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Burning Scrotum Burning Urethra

1.  Received unprotected oral from 2 sex workers. Protected vaginal. Possible skin-skin contact outside the condom during sex.

2.  One of them did extensive "rimming" on me (licking anus) and then returned to giving fellatio after that. Both girls say they have no history of cold sores, STD's, or genital herpes, and were very adimant about it.

3.  5 days after exposure, tingling on underside of right testicle. I have a history of chronic epidydimitis in right testicle but its been a non issue for several months. This tingling was on the outside/skin.

4.  Went away the next day. 6 days after exposure I got my first "sex toy" in the mail. I hoped that having a "fake vagina" would help me stop putting myself at risk with "real" girls so much. It has a vaccuum pump on it that causes suction with the in/out motion of the penis, only.  Not motorized, but the suction was strong. I filled it with lotion once, and lubrication other times. I used it VERY vigorously 7 or 8 times in a 1 day period. I mean VERY vigorous. Over and over. Washed it before and after but it always seemed "moist" inside. That night I was hit with fatigue, and slept 13 hours.

5.  7 days after exposure, fatigue persisted, and bad headache developed. Halfway through the day, burning on the skin surrounding my right testicle and up the right side of my penis shaft developed. Just generalized burning, a hot feeling all over, but very uncomfortable. I slept another 12 hours that night.  Just really tired. No fever, no swollen glands, just felt SICK. Headache got bad.

6.  Headache and fatigue persisted another 2 days. Burning on scrotum seemed to migrate, but no sores or rash developed. Burning developed inside urethra, but halfway down. Not at tip. Had gonnorheah 10 yrs ago. Did not feel the same.

7.  10 days after exposure, generalized "Hotness" around testicles and up the inside of my urethra got worse. Much more noticeable in the urethra. Fatigue persists as well. Just feel like **** most of the day. Headaches gone.  

8.  Also on this day, I went to see a doc. He tells me fatigue, headache, generalized burning, and urethral burning for nearly 7 days isn't reminiscent of herpes, especially without sores. Did a herpes culture in the urethra, Herpes antibody test, and standard STD urethral swab tests.  

60% of people never get sores, or get urethral sores.

9.  Day 10 at nite my leg started to ache, so asked doc to put me on acyclovir just in case. Now day 11 and im actually feeling better. Burning has reduced a little. Im told its not the Acyclovir as that takes a few days to kick in.

There is definitely an infection of some kind. I was hoping it was just trauma from the penis pump thing, but that wouldn't cause systemic problems, would it? Possibly bacterial infection from dirty "toy" ? Could Acyclovir be helping this soon, and maybe this is herpes? Anal licking transmit an infection to penis? Why the headaches and fatigue and scrotal burning though?

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The things I would consider would be prostatitis or recurrent epididymitis.  I would assume that the standard STD tests were negative (i.e. gonorrhea and chlamydia).  

To test for prostatitis, a digital rectal exam should be performed to feel the prostate and to possibly extrude prostatic fluid for culture.  A urinalysis should also be performed.  If there is no clear source, then a transrectal ultrasound should be considered to look for possible abscess.  A scrotal ultrasound can also be considered to evaluate for epididymitis.  

Antibiotics for prostatitis may last several weeks.  Acyclovir is typically used for herpes and would not have any effect if prostatitis or epididymitis is the issue.   Any one of the scenarios you mentioned puts you at risk for any of the STDs discussed.  

Fatigue and headaches are broad complaints and can be present with any infection.  Scrotal burning can be present with prostatitis or epidiymitis.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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