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im 21 year old female. with pco for a long time. i have taken primolut-N for some time and diane 35 course for 5 months. but it comes back. its been 6 years. at school i had pimples, a lot of them on my cheeks. but i thought it was because of stress. i was at the top of class back then.
at high shcool i got an ultrasound due to scanty periods and not being on time. Ultrasound  diagnosed me to be pco. testosterone was high and fsh was low.at high school my progress rate declined and i was satsfied. i had made good friends and i didnt feel it important to get good grades. even though i tried to get good scores but i couldnt. i stared on diane 35. n i started ahving hair loss. so i didnt complete the course of 6months. i toook it for 5 months. i took primolut n after it for periods to come but that works only when i take it.
im hirsutism positive too. i have hair on my lumber region starting from L3 i guess n they are 1.5 inches long. the more i shave the more they increase. plus i have scanty periods now too. i have given up all hope. plus i think my face is swoleen beacuse of it too. is it posssible? help me to treat hirsutism pco n uti.
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