to suggest it could possibly be an ulser in your stomach as this would cause bleeding of the stomach and blood would come up to the mouth, but I'd also say that it could possibly be an infection of some kind that is making the lining of your throat and nose get dry or irritated and bleed but then they are trying to help this out by producing excess mucous, do you smoke?  Or do you work in an environment where theres harmful materials like sawdust, or carbon fiber?  Also it could be that it has something to do with your lungs, hope this helps.  Your doctor shouldn't just be checking your mouth and throat I'm not a doctor and I know theres a lot more places blood could be coming from.
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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I am an occassional smoker.  If it were a stomach ulcer, wouldn't I be experiencing other symptoms?  The ENT doctor said to give it two more weeks on the nasal spray.  If it doesn't get better, I think he was going to send me for a cat scan or GI doctor.
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Marty11, I have the same problem now. I saw my Primary Doc and my chest x-ray came out normal. I'm going to see an ear, nose throat doc soon. I'ts annoying and very uncomfortable. Kindly update us if they're able to find out the source of the blood okay?
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I also am having blood in my spit.  I've been to an ENT, a gastroentorologist, and my primary care.  I've been scoped every which way.  No sinus bleeding, no stomach or ulcer bleeding, clean chest xray and semi clean CT scan.  The CT scan came back with enlarged nasal walls, which are symptomatic of a person with constant allergies and sinus problems, which is me.  The ENT put me on a nasal spray as well, to hopefully reduce that and I'm going for another CT scan in 6 weeks.  If the walls have enlarged, then we are going to biopsy it as it may result in a tumor.  If it is the same or reduced, it'll show that it is nothing more than an irriation.  Either way, the blood is most likely not coming from there.  It happens to me before I go to bed and when I wake up, and usually happens every 3 weeks or so.  I've made an appointment to see my dentist next week.  I don't think it is, although I hope its just my gums.  Everything else has nearly been ruled out, and it is becoming freakish.
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Could be coming directly from you salivary glands. It's possible to have an infection there. Might see a denist. Also if it's your gums this could be a sign that you have a b12 deficiency. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
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Hi guys - I've had traces of blood in saliva over the years on & off for about 4 years.
Just recently ( last week ) really pronounced - not just traces but discolouring when I spit. Also is the worrying dull vague pain left hand side, behind last rib - feels like something not right. Been there a couple years but co-incided with escalation of blood traces. I am worried !!!
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I have the same problem. If you do the hard tooth brushing in the morning in all the places, It stopped the blood from Saliva. But hard brushing you should do only few minutes otherwise enamal will go away which cause tooth sensitivity. Hope this helps.
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hi donny what happen to your visit to your dentist?what was the result?
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I know this is an old post so I'm not sure if anyone found out what this is or not. I also am having this problem. My doctor sent me to a gastric doctor who said I was in the wrong place as blood will not come up unless you are throwing up. He suggested the ear/nose/throat dr. I had an appointment I had to cancel and I thought it had gone away til today when it happened twice. It was only happening at night I would wake up with that taste and spit. Now it's coming during the day. I do not smoke or have allergies. I do feel something is not right in my throat area. I get this hard awful cramp under my chin when I yawn that is coming more and more. I also check any area around my teeth to see if that is what it is and it's not. It is starting to scare me too!! My throat never seems sore and my nasal passage never seems stuffed up at all...strange. I'm over 50 when all this good stuff starts happening darn it!!
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I don't think anyone will respond to these posts anymore, hopefully someone else does besides you and me. It just so happened that I came accross your post, I was checking if anyone else had the same problem as I'm having and looks like I'm not alone. I had the same problem too, I'd have the taste of blood in my mouth in the mornings but it has stopped. But now I have it during the day, not all the time though, it is very sporadic, it's a sudden rush of blood in the mouth and when I spit there's traces of blood in the saliva. Good luck with your ENT, let us know how it goes. I haven't seen a doctor yet, I've been having this problem over a year now. Eventually, I will see one.
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hi. i am just now experiencing this problem with my 13 year old son. he is a hypocondriac about himself so it makes things so much more intense. he also for the last 3 night has had traces of blood, both bright red and a brownish red, in his saliva. he also complains of sore achy legs and a sore throat at times. i am giving it one more night to see if this happens again and if so i will take him to the doctor right away. if you guys find out more about your same symptoms let me know, i too will keep you updated. good luck all.
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does anyone found the problem? I am at 18 and I have the same problem. I don't smoke cigarettes. I see blood in my saliva. I am very worried. Please if anyone know what is it to post comment here. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum!
Bright red blood commonly seen after eating or brushing is due to Vitamin C deficiency. If you take the supplements, it will help. Also maintain good oral hygiene. Another cause can be pyorrhea or infection of gums.
If the blood is dark then it could be due to gastric reflux.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do discuss this with your doctor or dentist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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dear doctornee medical,
Thank you for your reply. I saw the blood for first time on 30th may this year. I see the blood just 1-2 times daily, but not everyday. Suddenly I sense a taste of blood in my mouth. Often it happens when I bow down. The blood is bright. I feel my throat dry. I went to doctor before 1 month and I told him everything and he gave me an antibiotic (spray for throat) named Bioparox. I used it 10 days, and then 3 weeks I didn't feel taste of blood and I dind't notice a blood in my saliva, but now it's happening again. I think it might be gastritis, but I am not noticing any strange feelings, pains, or whatever else strange. I am hearing for Vitamin C deficiency for first time from you, but you might be right, because really I eat mostly things from the shop, I mean biscuits, wafers and so on, but I don't eat fruits and vegetables. And I have noticed before a strange colour of my saliva (I think it was a little dark), but now it's OK. Now my saliva is clearly white (except when it's mixed with blood). I think to go to dentist, but I sense that the blood is coming from my throat, or maybe I mistake, because I heard from others that frequently it's unnoticeable when it comes from dums. Today I looked my teeth in the mirror and I saw that I have caries in 2 of my teeth and I know that I have 3 teeth that are growing from my dums. After all, sorry for my bad english.
See you.
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Greetings to all..

I have the same problem. I see blood traces in my saliva only in the morning when i wake up from sleep. Now its over 4 years! (Not every morning but atleast thrice in a week. I visited all the possible clinics. my doctor said three years ago that I have Eosinophilia with increased number of Eosinophils. Gave some medication but never helped! one of the other doctors suggested that it may possibly lead to Tumour. God knows! no change in it from last 4 yrs. guys if somebody know some thing more about it. please lemme know..

Sorry I forgot to write, I never smoke neither drink! and I am 23 yrs old!

Take care guys!!
Mak :-))
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I am from Bulgaria. I tried to find anything about the blood in saliva in Bulgarian sites through google, but found just 1 forum with just 1 man with same problem, and nobody was knowing the cause. Then I looked in google.com in english, but I found just 4-5 web sites like this with this problem. I think there are so few people that suffer from that. Doctors don't know the solution.. Really it's very strange. Maybe it's not something serious, but I can't be calm unless I know what is the problem. Keep in touch.
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is it possible to be cancer? :-(
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I would invite all of you who experienced this problem of bloody saliva to continue to reporting your sympotom. It will be great if this problem is located.
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Hello everybody,

Today, as every day, I saw blood in my saliva, and this time there was something strange. I saw something deep red coming with the blood, like a part of something. It was very thin, like a thin paper, and with a size of a little crumb. I think to go to doctor soon :(
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Hello, guys.
I experienced how to reduce/remove the blood. 2 nights I inhale steam from boiling water with soda. I do it about 10 minutes. The next day I did not experienced blood in my saliva, just felt 2 times a taste of blood, but when I spitted out, the saliva was white. Today I saw a little blood (too bright) in my saliva, but just once. I heard that its better water + chestnuts and to inhale the steam from the water. I am going to try it tomorrow. From 3 days I feel some weak pain in my stomach from time to time, last night I woke up at 4 a.m. and for about 10 minutes I felt the pain. But suddenly disappeared. It happened when the temeperatures felt down too fast. Is it possible to be chill.

Good night
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and I forgot to tell you that I agree with ray74, it's most likely to be sinusitis.
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i have the same problem. have had it for 4 years. have seen 3 doctors(general practitioners), ENT specialists, dentists and even tried alternative medicine( herbal medicine) and i still have it. the discoloration seems to be worsening. I haven't seen a doctor here in the states and will be grateful if someone points me in the right direction.
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i am also having this problem for a long time. i am 19/F. i hace a gassy stomach as well. i am too much worried about it like having cancerophobia
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