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500 Cal diet w/HCG verses 500 Cal diet without

Since I've been on both diets:  500 cal without HCG and 500 cal with HGC, thought I'd relate my experiences for those Naysayers who keep saying 'Anyone can lose on a 500 calorie diet, HCG is useless'.  No one disagrees that you can lose on a 500 cal diet with ow without HCG, but you have to look at the whole picture. How do you feel on the diet?  Can you stick with the diet?  Can you maintain your weight afterwards?

3 months ago, before I heard about HCG I attempted a 500 Calorie diet to reduce the affects of RA(Rhuematoid Arthritis). Actually I wanted to FAST because having been under a 14 day medically supervised fast (water only) 3 years ago, I knew what miraculous results I got. I was close to wheelchair bound when I checked in, but came out 24 days later with no Arthritis symptoms at all (and I lost 16 lbs).  I couldn't Fast this time because I couldn't take off work, so I opted to do a 500 Calorie diet so I could still go to work.

500 Cal diet, NO HCG:  I originally intended to do this diet for 14+ days, however I was so miserable I didn't last but 7 days even though I was highly motivated. I was having another severe episode from my RA and needed relief.  Losing weight was only a secondary reason for the diet.  I was hungry all the time and it was extremely difficult to stay on the diet.  After work I would go home and crash on the sofa from exhaustion. I started cheating a little on the 5th day and by the 7th day I made the decision I could not do this diet any longer!  I only lost 3.3 lbs during that time.  My food composition was very similar to what I'm eating now, but I had more veggies and fruits to choose from.  I gained those 3.3 lbs back plus 2.5 more after I came off the diet.

500 Cal diet with HCG/Simeon Plan.  This is my 7th day on the HCG/Simeon diet so I figured it would be a good time to compare them (since I made it 1 week on the non-HCG plan).  I have felt very well the entire 7 days, no hunger pangs until the end of the day when I took no shot (yesterday). I am not miserable like I was on the diet w/out HCG.  I have lost 5 lbs (net), even with the 2 loading days, and I'm pretty excited about how this is going.  I haven't had any inclination to stop, whereas on the non-HCG diet I couldn't stand it any longer by the 7th day. I do have some loss of energy, but not as bad as when I was on the non-hcg plan.

Summary: In my opinion the 500 Cal diet with HCG has so many benefits over doing the diet without HCG! (feeling of well-being, no hunger pangs, not miserable).  In fact, I got some added benefits on the HCG diet. The swelling in my ankles, knees, and elbows went down drastically by the 3rd day on HCG. It didn't go down at all on the non-HCG diet and it took 10 days fasting before the swelling went down 3 yrs ago.  Another benefit I experienced on HCG: I quit coughing.  After months and months of 'fuzzy irriated throat' and coughing, It just stopped after the 2nd day on HCG shots!

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Yes, I do agree with you, Kaleein, that the measurement of inches is a major concern.  After all, if one loses 10 lbs, but  is still taking up the same amount of space (no drop in dress size)--then what's the use.  Here are the "Breast/Waist/Hip" inches statistics:

3/1/2010        --   Beginning                                          46 / 40 / 46

4/06/2010 ---  End Round 1 WITH HCG                     43 / 37.5 / 43

6/30/2010 ----   End Round 2 WITH HCG                    41.5 / 35 / 40

9/20/2010  --- End Round 3 (WITHOUT) HCG             40 / 33 / 39.5

10/31/10--Eating Sensibly & Daily Exercise                 39.5 / 32.5 / 38

So, inches-wise, I was happy with the results WITH HCG and I AM happy with the results without the HCG.

Just for the record...I did not mean to insinuate that HCG is a scam.  I am the first one to say that if it had not been for the HCG protocol, I would still be in the 200-lb range.  I thank God for it.  I am just saying that the "scientific research" may not be as accurate as it alledges to be, simply because Dr. Simeon wrote it.  

It is not my intent to discredit the program.  I have nothing to gain, either way.  I am just sharing my experience with whomever can benefit from it.

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Thank you for posting the measurements.  I am relieved to see that you continue losing inches in the right places without the HCG.  I would guess that your first 2 rounds with HCG did begin the losses in the right places. (I know a doctor who investigated Dr. S's research thoroughly and backs it up with his and his wife's losses as well as losses of the patients in his clinic.  HE says those hard to lose patches do go away with HCG.)

I bought enough HCG for 4 rounds and anticipate needing to continue to lose when those are gone. Currently unemployed for over 2 years,  I was concerned that I might not be able to afford the $30 more for the HCG I'd need after 4 rounds.  Therefore, this information is good for me to see.  Thanks again.  It's encouraging.
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To every one I did Hcg and my Dr never put me on 500 calories he told me it was nonsense and that all double blinds studies show that it does more harm than good to be on that low of a calorie diet. He actually calculates it based on your metabolism and fat to muscle ration and results of your blood test. He seems very accurate as I had a thyroid issue and many doctors told me I would be fat all my life. He has managed me well, thanks to the research i did in finding him and this website, I was able to find him. Dr. Caldron was great and was very affordable. I actually did 1000 calories and lost forty pounds over all in two months and maintained weight off for more than 3 months as now I am interested in doing HGH and want to see what other people think about it, Dr. Caldron refuses to put me on it and I respect him for that as he states I am not low in growth hormone
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Seems to me, if Dr. Caldron has been a good doctor for you in your weight loss and does research on these issues, you should respect HIS opinion about HGH.  HGH is not a weight loss program, you know.  It's a body building program.
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Hey Kaleen, Where do you get your HCG?  I went to a "Weight Solution" clinic and the program cost me $1695 for the 2 rounds (of injections).  It would have cost me another $300 for an additional round.  (I guess that was my motivating factor in doing 500 VLCD, without HCG).   For $30, I would have paid for a few more rounds.

Nonetheless, I am doing ok, without VLCD or HCG--just by eating sensibly and exercising,...but, I was considering maybe one more round.

On the other hand, my husband is worried that my ablility to stay a month on VLCD (with or without Hcg) may lead to eating disorders (anorexia...).  

I warn all of us to stay mindful that the HCG protocol is not meant to be a long-term diet or lifestyle.  I think if you use it as a "kick-start", to a healthier way of life, it is more beneficial.  Even Dr. Simeon protocol calls for a progressivly increasing breaks, in between 6-week-long rounds.
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There are lots of places to order hcg, most overseas.  If you google it on youtube you will find great advice on where to buy (I use all day chemist).  I've just started round 3, I only do short 23 day rounds, but I'm now at a total of 50 pounds lost!  I still have a ways to go, but I can't say enough good things about the hcg protocol.  It is a great way to kick start your weight loss and give you confidence and immediate results.  It's not a diet for everyone, just like no diet is.  But I can say that it's working for me, and my friend- who started me on the hcg journey, is now helping our best friend to start later this month.  

If you're thinking about trying hcg, then just do it!  If you're skeptical then look around youtube.  If you're still skeptical after that then maybe find another diet that appeals to you.  When it comes to weight loss you need to find the right program, and one that you can feel positive about.  You never want to begin a diet unless you're truly ready to commit and lose the weight.  That was always the hardest part for me.  I would get excited about other diet programs, and I thought I was fully committed, but when I didn't see fantastic results it was easy for me to cheat and eventually stop.  I've been doing Hcg since June, and I've kept the weight off between rounds.  That's a huge accomplishment for me, and I'm proud of it.  The weight loss has given me a lot of my confidence back- I even went back to school recently to become a CNA.  You can do this, but like with anything, you have to really want it and take it seriously.
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HCG works and that is all there is to it. You can't be a basher if you haven't used it or did any research. Just because some haven't seen proof doesn't mean it wont work. Many doctors offer this protocol in their practice using Dr Simeons program with excellent results. I am forced to eat healthy and to my surprise I love it.

Purpose of 500 vlcd: hCG cause your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for use. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. The result is your body using thousands of calories of fat from your body each day, the reason hCG dieters lose 1 to 2 lbs of fat or more, per day.
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Mocha, great post!  In a nutshell why HCG does work!

Prayingmamma:  I am "allergic" to needles.  If that was still the only way to lose weight I would not do it.  Forget the high price!  I just wouldn't do the needles! That's me.  When I found out about HCG drops I did research to find out more about it.  After reading Dr. Simeon's protocol, Pounds and Inches, I searched on the web site of a favorite clinic of mine in Washington state and found out they use HCG with their patients!  I read Dr. Wright's article about it ... which quotes Dr. Simeon almost totally.  When they started using it, they didn't recommend anything but the muscle injections because that is the most natural way of delivery... through the blood system.  However, they now also offer the homeopathic drops since it is absorbed sublingually into the blood stream.  Long story shorter, I googled online to see if it was being sold elsewhere, thinking it might be cheaper than their $30 bottle (by the time you pay s& h).  By the single bottle, they have the best price there at www.tahomadispensary.com.  But I ended up buying mine at www.myhcgsource.com because they have a discount for multiple bottles and offered free shipping.  As it turns out, what I got is probably more potent HCG because it is mixed with only 16% alcohol as opposed to Tahoma's 20% mix.  And, since I'm on day 9 of VLCD and lost 17 lb, I'm happy. :)
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it was interesting finding this community as myself and my brother have a bet going we both are a bit over weight, or more than a bit but regardless we both started the hcg drop and doing the 500 calorie diet.  it's been a challenge for both but more for my brother as i have lost as of today 10 pounds and have been on queue with sucking up the change to a 500 calorie intake,  now my brother had cheated and up'd his calorie intake to 800 calories and has lost 7 lbs,  not bad.  hopefully we'll keep it up,  we both had a question as we bought our product from www.optimumhcg.com which is an 8 week plan and included a detox product which they say to use after the plan for maintenance,  now if we took a detox now would that increase hunger,  anyone tried or used a detox on a low calorie diet before or better to wait??
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Thanks for the info.  I heard that the HCG drops had to be taken several times a day.  Is that true.  Nonetheless, the price difference is HUGE.  I still have about 20 more pounds to lose--and it seems like I have stalled at 160-165.  I really believe that one more SINCERE round would be enough, but I think I would like to start at the beginning of the year (as opposed to the holiday season).  

In the meantime, I will continue exercising and practicing healthy eating.  Even though I am not losing pounds, I am still losing inches.  That's good.  Maybe it is that my "hy-po-the-ma-jigger" is reset.  :-)

Anyway, thanks to everyone  for their input.  I pray that everyone who is dealing with weight or eating issues find success.
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I did the HCG diet for 30 days...  lost 20 pounds - I was hungry, light headed and completely sick of the diet.  However, I was happy to have lost the weight.  Can anyone else tell me though about their hair loss?  I lost about half of my hair and I am trying to decide if it was the "lack of" calories or the HCG.  I did lose a lot of hair while pregnant, so Im thinking it was the HCG.  I would never do it again I might go bald.  The hair loss started about 3 months of being off of the HCG.  Its been about a year and I have gained 10 pounds back.   REALLY FRUSTRATING
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I have done the Hcg twice and waited a while before my 2nd round...though I have heard it can cause hair loss I have not had that problem, it is the HCG as I have been told and when pregnant that also causes expecting mothers to lose hair from the HCG. I think thats great you have only gained back 10 lbs in a year I wouldn't feel bad about it! Are you maintaing somewhat of the same foods? I have not gained any of my weight back and have been trying to eat the same way but about 3 times more than when on the diet! I have upped my protein to maintain my metabolism. I only did the 24 days. not sure why you went for 30? My understanding, there is only 2 ways you can take 24 days and 60? I also went to a specialized clinic for weight loss and prided themselves in knowledge of HCG and I believe this helped me and others I know by having that security knowing what they know and anything you ask they can answer. You can also get immunity to HCG thats why you plateau or stall and there are ways of fixing those side effects. I just hope anyone interested in this diet or have any problems or anything, they research a clinic that specializes in weight loss and HCG! Good luck!
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I am in my first week hcg. I am doing the 41 day there are many diffrent programs out there.
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Excellent post!  

Thank you!

For those of us willing to try, hCG works.

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You know what doesn't work?  EVERYTHING that I have ever tried before!  HCG is a normal pregnancy hormone, pregnancy didn't kill me and I felt great when pregnant.  Being on my first round of HCG, I feel very good!  No hunger, it's actually difficult to eat my 500 calories!  I NEVER had that happen before!  True, it is very strict and the food list is a short one, however I can deal with that.  The hardest thing for me is getting down the gallon of water every day.  

Here's the TRUTH for me:  Being overweight is going to KILL me early, if I don't do something about it.  My thyroid is burnt out, my BP is rising, I worry about my heart constantly, I am out of breath, depressed about my weight, and my doctor told me that I was headed for diabetes.   I am doing something about it and it is manageable, the drops are affordable and I feel better.  NOTHING else has kept me motivated.  I lost a large amount of weight a few years ago eationg well, it took a year, and I couldn't continue/maintain.  Not reaching my goal and plateauing forever discouraged me.  I always craved my old enemies.  On HCG I don't!  I have a long way to go, but there's the truth according to me.

(By the way I would refrain from putting my daughter on this, as she's only 15 and I wouldn't want to add these hormones to her at her age.)
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I have been taking HCg since September of 2010.  I started at 280 lbs and I am currently on Round 3 at 213 lbs.  I have been a diabetic for over 17 years and on medication, I have High Blood Pressure and Cholesteral issues.  When I started on HCg I had one goal...my health.

Since I have been a diabetic for 17 years, it seems to me that the medications I took helped control my levels but it was not a cure.  I am not sure if anyone can really understand this...17 years as a diabetic without a cure!

So, after my first Round on HCG and my first doctors appointment October 18, 2010:

A1C came down from 7.4 to 6.5.
LDL came down from 108 to 69.4
and my BP went from 150/98 to 122/82

Then my second Round with no Diabetic Medications in January 18, 2011:

A1C 6.2
LDL with no medication 95
BP 130/65

The point is that I am not only losing weight but my A1C shows that in 6 months, I can go from 17 years as a diabetic with no cure to no longer on diabties medication and if this continues I could possibly be healthier.

My final thought...I understand that continuing to be sick and unhealthy is good for the medical business.  I also understand that if I could get healthy, there will always be doubters.  All I am saying is I made a decision that my health as a diabetic is more important to me at this stage in my life and the medications did not cure me...so now I am much better without the medications and HCg is the reason.  Oh yes, I should also say that my doctor monitors me and is amazed at my results.
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Horsewild, congrats on the losses!!  You really don't need a gallon of water every day if you were being literal with that.  1/2 gal is the most even the largest people should drink --- unless you were used to that much before starting HCG.  The myth that you drink 1 oz per pound or even per 1/2 lb is a myth.  I do MUCH better on just under 1/2 gal per day water plus my coffee in the AM.  I've lost 36 lb since November 1 Round 1 VLCD start date.

wvtxpen, CONGRATS ON BEING HEALTHY!!!  If you don't feel you've lost weight, have you measured?  Usually, people who don't lose weight are losing inches as the HCG moves the fat from the hidden storage cells to a "better place" before it whooshes it out of the body completely,.
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Hi Kaleein;  Actually drinking a gallon of water/tea/coffee every day has always been a big part of my normal regiment.  I never aquired the taste for soda/cola drinks and/or alcohol.  I have lost a lot of weight and continue to lose now.  Although my health is my major concern...the bonus is the weight loss.  In addition to my over 70 lbs weight loss I have gone from a size 46 waist to a size 38 waist.

Thanks for your kind words and CONGRATULATIONS to YOU and continued sucess on your weight journey.
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I don't know where I got the idea you thought you hadn't lost weight!  LOL  Not so!

You've done VERY well!  And I agree that doctors make more money on sick people than people who resolve their health issues.  Sad, but true.

Sometimes I wish I'd done longer rounds and maybe I'd be where you and some other friends of mine are who started the same time as I did.  But, I'm quite happy with where I am at the moment and my shorter rounds have been easier on my bladder --- all those whooshes in P2 wear me out!  I can keep at this a very long time with shorter rounds.

Keep up the good work at getting and staying healthy!  VERY GOOD!
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I am a male 36 and started my HCG diet on Sat April 16, 2011.  This was phase one... and i started my VLCD on Monday the 18th.  I lost 6 lbs my first day but havent lost any since... havent gained but not lost.  I have been taking in about 800 to 1000 calories but i have also been excersising some too.  My net for each day has been less than 500 a day.  I have been struggling with the hunger pangs every day and today the 21st i have started gettng a pretty bad head ache.  I am wondering if i am doing something wrong or if the average is 1 a day and somedays you dont lose anything and some you may lose multiple.  I started at 250 lbs and am at 244 now and have been at 244 since tuesday.  I am wondering if my working out some is slowing me down some or if they just come in spirts when you lose the weight.  This is my first time doing it so im not sure.  The day i took in 1100 calories i p90x kempo to offset it so i netted like 200 for that day.  I am basically working out or walking to burn off what i need to keep me below 500 calories a day.  How long do the hunger pangs last?  And are head aches common?  I would appreciate some feed back.  Thanks
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I am a 52 year old male. I weighed 300lbs.  I was considering banding surgery.  Did my first round of HCG early this year.  Lost 45 lb. over the 40 days.  NEVER hungry.  Never struggled.  No headaches.  I took the injections under a doctor's supervision.  She had also lost 20 lbs in 23 days.  THIS WORKS.  Don't know why, or how, but it does.  I think the drops are very difficult as the amount of HCG is so unpredictable.  Most people I know have had poor luck with them.  The doctor I used has worked out her own formula with her pharmacist.  It absolutely makes a huge difference.  I'm diabetic, lost part of my right foot to the disease and was desperate to lose weight.  I PUT ON 6 lbs over the first 5 days on the shots (during the VLCD, not from loading) first round, but then the mechanism kicked in and the pounds dropped incredibly fast.  Can tell you my experience is if you cheat (go off protocol) AT ALL on the VLCD phase weight loss slows down to almost nothing.  But do it right (it does take some discipline, because it stops the physical hunger but not the psychological desires) and it's amazing.  Worth every penny of the cost.
Right now I'm on my second round of shots.  Have lost 18 lbs. in 14 days.
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How do you take the drop and how to eat while taking the drops?
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please inbox me if u want too lose weight without drugs n side effects.we are talking 2-10lbs lost a week...without diet.....
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People, people.
HCG works. I've only been on it less than a week and I've lost 7 pounds. Now you can discourage us and tell us to work out and diet another way (like we've already tried and failed at), or you can drop it and let us diet with HCG and actually lose weight like we all are doing.
I have no hunger pains and I wake up in the mornings first seeing 184, then 183,182,181, 180, 179, 178, 177, and I saw 175.2 today. This motivates me beyond belief, and it does all the others. It's a BREAKTHROUGH! You may not want to understand it because the number "500" next to "calorie diet" scares you, but you have to look at what's happening all around you, all the success stories, all the happy people who've lost weight and haven't had anything bad happen to them!

I'm an HCG dieter, and I freaking approve this message. :]
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I am a relatively fit 5'5" tall 41 year old female that started out weighing 162 pounds. (165 after loading 3 days instead of 2) I started the drops last Friday. By the next Sunday I was 155 pounds and wearing clothes that I had to put up LAST summer. I have not been able to get my calories down to 500 and typically range from 550-650, but still manage to lose about a pound a day. I have a hard time managing my hunger because I have 2 little ones and they are always eating good smelling stuff that makes me hungry. I just eat a little more of what I'm supposed to eat instead of messing up and eating junk. I had a cheat day on Memorial Day that cost me 2 pounds, but lost 1.4 of it the following day. I'm a believer and hope that I can complete and do the maintenance with succuss. Since I love to work out, I'm thinking I can probably make this a life change!! I will keep you guys posted.
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I have yet to receive my order of HCG Elite Pro & very eager to start the program.
I was emailed informing me that my shipment may have been seized by the Australian Customs due to a prohibited drug contained in HCG which has not yet passed our laws. Therefore if i do not receive my order within 28 days which it has been 14 days already i will receive a replacement P/H free but it will be a subtitute of "Acai Elite". I dont think so no substitute accepted sorry Miami FL

send me HCG or fully refund me thanks
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Follow the protocol.  Follow the diet.  Do not take protien shakes or other fake foods or excessive vitamins or drugs.  Use only whole foods. It works.  My record with minor cheats in each series. Cant' attach photos.
Lost 28 pounds the first 40 days. Went from a size 3x to a 1x.
Lost 32 pounds the next series of 40 days.  Went from a 1x to an 18.
Lost 28 pounds th next series of 40 days.  Down to a 14 and no back fat!
Currently on the next series of 40 and want to get to a 12.
Goal is a size 10.
Anorexics lose weight on severely restricted diets, so -no, you don’t have to use the HCG to lose weight.  If you want to try 500 calories without HCG, have at it.  You ‘ll have plenty of company with the other anorexics out there ruining their health.  HCG diet is a program and process which has helped me lose weight without any issues.  No hair loss.  My biggest problem is that I waited so long (60’s) to lose weight, that my skin is baggy.  
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The Official HCG website is a homeopathic brand, produced at a FDA approved facility.  It is supposedly less potent than the one mixed in India and shipped here. There are several others on the web.  I used it and it worked. It is not an illegal drug, like heroine.  Most Homeopathic treatments are not FDA approved.  

Know it alls about "how the body works".  Read the research.  The organs that control metabolism and regulate the interaction of the bodily systems, act DIFFERENTLY in groups of people.  Just like the brain, heart, etc..  Righteous skinnies, when you eat "normal" and stay thin-the occasional over 1,800 calorie day doesn't pack on pounds.  For some people, it does.  No, it is not water weight, but fat.   3 or 4 bad Saturday nights a year can pack on 8 pounds.  3 years later, 24 pounds.  6 years 48 pounds.  Severe restrictions of calories makes it worse.  It does not take a certain number of calories to make fat or a certain number less to reduce fat IN ALL PEOPLE.  

HGC diet works to lose fat    I will see if it actually "reset" my organs and systems as the months go by.  In the meantime, fat people haters, not everyone who is overweight stops in the donut shop and gorges, like you all believe!  
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I heard about this diet from a friend who took the hcg drops and had great success.  I decided to go with HCG Activator pills from GNC cause I wanted a trusted source - not a website.  My beginning weight was 229 and I am a 53 yr old woman who hates to exercise - so this sounded like heaven! I really filled up on fatty foods (bacon, cheesecake, burgers, every fried food I could find) during the first 2 days of taking the pills and found that after the gorging for 2 days I had gained 1/2 lb.  As of today I have lost 12 lns in 13 days and I am THRILLED!!  This diet works - but you have to follow the protocol and not cheat!  I have not been hungry and I drink the 2 liters of water each day - I believe that makes a big difference!
One thing I did notice about cravings was the more I watched Food Network or other shows about food ie:Rachael Ray, Travel Channel food shows - I immediately had cravings that did not bother me previously.  Just like clearing all of the junk food and non-protocol food out of my house - I have decided that I can't watch the food shows.  I love them - but they definately have not done me favors in the past and now I am adapting to a better life style - portion control, low starch and very limited sugar.
I feel so good physically!  I have energy that I did not have before, I'm sleeping better and my concentration is clearer.  Before I was a recliner potato who didn't want to move at all.  Now I take the stairs at work, find the walk around our huge Walmart is not exhausting and have energy to get the household activities done!   Very pleased!  I already have ordered my next batch of pills from GNC.com and will continue them after taking a 21 day break inbetween and follow the Phase 3 diet.
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One problem you are having is not following the protocol of the diet exactly - you can't eat over 500 calories and think that exercise will off set it - it doesn't work that way!  The diet does not require exercise - it says to just walk and light exercise.  Get back on the program exactly and I think you will see results - you just have to trust it!   I have been on every diet under the sun (Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Adkins, South Beach) and this is the only one that is working and I'm not hungry at all!  I worked out at Curves for a year will dieting and had results - but it all stopped and I gained back the weight in a short time when the exercise ceased. I plan to start walking next week since I finally feel like moving again - but I';; start small - just 1/2 hr a day till I see how it effects my weightloss.  I wish you well!
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Hi, I am starting the 500cal HCG diet tomorrow so on loading days today and yesterday.  I am hoping to get down to about 70kg (approx 150pd i think) I am 5foot 9inches and kind of flabby - my main issue is the fat stores in the wrong places.  I hate the gym so the no exercise thing really appealed to me.  I had a friend lose 25 kilos (55pd) in 6 weeks and 12 months on the has gained just 11pd back.  She said it completely changed her way of eating - especially in how you load your plate at meal times - small protein - even smaller carb and loads of non starchy vegetables.  She still has the occasional take away and has not ever deprived herself of anything at parties or events just makes sure she stays relatively active (although still no gym/regular exercise plan) and she is actually doing the diet again with me so we have a buddy to text with our losses and gains and basically just have someone to answer to if we do cheat so it would make it that much less appealing.  Listening to/reading your posts has motivated me even more - I cannot wait to get started and hope I have as much success as you have and well done to those who above all else have gained health!
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My wife goes to the Bariatric clinic and I support her attempts to lose weight. I am her support by following the same diet without the shots.
I have lost 15.5 ponds while she has lost over 20. The difference I believe is I am a diabetic and need to eat more carbs occasionally when my glucose level is low.
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I've been a personal trainer for 13 years and have helped many people lose a ton of weight by helping them change their lifestyle. You can't stay on a 500 cal. diet your whole life and neither can you take HCG forever. You need to change your thinking and your lifestyle. You need to deal with your underlying problem of why and how you became over weight in the first place. There is no "magic pill" and it isn't going to be easy or cheap but  nothing in life that is truly meaningful is easy or cheap now is it? Good luck to everyone and search for the truth not the easiest answer!
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Hi Kaleein,

In your posted in Nov. 2010 you noted you are using the HCG drops from a particular website. Are you still using these drops to loose your weight? I am not fond of needles so I am looking into drops but see that many are scams...so any input would be great if you are still using them.
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So you have purchased these and used them? have you been successful with them? sorry brand new to this. a friend is doing it via a dr. but it is wow expensive and I don't do shots! lol =)
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WOW,...... Is anyone out there actually Reading Pounds and Inches.....?    That is the original diet discovered by dr Simeons,... and free copies are available EVERYWHERE on-line.Basically,  It states that you are NOT merely existing on 500 calories.... but along with the ADDITIONAL 15oo calories of ABNORMAL fal calories that your body releases daily for you to utilize from your ABNORMAL fat Bank. This is the fat that makes you thin... as the body normally cannot get rid of this. So - you are existing on 200 calores a day.....!!!! Also,... that is why you are not hungry but in fact quite satiated....!  However,... a "normal" calorie restricted diet.... (the other diet you keep trying) is not only much more difficult,.. but does NOT give the same results. As with no hcg - You are hungry all the time... you lose muscle and on top of it all.... you do NOT burn your abnormal fat storage. Firstly,... you will lose your normal fat stores on reserve. Once that is depleted.... instead of losing the abnormal fat... you start losing your STRUCTURAL fat....    which is the good  HEALTHY fat we should NOT lose as it is necessary to support our organs, etc. Once you do damage - and THAT is depleted.... only THEN do you even GET to begin burning from abnormal fat stores...... but by that time  you are soooo hungry - actually weak, and starving - you cannot stay on the diet any longer.  Thank GOD - that you finally discovered the hCG diet by Simeons - which is the ONLY healthy low calore diet out there that is a BREEZE to follow. Comparing them side by side - it's really a no brainer. Puh - leeeeeeeze read Pounds and inches. it is available everywhere, and explains everything.....!!!! do not do all those crazy recipes either. just grill your meat,....  do the veggies and fruits raw... and be done with it. once you start cooking and making all these tastier versions... your appetite will kick into a higher gerar... you may start doing some substitutions, etc.   i did it the way dr.simeons intended... and am doooo happy with my redsults.first round i took the homeopathic. drops, but for my second and third - i bought my hcg online at alldaychemist.com, mixed my own drops with the silver and b12, (it was easy) see mamaclok on youtube. i am now on my last round.   i am so pleased. good luck to you in losing your weight and getting healthier.
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How long do you wait to start your next round of hCG?  I'm on the 500 cal. a day phase and i've lost 11.8 lbs in 18 days.  I was hoping to lose 1 lb a day but i'm not averaging that. Once I start the next phase, I wasn't sure how long I need to saty on the 800 cal/day before I can start over.  I'm also trying the apple day today to see if it will help me lose more per day. Has anyone tried this & if so how was the turn out?
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Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world through the Internet.
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For 38 yrs I had been a been a firm believer & participant of the old school belief that you should move your body (exercise) and eat a healthy well balanced diet......Well...now I'm 46 and 50lbs overweight !!....I've just slowed down & relaxed my dietary rules to that I eat Yummy stuff more often, I used to eat for health & well being...now I eat what tastes Good !....So...now that I hate to look at myself and I'm very depressed about it, I've started reading about the HCG...after I read your post....Thank you...I am first going to go old school and try a VLCD & exercise regime...I think that's the best most natural way to go.....so thank you for planting that seed in my head !
  I kinda worry about the HCG diet though because I have High BP & take a med for that, Hypo thyroid med, Beta Blocker, and a Diuretic med.......and I've not read one thing about those medical issues and or taking meds for them while on the HCG diet..........know anything about that?
  Good luck to you....I will keep looking for your posts and reading your blog.

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I tried the HCG shots w/500 calorie diet about 2 yrs ago. I lost weight fast for a few months, even though I hated giving myself injections, but it worked. Once I went off it though, I eventually gained it all back. I've decided to try it again, but this time without the injections. I was also on a prescription appetite supressant, which probably helped the most. I decided to try it again after my sister-in-law lost 25 lbs in a month following the diet, while her husband lost 43 lbs doing the diet and injections. She wanted to try the theroy and was surprised to see it worked just as good. She didn't have a lot to lose, but he did, so it was quite a success. I just started the diet and am taking an over-the-counter appetite supressant and am doing great so far. I think having the shots and prescription pills made me think I couldn't do it without it, so I'm hoping this time I get it in my head that it's all about what I put in my mouth. Its the old theory of "you gotta burn off more than you take in" and "you are what you eat". I'll post my results for ya and I'm hoping they're good.
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I think its mental, kind of like giving someone a sugar pill and saying "here you will feel amazing taking this". I did the HCG diet and yes, AMAZING results... but I was tired all the time. And when I started working out to offset feeling so tired, results stopped. That is because when you drop weight that fast, YOU ARE also loosing muscle. People "selling" HCG say you dont but this is why even with all the ridiculous lists of what NOT TO DO, they sell to most people because of the NO EXCERSIZE NEEDED. And you do feel hunger with or without HCG, but your supposed to drink water water water.... do that and hunger will subside. I loved how I looked after the diet but you still need to change habits. You can do 500 calorie diet with little walks and will get the same result.. That is what I did this time around to not have to by the 100$ bottle of HCG.
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Those on Medifast/Take Shape for Life do 800 calories a day and lose at least a pound a day.  So yes a VLCD can work.  You just need to eat the right foods.  The TSFL is not doctor supervised and can be bought online or by any "coach" who sells it.  

In  a recent Woman's World magazine article, a lady went on a under 1,000 calorie diet (4 small, 150 cal meals + 1 healthy dinner) and lost 30 pounds in a month.  Her own diet plan.  No shots, no giving up any foods she didn't want to give up.  Maybe you should give that a try once you can't afford HCG.
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Can't edit my post...

I had two coworkers do this "diet".  They both lost weight.  Gained it back and then some.

On the diet, one lost a lot of hair, thinned greatly (and it use to be thick and full).  She didn't mention what side effects she had, but this one was noticeable.

The other had toung swelling, tiredness the entire time she was on the diet (only 15 days).  She didn't mention other side effects she had and could not get a hold of the nurse (no there was no doctor).  She did end up going to fake nails and I wondered if that was a result of the "diet". Yes nails do tell you what your health is like (that's why anorexics wear nail polish or fake nails).
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Go to page 30 for the DIET.

One more thing, the original Pounds and Inches say no cosmetics.  My coworkers went natural on all of that stuff (deorderant, shampoo, etc).  So the COST is more then just the HCG shots.  Just thought I'd add the link to the pdf for those who are interested in seeing what you CAN'T or can do on this DIET.  


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I've lost 45 lbs. over the last 8 months, doing 3 rounds of hCG drops.  It works.  I was rarely hungry, and followed the plan exactly most of the time.  I have been MUCH hungrier on Weight Watchers.  It works.  Don't knock it til you've tried it.
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Incorrect. There are many studies out now that dispute your claims that HCG does not assist in the weight loss while on a 500cal diet. Please research a little more. If you had a bad experience I understand your views but results and research are fact. Based on your name it seems you might just like a good fight which is great but too many people havedone both (no HCG and HCG) and have found better results with the HCG Prescription grade.  Good luck to all of you fighting the good fight and good luck in your life style change!
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This diet is not recmmended for 15 yr olds.It can mess up their hormones later.Please consult your doctor.
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I do not  agree ,I have only used homeopathic HCG.  In the past fasting was the only solution for weight loss for me.My regain of weight was a result of extreme emotional trauma.I am now back on path. I never followed the 500 calorie diet and still lose .
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I am looking for safe, guaranteed, quality HCG not homeopathic to purchase at a very reasonable cost here in the US.  Can anyone direct me?  I went to a doctor but it is just way too much money.  I realize you cannot put a price on health but it seems everyone is out to make money and not help.  I make very little money and since my complete hysterectomy I cannot take any hormones so I have gained too much weight over the years and want to lose 100 pounds and get my life back.  Any suggestions that are reliable would be very welcomed.  I had great success my first go around but then they decided to put me on something else and I got pancreatitis from it so now I have had a set back.
Where are you located and what types of prices are you getting?
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I did the HCG with vlcd and lost like 15 lbs in 30 days, but I had bad reaction to all the hormones I guess?  I tried to get pregnant afterwards but I could not get pregnant because I had two systs the size of an organge  in my uterus... that I did not have before, so I had to have surgery to get them removed and check to see if it was cancer.. my oncologist thought they were cancerous but thank God they weren't and once they were removed I was able to get pregnant.  Now a mother to twin boys... but now I want to lose the baby weight  and I wanted to do the HCG drops but I'm scared they samething may happen...
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