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is it a uti, kidney infection, or female problems? grrr

Back on June 11th I felt like I needed to pee all the time, no burning or hurting, but a frequent need to pee so I started taking azo pills for a few days and felt better within 2 days and for the next 2 days I felt great then my husband and I had sex and a few hours later we went to Lowes to shop and all of a sudden I felt like I needed to pee again so I went to the bathroom and I couldn't go and for the next 15 to 20 minutes I went to the bathroom a few more times and just could not go hardly at all and then my left side of my back started hurting so bad I walked out to the truck and by the time I got there I was hurting so bad I couldn't hardly stand it.  We went home and I started getting bad chills and felt like I was gonna throw up and still felt like I needed to pee so bad.  When the chills and pain finally went away I went to the bathroom and I could finally pee and felt some better but I had another spell that evening.  I went to the dr the next day and he took a urine test and found a trace of blood and put me on antibiotics and something to numb my bladder and I took those and started feeling alot better but I was still not 100% better by 3 weeks later so I asked the dr to give me another round of antibiotics and he did and I also started taking vit. c and a few other herbs and by the time I got done taking the second round of antibiotics I was feeling so sick to my stomach so I quit taking all the herbs and vitamins.  Then I started my period and that seems to always make me feel worse for some reason.  Also while I was on the antibiotics I got terrible hemroids.  Then my husband and I had sex a few days after my period was finished and a couple days later I got the chills and the terrible pain again and this time it was on a saturday so I waited till monday to go to the dr cause I dont have insurance and didn't want a emergency room visit to pay for if I didn't need to.  I went to a different dr this time and he gave me a urine test and they found the same thing, just a trace of blood, so he didn't want to put me on antibiotics again because he didn't know for sure what was wrong with me so he made me an appointment with a urologist and he also gave me a couple weeks of flomax for my symptoms just in case I had kidney stones.  I started taking the flomax and the first couple days it made me dizzy but after that wore off I started feeling really good and I ended up cancelling my appt with the urologist cause I felt so good and then about a week after I finished my flomax I started getting some cramping feeling down low on the left side, almost right behind my pubic bone.  Last night I got the chills again and was hurting down low and couldn't pee much so I laid down until the chills went away and could finally go pee again.  I didn't have the horrible pain in my back like the last 2 times but was still very uncomfortable.  Its weird cause I never have to get up at night and go pee and I sleep pretty well, thankfully.  I made my appointment back with the urologist for next monday but like to know if anyone else has had this problem.  I am a 42 year old woman who had never had any medical problems in the past and havent even been to the dr since I was a kid until now.  I have 2 children and had my tubes tied 13 years ago.  
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Chills with increased frequency to pass urine and pain either before or during urination all go in favor of a UTI. This may or may not be complicated by the presence of stones.
You need a urine culture followed by sensitivity test for antibiotics if there is a growth on culture. If there is no growth on culture, then there is a possibility that there is stone or even diabetes. Hence blood sugar should be tested and an abdominal ultrasound done to rule out stones.
Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP to run tests and examination to clinch a diagnosis.
Take care!
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