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No infection but still burning while urinating

Since 6/15/08 i starting with burning while urinating went to my dr. and i was given cipro still after a few days it felt worse went back to the dr and then i was prescribed macrobid finally on 6/19/08 went to my dr again because now not only am i still having the burning but also low back pain and abdominal pain. So she though maybe it was PID she tested my urine for it (still waitning) but she does not think that is what it is because i am still having the same problems nothing is feling better she sent me to the hospital and they did a catscan on my abdomen and blood work but they are telling me my blood work and catscan was normal.  Now i have an appt with an urologist not till 7/9/08. What else can be wrong if they are telling me i am showing no infection i am in so much pain? What will the urologist do for me?

Thank you
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There are several possibilities to account for back pain and burning. Infections are the most common but stones (which usually cause one sided back pain) can do this also. Infections in the large intestine (diverticulitis) that involve the bladder are another possible cause. You did not comment on any changes in your voiding (urinating) pattern. This is an important and help full symptom when making a diagnosis. The urinalysis and urine culture would be most important to rule in/out the urine infection and whether it has been treated with an effective antibiotic. There are several types of CAT scans (with and without x-ray dye), so I cannot really make a much of hearing that it is OK. You may have an over filled bladder that you cannot empty. There is also a poorly understood problem called “painful bladder syndrome.”
Your urologist may want to look inside your bladder with a small telescope. This can be easily done in the office with an anesthetic jelly to lessen the discomfort. You probably will need a pelvic exam such as you get at the gynecologist.
You  might talk to your primary care physician about a drug called "Pyridium" to take while you are waiting for the appointment. It lessens burning in many cases but dyes your urine a tea colored red.
Good luck!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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it could be urethritis.  Which is like a UTI.  You still have inflammation and symptoms but not enough bacteria in the culture to call it an infection.  Still go to the urologist.  In the mean time take Azo and drink lots of water.
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