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Lump on lip of vagina

I have a vary large lump directly underneath the skin of one of the Lips of my vagina. I am vary scared because I just thought it was a ingrown hair T first but it grow and now it's spans all the way cross of of the lips. It's is hard and vary sore I don't know what to do I am also having to go to the bathroom offen but no urine will come out and when it dose it is vary painful could this be related and I also have pian in the left half of my Lower somache/pelvic area I feels sore and brused is this related or could it have been from me jumping on the trampoline. The lump stared out as a small numb but over the Course of two weeks it has gotten bigger and more sore, what should I do I am vary scared and worried about what it might be. The urine problem might be sytoms of a uti as I do have a history of them. I have never had sex nor been exposed to sexual fluids. Please help me I am only 14 and am really scared to tell my mom please help I am really really scared at what it might be. I am a worrier so it's not helping for me to sit here and think about it. Please help me I am scared because web md said it was vaginal cancer which really freaked me out so if someone could help me to put my mind at ease it would be greatly appreciated. Pease I need someone's help is this normal?
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