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Probiotics making me feel terrible.

Ever since I started taking a probiotic (Phillips Colon Health) I've been feeling the direct opposite of what they're supposed to make you feel like - sluggish, and constipated. At first, my stools were respectable and healthy-looking. But after a week of nice stools, when I DO poop, it's rock hard and varies in colors. Now, I'll go about three days without having a poop. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Probiotics themselves are organisms that live on the walls of your intestinal tract.  Unless you're taking odd ones that aren't there normally, such as soil organisms, it's hard to see how they can be a problem.  They either find a home or they pass through.  But this product might also contain B vitamins, and it's possible one of these is a problem for you.  You're also taking a product made by a company that knows nothing about probiotics -- this is a mainstream pharmaceutical company that mostly makes antacids and such.  What you want are probiotics made by a probiotics company or a company that specializes in natural medicine that you trust and that you keep refrigerated and are bought from the refrigerated section of the store.  The problem with buying things from mainstream pharmaceutical companies is that they almost always add coloring agents and fillers and binders that might be your problem.  Your reaction is odd, so I'm thinking it might be something added that your system isn't happy with.  Go to your best local health food store and buy a better, cleaner product and see if you get better results.  But you don't state why you started taking this product, and the reason defines which probiotics you might benefit from and whether than alone is likely to help you.
Thank you for the response. I started taking them because I was having frequent loose stools accompanied by really bad cramps almost every morning. My doctor hasn't really done anything about it; keeps telling me to drink more water and get more fiber. I keep telling him I drink about 10 bottles of water a day and get plenty of fiber, but he says "you need more, then."
Also, the other ingredients listed are: potato starch, gelatin, and silicon dioxide.
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Cardioviva is an excellent product

This is another drugstore supplement.  I would recommend against it.  I would also recommend a different doctor, as fiber gives you looser stools and too much looseness is your problem.  Too much also gives you gas, which isn't something you need.  I personally believe that unless you have some kind of infection, and it sounds like you might, if it's just a stomach problem from anxiety or your diet natural medicine is better for these problems than medication.  One question -- did you switch to a different multivitamin when this started?   Some can cause stomach problems.  Any change in diet?  Are you feeling anxious -- often anxious people have evacuation problems in the morning because they're nervous about starting their day.  Whatever, I'd look into finding the cause more before I decided what to do about it, and I don't like what your description of your doctor's response was-- it would seem to be more appropriate for constipation.  By the way, the other ingredients you list shouldn't cause this problem.
"This is another drugstore supplement"
Why do you make a statement that is incorrect? This was purchased at a health food store!
Cardioviva™ Lactobacillus reuteri (NCIMB 30242) 2.5 billion CFU

I did switch to a new multivitamin when I started taking the probiotic, yes. Centrum Adults. No anxiety whatsoever, and I know this fully because anxiety gives me the runs. I am definitely looking into getting a new doctor soon.
It could have been the Centrum -- that vitamin contains minerals in a form that are not well absorbed, particular the iron.  Stop taking it and see if the problem doesn't go away.  
Gym, what health food store did you buy it at?  If you look it up it's carried by all the usual suspects -- Walmart, Walgreens, etc.  They never carry good quality supplements.  I've never heard of it, which doesn't mean it isn't good, but I've also never seen it in a real health food store.  That doesn't mean it isn't fine, it just means I'd be wary of it personally.  You're going to do what you're going to do and that's fine with me.  I'm just very picky about the companies I buy from, having been in the business and learned what's out there.
And I should mention, Gym, reuteri isn't used for digestion, it's used to prevent fungal infections.  The main one you can buy for proper digestion is bifidobacteria, which is in what this person is taking.  The best probiotics that are being researched now aren't available in supplement form -- you can only get them by getting a fecal transplant!
Pax. You need to do your research!!

L. reuteri inhibit gingivitis reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines help re–establish the pH of the vagina stimulate growth and feeding among preterm infants inhibit and suppress H. pylori decrease dyspepsia reduce nausea reduce flatulence reduce diarrhea (rotavirus and non-rotavirus) reduce salivary mutans streptococus stimulate the immune system reduce plaque on teeth inhibit vaginal candidasis decrease symptoms of IBS reduce IgE eczema in infancy reduce infant colic reduce vagina pH reduce colds and influenza stabilize barrier function (reducing intestinal permeability) decrease atopic dermatitis

I could probably order just about any supplement from any department store as they would order it and have it delivered to my door!
I buy my products at Green acres.
Gym, reuteri is not in formulas for digestion.  It's in formulas or alone for protection from fungal infections.  You're over-researching under-reliable sources.  Bifido bacteria is the main one for treatment of digestion problems, and every probiotic you see that is listed as being for digestion will be based on this.  None of them contain reuteri.  Even most multi-spectrum formulas for the immune system generally don't contain it.  It's actually not an easy one to find.  I buy it from Nature's Way, which isn't the best company for probiotics, but none of the best companies are available anymore.  They were only sold in natural pharmacies and the best small health foods stores, which are almost all gone.  I'm guessing in New York you probably have more choices than I do now in Virginia -- here, Whole Foods and another chain drove everyone out of business, whereas Maryland still has independent stores.  And Gym, don't start again with your internet trolling -- obviously I've done my research and you very well know it.  If you disagree, state your piece and let the poster decide what to do.  No insults are necessary here.  As you well know, I learned my stuff from the people who formulate the products you buy.  You learned it surfing the internet.  Let the poster, as I said, decide without resorting to Trumping.  Peace, Gym.
And just to give you a specific example, when my dog had digestive problems my holistic vet, who is also a naturopath, had us give her bifidus.  When I started getting recurrent fungal infections on my foot, reuteri was recommended.  Sometimes the real world is just different from what you read on the internet.  
Again you  make  statements that are incorrect!
Which statements?  Be specific so you can help the person posting.  And did you notice what was in the product the poster -- remember the poster? -- is taking contains, well, this is interesting, bifidus and acidophilus -- Interesting, no reuteri.
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It could be a Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction. It happens when bad bacteria die off and release an endotoxin-like product. If large quantities of bad bacteria are dying off it can make you feel like crap. Pro-biotics can cause bad bacteria to die off and be replaced by good bacteria. This process usually doesn't last very long but if this has been going on for an extended amount of time it might be worth going in to see a doctor.
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