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problems with lips

Ok so heres whats wrong

I am 20 years old and ever since I was appoximately 12 years old I have had the several symptoms: my lips [not vaginal lips] would itch, or tingle and then after a minute I would have a bump, but then it would go away within 20-30 minutes. These symptoms though would only reoccur like ever 3-4 months, so they arent that frequent.

Also I have noticed when I was appoximately 17 my lips would turn so dark that people would notice and ask me if I was wearing dark lipstick or if I was smoking marijuana. This coloration would last for 3-4 months long and then slowly it would return to my regular lip color. However sometimes I could tell when this was going to happen. My lips would start to tingle and itch like the symptoms of the 1st paragraph I wrote and it would get so itchy that sometimes I would get blister like things on my lips and they would seem to weep some type of liquid

** these changes [darkening] seemed to occur in the middle of winter until the beginning of spring. One time I went to a doctor and he suggested it had to do something with humidity, but that seemed a bi odd to me.

** I am not a smoker

ALSO last year I noticed a new symptom. One day I looked at my lips and I noticed several very small whitish bumps on my lips that wouldnt go away until a week later.

I just hate when these things happen. All comments are welcomed thank you in advance
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This could be acne, allergic reaction to some substance, eczema or even herpes labialis.  

It would be best to drink plenty of water, apply a medicated lip balm with sunscreen and replace any deficient minerals and vitamins in your diet.

You could take some oral antihistamine medications lie cetrizine or loratadine and see if it helps with your symptoms.

If your symptoms still persist after a few days , it would be advisable to consult your doctor and let him/her have a look at the lesions.

Have you had allergic reactions in the past? Are you allergic to any specific substances?

Let us know if you need any other information.


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