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Persistent STI symptoms

I'm prone to UTI's and started experiencing symptoms such a urethral burning and pain while urinating several months ago. I took Macrobid that I already had at home assuming it was a UTI. The symptoms seemed to come and go. They worsened around April, and I was diagnosed with chlamydia. I'm not sure when I contracted, but I believe it's possible I had it for a few months before being diagnosed.

My partner and I were both treated at the time with azithromycin in the drink form and abstained from sex for 8 days. The symptoms I had subsided significantly and I assumed I was cured. More recently, the symptoms came back. I had almost total symptom relief for maybe a month or so before they resumed. I assumed maybe it was a UTI again, but discovered at my 3 month std retest that I was still positive for chlamydia. Me and my partner were given a 7 day supply of doxycycline. I found absolutely no relief with the doxycycline, and returned to the doctor as soon as I had finished the course of antibiotics. In fact, the vaginal burning and urethral burning felt much worse than they had ever been. This time we were given azithromycin again, but in the form of two pills. It has been 6 days since I took the azithromycin and I am still experiencing discomfort in my vagina and urethra.

After all these antibiotics I've taken (my partner has been treated each time too, although he has not experienced any symptoms), I am still experiencing the same symptoms. I'm afraid that the chlamydia is not going away for some reason, or possibly I have some other sort of condition. I've taken meds as prescribed, and avoided sex during the time frames recommended to me by the doctors I have seen.

Looking for any ideas or suggestions.
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Hello! What a frustrating situation. I'm sorry for the pain you have had. You definitely need to follow up with a provider and have some vaginal cultures and urine cultures done. You could have a persistent UTI or it could be chlamydia or even a bacterial vaginosis that is not responsive to the antibiotics prescribed.  It is important to know that STDs, yeast, or e coli are the most common causes of UTIs. The culture will let your physician know what antibiotics to prescribe based on the results. Sorry I am not of more help!
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