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no fever, headache, muscle soreness, chills

This one's got me baffled.  I am a healthy 64 year old lady but with high cholesterol (315) but my HDL is always 60-67.  It started a week ago with incredible pain across my back by my tailbone and all up my spine with muscle aches all over like the flu but I had no fever.  I had trouble even getting out of bed because of back pain and could not sit in a chair for more than a couple of hours because of discomfort.  That's gotten better now - a week later.

I NEVER get headaches but I had one for 2 days straight and for the last 5 days off and on.  A lot of times when I get up from sitting my head pounds and sometimes I have to sit back down because I'm dizzy.

My tounge was tingling for 24 hours.  I took sublingual B12 (have a history of very low B12) and that took that symptom away.  My skin had variable temperatures.  My back was very warm to the touch and right arm and hand cold to the touch.  Very thirsty.  Very fatigued. Not much appetite.  Last 2 nights a swety chest.and chills - Chills for the past week.  Really bad first 4 days, now only occasionally.  When I press on my right ovary (or whatever is in that spot) it hurts.

Would welcome any input and thoughts.
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I would head for at least urgent care if not the ER.   I really don't know what's wrong with you- maybe one of the doctors on this forum will weigh in but I think you should be seen!  
They might want to check you for spinal meningitis with your spine and headache symptoms.  

They might want to check your blood flow to your brain.

Whenever you have a severe headache when you've never had one before, they generally want to do a brain scan to check for tumors, etc..  

Also, do you have your appendix?  

The cold right arm and hand sounds like there may be a nerve component to the equasion.

Hoping a doctor on the forum will shed some light for you.
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