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Hello everyone ,
A relative of mine had some blood tests done , it was found that he has vitamin D deficiency . i would like to ask few questions concerning that .
1- is it true that calcium might be affected  if he has low vitamin D even though the blood tests showed nothing concerning calcium  ?
2- is there any relation between both ?
3- should he take calcium needles even though his blood tests were normal ?

p.s , he is already on track on solving his vitamin D deficiency .
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Well - taking too much vitamin D3 can cause hypocalcemia, or low blood calcium. The established norm is 30 in the tests, but many physicians recommend 50. There is a relationship between D3 and calcium. Generally when a patient has low D3 they prescribe a once-a-week 50,000 IU dose. Taking a minimum of 1000 IU a day is a good idea. A glass of milk a day and a normal diet will do the job. When there is insufficient calcium intake the body needs the calcium and tends to take it from the bones. Ask your doctor about a supplement recommendation.
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Thank you so much for your time and response Sir .
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Vitamin D helps with absorption of calcium in  body. Even when the person is taking optimum calcium but the Vitamin D levels are low, the calcium goes to waste through urine. Hence, where there is low levels of Vitamin D there is always a threat of low calcium levels, and in extreme cases it may lead to a bone disease. It would be a good idea to check the calcium levels, If your Vitamin D levels are very low, just to be sure. And the same can be corrected over time with combination of calcium plus vit D supplements as prescribed by the doctor.
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