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Leukocytes in urine, no growth on urine culture

I'm 25 weeks pregnant. At around 19 weeks, after having urethral pain for 2 weeks, I went to the ER as i was certain I did have a UTI, even though my doctor dismissed my symptoms and told me the leukocytes and bacteria found were from contamination. I was in considerably more pain that same night so headed to the ER where they confirmed I had a UTI and put me on cephalexin. I took it for 4 days until I started having diarrhea. They cultured my urine, said there was no growth and told me it was fine to stop completely. Now I'm having these same symptoms in my urethra again. This has been happening for maybe close to 4 weeks now. They've done 3 urine cultures with no growth but not a urinalysis. Well, i bought the same urinalysis strips they use at a urologist's office - I've been before, haven't lately - and for the past three days I have consistently had leukocytes in my urine, ranging somewhere between 15 counts of WBC and 70 counts. Sometimes it appears more similar to 15 and sometimes it is definitely at around 70+. My doctor won't see me until Thursday and probably won't do a urinalysis then anyway. Not that i trust the medical assistant there to even wait 120 seconds before reading because they keep saying I don't have leukocytes at the office and in the past, when accompanied by labwork, there actually were leukocytes in my urine. I also have a pH of around 5.5-6.0 fairly consistently. Once it was at 6.5. (I've tested close to 15 times in the last 3 days since receiving the test strips in the mail). My protein levels are always positive, at around 15-30 mg/dL, but I've read this can be normal during pregnancy. I haven't had a fever or anything and I'm only really in pain when I urinate and then only in my urethra. My urine feels hot and burns my urethra. Sometimes it smells fishy and I thought this could be a vaginal infection (but I've tested my vaginal pH too with test strips and it is at 4.5, which is in the normal range). It is only sometimes and appears to be coming from my urine. Should i go to the hospital again? My doctor said he will test my vaginal health on Thursday but I'm terrified of getting a kidney infection during this pregnancy.
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Me again. So I was testing at the start of my urine stream. I have been waiting until midstream the past 2 times I've checked, and even after 120 seconds, there have been no leukocytes. So with the pain just in my urethra, and with the leukocytes appearing to come from the beginning of the stream, is it possible this is just urethritis and that's why it's coming back negative on a culture? What would be the possible negative consequences of say, taking a miniscule amount of the leftover Cephalexin, inserted a very tiny portion into a sterilized syringe with sterile saline water, and shooting that into my urethra? Would that cause any issues like a stricture? Or would it be worth a shot? Anyone know?
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