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How does back pain or tail bone pain correlate with rectocele mainly (or any prolapse)?
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Pain, pressure, inflammation, infection, any of these can put pressure on nerves in the area, and it's very hard to tell what's what.  It just hurts.  
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Lower back pain in prolapse patients can be due to the ligaments being stretched due to pelvic organs being out of place in the pelvic cavity.
Also, the pelvic floor muscles are attached to the tail bone so any downwards force due to prolapse/s can create tension and pain in that area as in other corresponding areas.   Some Drs say prolapse is not painful but most prolapse patients do experience pain which can also be increased if you have hypertonic ( spasmy ) pelvic floor muscles.
See a womens physiotherapist to help you with pelvic floor strengthening and assessment of pelvic floor strength as well as other aspects in this area.  
For diagnosis of prolapse see a Urogynecologist for an assessment and possible treatment options.  
Hi I have had a vague mesh surg about 4 years ago d/the POP. Now it is 2016 and I am having terrible pain and pressure after I am on my feet for about two hours.  I went to see the same doc and she had stated that I have mesh erosion. She had explained to me about the surg is very complex and also there might be a problem with incontinence.  I AM JUST ASKING FOR PERSONAL ADVICE FOR NOW...any answers?? Thank you Cinn
Is the surgeon who did your mesh POP op a Urogyne?
You may wish to get more than one opinion from a Urogyne/s to see what your next step is advised to be.
I would be looking for  Urogyne who is experienced in removing or rectfiying mesh erosion and all aspects of POP ops.
Get all your info before making a decision and get your operations notes from the hospital where you had your mesh POP op.. or get the notes from your surgeon so you can show them to any other surgeon you go to and so you have a record of what was done when you had your op.   Do this sooner rather than later as medical records are not kept forever.   Some countries records are kept for 10 yrs so you should be OK so far.
I wish you luck with this and let us know how you get on
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