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Varicose vein discussion and support needed

I've had varicose veins, mainly on one leg since I was a kid, noticeable at pre-teen age I think, and they have gotten worse since as varicose veins tend to do. I believe it is a serious case, being only 25 and in the last year they are starting to get noticeably worse and it's disheartening.

My, what I believe is my major saphenous vein, stars to twist and bulge just below my knee and covers my calf, which is my worst one, and I notice it getting worse but especially noticed it this year (likely due to other recent ill health). And over the past few years particularly some new ones have traveled throughout my lower leg and it's both upsetting, unsightly of course, but starting to show effects of a serious condition.

I am seeing a specialist for the 3rd time in my life in June, but am trying to get a better understanding of my/the condition, get a support group and discussion going, and learn about how best to treat them. I know a picture would be very helpful, but I can describe them as harboring my calf and my shin area and also my foot (again it's mainly on one leg of concern). The big one on my calf is the main one and also travels to my foot and I hope this consists of a good portion of the ones on my shin, but I believe I have the more serious condition associated with this disease.

The ones on my shin are smaller, but still worsening, appearing and in total seem to be under a lot of pressure and on a rather fast path of decline, which makes me wonder might losing my leg by age 50 be the solution? But then by that time my other leg will likely be as bad. So this is how much I'm worried about it, and I'm reaching out for support to get a better understanding of my condition, and of course how I can best create it and offset the disease from progressing, if possible.

Has anyone else had bad varicose veins at such a young age, or do you have bad veins now, and cow quickly have they progressed, and what seems to be the fate???

Thank you for reading and listening and I'd appreciate any support or input or your experience. I will be joining a support group in the area and probably creating on on line like Facebook, and I'll be talking with professionals and doing my own research, but I think this will become my new thing, and my long term health problem.

I've always accepted my vein condition, all throughout my 20's they were ok, but in my 30's I started doing a lot of physical labor with heavy lifting and a fair amount of standing and sitting, and a fair amount of other health issues (temporary) which offset my health, all of which have worsened my veins. I'm just alarmed at how they have been doing like this year.

Thank you so much.
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Oops sorry, I'm 35, not 25! Should have proof read!!!
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One other thing, my symptoms are mild but I have most all symptoms relating to this disease, not ulcers yet but I have noticed little red dots on my ankle which I am certain is from the venous disease. I believe I've noticed this in the recent past and it does go away, if I get back into better health (I have gained wight from being sick and exhausted the entire summer!) but my legs, mainly the one, feels heavy is larger at the end of the day, I sometimes get a bit of pain recently, and had leg cramps when I was younger but not so much now- I think when I was growing! I believe I am noticing some discoloration effect along with the rash and itchiness, but very mild visual signs, but definitely heaviness and a bit of pain. I'm just concerned as to how quickly they will deteriorate and incapacitate me and destroy my leg/s. Ok, thanks again!!!
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