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Distended stomach

Hi, I have a really distended stomach, and I have had it for all of my life. I am not overweight (I am 5 ft 2, and 112 lbs); and the really weird thing is when I lie down my stomach does not remain bloated, however when I am standing; it really protrudes. Also, if I do not suck in my stomach when I am standing up I find it to be somewhat difficult to breathe and it feels really heavy. Even when I have lost some weight my stomach remains bloated ( it measures 32 inches around!) I've always thought that i hold weight around my stomach, but hat does not seem to be the case. Please help, what is wrong with my Constantly bloated stomach?
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You could have a hernia. Not the regular little hole in the tummy wall, but a general weakness in the stomach muscles. It creates the look of a pot belly.
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