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dizzy,lightheaded,nausea,overwhelming feeling of being sick

i am 26 years old i have 3 kids to look after but i feel like i can't do anything right anymore i am nauseated all day very dizzy no matter what i may be doing i have even gotten so dizzy while i was alseep that it woke me up and imedeiately upon waking vomiting i am so tired of the doctors saying it's because you are overweight ,your just stressed or it's all in your head i have begged to have ct /mri's done they respond with well i think you may have vertigo lets send you to a ear doctor i just want to know whats wrong everyday i get through with domperidome times 4 and 4 bonimine and they don't do much they put me on serc but that didn't work i can't live like this anymore i need to know what is wrong so i can get back on track i fear that if something is not done soon i will although i really don't want to but i will take my own life to take away my miserey                      sincerly patricia
some other drugs they have tried are:naproxen,prilosec,periett,pantoloc,nexeum,steroids among many nasal sprays and ear drops    
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I am going to ask a stupid question-you are not pregnant again are you? I get how distraught you are based on what you are saying about these symptoms so I am not trying to dismiss what is happening and I have no doubt that was already considered but again it was the first thing that entered my pea sized brain. I couldn't imagine going through what you are going through, especially having kids! Good luck and keep us posted!
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I am 26 years old too. I have three kids and I feel exactly the same way. I have been to numberous doctors, obgyns, etc. They all say the same thing yours did. I am looking for answers too.
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Iam 23 with the same symtoms and I have been told it is my thyroid and it may also be the cause of the depression associated with the lingering symptoms.
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I am 38yrs. old very short very much overweight, I have had depression for over 19yrs. I have been in and out of two different hospitals that are suppose to help with depression, I see a counselor and Dr. monthly.  I have panic attacks/ anxiety attacks and it's beginning to takes it's toll on me. In Nov. I had very low blood pressure and I went to the local E.R. being scared out of my mind I had a panic attack I guess and my blood pressure shot up to 252/132 an EKG was done and blood work and chest xray all which came back NORMAL... I am on medication 100mg. of zoloft and 1mg. of xanax  ( 1 x day)... This whole I can't breathe thing, I'm gonna die, I feel weird all of that is causing me to lose my family.  My kids now want nothing to do with me hardly at all and I feel I can't help this and I want help and I feel I have no where to turn nothing has every worked really . what do I do.
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I am a 46 year old woman, for the last 14 years I have been feeling dizzy and experiencing severe stomach cramps and blackouts. I've had several testing done, from CT, MRI's, Upper GI and Tilt table test. I've seen doctors from NC, VA and MD. No one seems to know why I have these episodes of stomach cramps and blackouts. These always occurs during mid-morning hours 3-5am. The pain is so severe it wakes me and I rush to the bath room and blackout. I usually stays out for about a 1 or 2 mins and it appears that I am having epillsey, but I was tested for that and the doctors ruled it out. After I wake up, I have a real severe case of diarrhea. Please if anyone knows or heard of this. Please share your thoughts.
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I am a 36 year old with 3 kids of my own. For the past few weeks I have been going through this daily ordeal of being light-headed, dizzy, nauseous, constant SEVERE headaches and always sick to my stomach. I also am overweight. The sick to my stomach feeling has been going on for about 6 months now, headaches for years. I've had no luck in finding out what is causing it and it scares me that something is seriously wrong. (Also I have a large "cyst" as the Dr's call it on the very top of my head) At times I have a strong feeling it has something due to this cyst. I am so tired all day long and have been to the point I sleep most the day. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong???
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i am a 36 year old with 2 children and also in the last year been suffering with headaches and the last few weeks dizziness and nausea. i am very worried thta something is wrong with me and have a unsympathtic over worked doctor who makes me feel no better.can someone give me a answer please?
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i keep getting freezing cold teeth and its worrying me can some one help me
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I am 170 cm tall and 54 kg, however started experience same similar simptomps: nausea, tieredness, dizzyness, lightheadness, it's had been for 4 days, tomorrow will go to the doctor and will see what he will say
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i just feel light headed and have headaches and sometimes i feel like putting on a tee shirt but im only 21 and allmost 22 i dont get it please just finger this out  
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This past week my daughter was air lifted to Children's Mercy Hospital and while we were there, I developed dizziness, head ache, nausea, and was light headed.  Just took some tylenol to get rid of the pain.  I just woke up with this sharp pain in the back of my head so intense I feel like I could vomit.  My head hurts so bad that I can't even stand to lay down- I have three kids and I am 28 years old...can anyone tell me what may be wrong?
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Im 22 and for the past week and a half i have been feeling very light headed, dizzy and now just starting to feel nausa.  I also have been getting this terrible stabing feeling just under my ribs.  Can anyone suggest anything
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