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Urology issue

This may sound totally bizarre. I had a acute kidney injury back in feb due to diuretic use to treat diastolic dysfunction. So my kidneys seemed to regain its function after a few days of IV fluids. But ever since then ive been having a microscopic hematuria issue that my dr is referring me to a nuphrologist. Now for the past few days I have had symptoms of a UTI but according to my culture there is no growth or nitrites or anything. But last night it felt weird voiding. Like it was coming from someplace else. So I go to ER. They ran blood urine culture even did a internal. I told them my suspicion but since I had all c sections they ruled that out. They treated me for UTI even though it came out clear. So today I decided to take one of those pills that calms The urgency an pressure and put in a tampon. So the next time I voided I had a hard time going so it trickled out.  I then removed the tampon and to my horror it was totally saturated with the orange color from those pills. I was horrified. I don’t even know what to make of it . So do I go back to Er or just call my own dr tomorrow
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