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they seem like a lot of inter related problems

Hi there. Im a 21 year old female. I've been noticing a number of small symptoms here and there. So many, that, after a point even the doctors stop paying attention.
I hardly feel thirsty. If I dont constantly remind myself to drink water I could practically sustain with 2-3 glasses a day at max even in summers when the temperature hits 45 degrees. However, My lips are almost always chapped and the skin around my hand and toe nails is dry and whitish. I sweat excessively and the sweat smells too. I have severe breakouts mainly on my face. I suffer from chronic constipation and am constantly putting on weight for the last 2 -3 years. Recently, even my period is getting smaller in duration.
I have never been on any kind of medication for a sustained period.
A lot of people keep telling me to drink more water and . And I try. But If my body needed so much water, wouldn't I just feel thirsty?
Is this a condition that I can consult a doctor about (even though so far, doctors haven't pointed out anything substantial about my problems)? or simply poor eating habbits? Please help...

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I believe you're dehydrated and your body is trying to tell you in many different ways.

There are other possibilities as well, but this is very fundamental!

Thirst, is not necessarily always a good indicator of the lack of water
in your body.

Dehydration might cause irregular or painful periods, weight gain, diminished detoxification, constipation, weakness, confusion, heart palpitations, dry skin, headaches, bad breath, smelly sweat (indirectly)

Chronic dehydration might cause kidney dysfunction, kidney stones,
liver issues, muscle damage, blood in your stools, serious skin problems,
toxicity build-up (water flushes out toxins), digestive issues and so on.

You must develop the habit and discipline to drink ample spring water, so that your body functions well.

Aim for at least 6 glasses of spring water to start, one hour away from meals and maybe record your intake until the habit is instilled well in you.

The small symptoms will develop into serious health issues later, which
you will regret not having done something about them much earlier.

Also try to optimize your diet, by eating fresh healthy foods and ditching the artificial, processed and sugar laden foods, as much as possible.

Being young is great, but what is not so great is the fact that many things are taken for granted when one is young, and one of them is health!

Hope you get started soon with your new hydration plans!

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