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right arm pain.

I have been having really bad pain in my right arm. It feels asif someone is squeezing my arm or asif I have an elastic band on my arm (where my elbow is). I have had this for over a year. I am waiting for some nerve tests. Today the pain got worse and I feel a pulling pain in my shoulder, my hand keeps going cold and i keep getting pins and needles and numbness in my fingers. Also my arm feels very heavy. Anyone knows what can this be?
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I do sometimes. Could this make it worse?
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Thank you for your anwser. I will go to my gp today for an emergency appoitment, if that doesn't help, I'm going to take a trip to a&e and see what they say as I have to wait another 4 weeks for my appoitment.

I didn't take any notice of the age I have put, but thank you for taking note.
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When you sleep, do u sleep on ur arm?
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Your profile says you are male and 112 years old.  That's a ripe old age.

The pulling pain with pain in your arm and pins and needles in your fingers and coldness is likely to be a trapped nerve in the neck near to the shoulder blade.

The pins and needles with numbness can also be from carpal tunnel problems.  When the carpal tunnel gets inflamed or thickened, the nerves inside of the carpal tunnel get pinched and this causes the pins and needles and numbness in the fingers.  Problems in the little finger are usually from trapped nerves in the neck area.

The nerve conduction tests will identify if you have carpal tunnel.  

Make sure that you support your wrist and hand.  You can buy wrist splints or you can strap them with a bandage until you get the right supports.  If you are under the physiotherapist or hospital for this problem, they may supply you with some or recommend the right ones to buy.  

Overuse and repetitive work can make your hand worse.
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