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weakness, indigestion, frequent urination

I'm a male, 26 yr old asian.  Symptoms are: indigestion/bloating/flatulence, weakness/fatigue, frequent urination and high output, dried skin specially my hands (looks like wood, joint pain, tingling sensation on hands and feet, wakes up at night.

Medical history: high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol level

Medication: atenelol(tenormin)=high blood pressure
            zantac 300= indigestion

problems started about a month and half ago after drinking 3 beers and eating pizza at a party.  Please note i drink alcohol  only sometime during partys, maybe 10x a year.  had indigestion the next day, and warm sensation around abdomen and back area.  ignored it for 3 weeks then seeked medical help when i kept on salivating and waking up at night.  Also, stools kinda became black and loose.

went to kaiser and all they did was usual blood work..creatin, cbc, thyroid(T4), glucose, and basic liver test.  all came back normal according to doctor.  Just gave me zantac and said i may be stressed out only..  However, situation getting worse as you can see from list of my symptoms.  Came back again at kaiser and they gave me anti-depressant(trazodone) so i can sleep.  Said i may be insomniac that's why symptoms appear.  

Stopped taking trazodone cause it's not working.  Really hate Kaiser, plan to go to other doctor.  Any suggestions, what i may request as far as testing.  Also, any ideas on what condition i may have???; ulcer, liver disease, ibs, gerd, lupus, scleroderma, malabsorption
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aside from joint pain, i had stomach cramps, on right side of abdomen.  The cramps and black loose stool  went away when i took zantac.  salivating and bloatness still present.  Additional symptoms that i have now are: foul flatulence, some cherry angiomas appearing on both my arms, and easy bruising( well not really it's just when i put pressure on my skin for 10 seconds or so, it becomes red.  color stays the same for a  minute or so). Also, i feel burning sensation on my left arm for some reason.  It's the one where i have the worst joint pain on. Please, any suggestion will help.
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well, it's me again.  acid reflux kinda subsided.  major concern now is feeling tired and sleepy most of the time.  Also, hands still dry.  Have used a lot of ointments but still look like not working.  I can still bend fingers and straighten them out.  Main problem is they looked chapped and wooden-like.  wrists started hurting too.   Sensitive to cold i guess.  Any good ointments for this condition.  Also, blood pressure still low.  Used to have readings of 120+/80+..now it's 115/70+ even without blood pressure meds.  Thanks again...
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hey what ever happen to you?  did you find out the cause?  i have recently suffered similar symptoms.
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Get tested for Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disease where your body has an intolerance to gluten: the protein found in wheat, rye or barley. I was diagnosed (by a Kaiser doctor) a year and a half ago, and had similar symptoms as you.
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well, i would advice you to take yeast infection test. i suffered the same thing for one year. avoid wheat, sugar, yeast containing foods, coffee, tea, antibiotics. yeast problems cause ibs a fact that most doctors don't agree to.
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