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wrist/hand pain and numbness - doesn't match "ypical carpal tunnel/tendinitis?

I'm a 19 year old musician, playing piano and guitar.  I have been experiencing pain and numbness associated with periods of heavy playing.  The pain is underneath and towards the outer side (opposite from my thumb) of my wrists, often spreading back towards my elbow and into my pinkie and ring fingers.  Those two fingers (on both hands) go numb and my hands become generally weak and clumsy.  There has never been any swelling, and heat and ibuprofen ease symptoms.

This first occurred 6 years ago, related to overuse: learning new instrument technique and playing a lot of tennis!  I no longer play tennis and am quite secure and playing with good technique, but I play A LOT more piano and guitar now, and symptoms are returning.

From my research, this doesn't seem entirely typical of elbow or wrist tendinitis or CTS, but it is obviously triggered by repetitive motion.  Any ideas?

I have experienced relief from symptoms (or at least they don't progress) by wearing ACE brand soft wrist splints at night and during the day (on two hours, off one) when symptoms are at their worst.  I realize that I need to see a doctor, but for the time being, should I being anything differently (or additionally)?

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Hi ive got similar problems to you and mine is not repetive motion related ! my gp and neurologist said possible ulner nerve carpal tunnel Due to see an orthopedic specialist monday will post back then what they say about it if that helps ! crystaly
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I sounds to me like carpal tunnel or dequairveins (sp). Before I had my wrist fixed the doctor had me try a few things. 1 was to splint the wrist for two weeks to give it a rest. 2 keep the splint on at nights because more damage can be done while moving in your sleep.
3 Antiinfalitories and 4 injections. After doing all of these things it was determined that my wrist would need to be operated on. I do believe that the surgery was the best thing I could have done. It was a very quick procedure with a quick recovery. I was in a splint for two days after the surgery and after that I was back to doing my regular things.
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Hi thought id let you know if its the pinky and ring finger specialist told me ulner nerve problem go see your dr Unfortunately mine isnt their not sure whats causing mine best of luck anyway take care
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