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Do I have vitamin b-12 deficiency?

I went to my PCP a year ago and she told me my red blood cell count was a little high. I have always had these red, small bumps on the back of my tongue and recently I’ve noticed something is bleeding in my mouth and I think it is them. I’ve also been dealing with some inflammation in my throat. Sometimes I do tend to get tired throughout the day. I’ve had some mental health issues as well and I’m not sure if this could also be affecting that.
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Go back to your doctor and get tested.  Better yet, get tested more than once over a few weeks to make sure the first test wasn't just a bad day for B12.  Your doc probably won't do that, but that's how you find out if you have a B12 deficiency.  No idea what you mean by bumps on your tongue.  You might also want to get tested for covid, it is a pandemic after all.  A nutritionist can also send you for a test for nutrient deficiencies.  Does what you're describing sound like a B12 deficiency?  Who knows?  Could be a million things and nothing at all.  Are you a vegan or vegetarian?  Hard to get B12 if you are.  But again, the only way to find out is to get tested for it.
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