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Inertia, meals and more

I was wondering if you had any advice on initiating change for someone wanting to change but who is currently very stuck.

I want to change, to be healthy, but ... change seems overwhelming.  Even with small incremental changes.

I have a history of going from one extreme to the next.
When I was younger I was told I was fat so severely limited my food intake.  I was then told I was too skinny.
When I was a little older I severely over-trained (8+ hours 6-7 days a week).  I actually thought a RHR of 24 bpm meant I was fit.  I just saw the term reverse metabolism the other day.  I ended up having an asthma attack with a peak flow of 120 and a hr over 250.

Do we get brain shrinkage (and lower IQ's) from not eating (much)?

Last year I had surgery and dropped 9 kg in five days (prior to the surgery).  I even went for a 40 minute run the day of surgery (to help reduce anxiety).  All I ended up achieving was severe dehydration.  It then took ages to wake up post-operatively plus I got an infection which required over three weeks of district nursing care.
I don't really understand how after 1 c of cornflakes with milk and 2 c tea (over a 22 hr period) I end up with a blood sugar of 6.4.  Is that low/ high post-surgery?  Someone said it sounded like a huge metabolic strain??

I'm tired of abusing my body especially when I'm so desperate to be healthy.

How can I vary my food intake (without eating the same meal day in and day out) and still feel in control?
Do you think a meal plan would provide that structure?

Things have gotten so far out of control I don't even know where to start to turn this mess around.  The desire is there but everything else seems to be lacking mainly due to feeling burnt out.

Any ideas, advice, hard words??  I don't even understand this anymore.  Even may GP says his 3 and 6 year old can do this (eat healthily, etc).

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Hi Jaquta,

You seem to recognize that for you, losing weight or making other healthy changes in your life may be difficult for you.  Doctors and experts in forums like this are in a good position to help people direct their choices towards healthy options (like some of the solutions presented in my recent blog entry) but it's more challenging to get people to make those choices to begin with.  That's a more personal and one-on-one relationship - one that you might be able to have with your doctor or other health care provider, or even a family member or friend.  It's very hard sometimes - I understand that.  But I applaud you that you recognize these challenges and know that you do need to make a change. Take care.
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Thanks for your response Dr Beckerman.  I think your comments have helped clarify the process for me and show me where I need to be investing energy and resources.

I think your recent blog had some excellent suggestions.  I'm using it as a guide and I know many others have found it helpful.  I like that you've kept it simple for us.

I have had multiple discussions with my GP.  I seem to struggle a lot with interventions.  My GP tries his best to guide, support and encourage me.
(My local mhs are unable to provide adequate and appropriate treatment.  Change is probably being impeded by early childhood issues and subsequent personality organization).

I'm sorry if I offended you by attacking your commitment and motivation to help us.  I understand you have other obligations and it was unfair of me.  Sorry!

I think you do understand.  That has surprised me a little.  I think that understanding and validation go a long way towards us (or some of us) eliciting change.

Thanks for everything.

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