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Following up on your advise

Hi doc, I asked a question back on 5/21 and you told me to see my physcian, I've mad and appoitment, but the thing is he doesn't seem that good, and because I have crappy insurance I can't change physcians.  So, I was just looking for your (second)opinion on the matter to put my mind at ease.  The question again was that I popped a zit on my scrotum -- white pus came out and after a little blood, but it stopped.  Should I be worried about the blood (in that it will increase my risk of getting testicular cancer?) Thanks, ahead of time.
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Hi burgerboy,

I would have to examine you to be able to ascertain what exactly is the zit you are referring to but from what you have described it seems most likely  just a pustule on the scrotum or an infected sebaceous cyst. These are superficial lesions and not associated with testicular cancer.

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