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ongoing undiagnosed symptoms

For years my husband has been at war with himself. He believes he has some sort of allergy but nobody can figure it out and seems impossible to narrow down.
His symptoms range from hives, headache, vertigo, red skin, itchy skin, reflux, feeling faint, dizzy, burning stomach, dry mouth, dry lips, pigment changes in lips, swollen lips, dry skin, restless legs... I'm probably missing a few but the gist of it is...he never feels well.
He has seen a bevy of doctors...all of which can not find anything wrong with him. Has had several endoscopy which came up with nothing except a little irritation from the reflux. Negative for celiac. Tested his gall bladder which was fine. Put barium through his stomach which is functioning fine. Tested negative for every allergy that our specialist can test for.
He has done almost every elimination diet you can think of. Gluten free, dairy free, sulfite free, sulfate free, wheat free, low histamine diet, sugar free. Right now he is avoiding all those things along with an allergen diet which is avoiding all the major allergens: dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, sugar, yeast, corn and soy....but still he eats almost nothing all day. Meat seems to be the only safe thing....plain with no seasoning, salt or pepper.
Medications also seem to make him worse. Reflux pills, vitamins, allergy pills, you name it he most likely can't tolerate it.
Nobody can find anything wrong with him or can not test for it. Doctors tell him to avoid the things that bother him. Which is just about everything. He is at the end of his rope and has essentially given up. We don't know who to turn to or where to go next.
Any help at all. Advice, doctor recommendations, similar issues. Anything anybody has to say would be helpful. We are desperate.
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Maybe he was bitten by a lone star tick and has that meat allergy.  Maybe he should stick to poultry and fish and avoid beef, pork, venison, and see how he feels.  

Generally vegetables are helpful for inflammation and allergies.  
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In your shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is  to go to the best hospital in your area (even if you have to travel) and see a highly regarded clinical immunologist.

Every other test performed by a regular physician or dietician isn't worth a hill of beans when compared to a great clinical immunologist.
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