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I need urology related help

Can someone guide me t o proper forum of this group

I need to ask this question that
some 17 years ago i went to a psychiatrist for treatment of
lack of public speaking ability

his medicine did wonder but also started a kind of dryness and made me thirsty for tea

at the start his medicines ended depression. masturbation and made me confident to talk to people but

also made my throat dry and diarrhea started whic lead to daily quick weightloss and i had lost 15 to 20 lbs in 1 month.

after 2 months i stopped his treatmet and i went back to old me.

and after some time i noticed my penis had shrunk 1 inch.

maybe the weight that i lost was water infact and that also made my penis short

can someone tell me why this happed to me and can i be healthy again i can live with depression but i cannot live with this amputation
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