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Anyone using the Transformations clinic for hcg protocol?

Is there anyone out there doing the hcg protocol from the Transformations clinic in Florida.  I live in New England and am flying down to Florida for a couple of days to get started at the clinic.  I havent heard of many people at this board or from the natural cures board that are going there.  If there is someone out there going to Transformations, how is it going?  Do you like their program? how much weight have you lost so far? I appreciate any responses.
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That is where I am going.  I am not sure how you can do it from far away though, as they only give 2 weeks worth of meds at a time.

I am in my fourth week:

Week 1 - Lost 6 pounds
Week 2 - No Loss or Gain
Week 3 - 1 pound loss (despite a little cheating over Easter weekend)

I weighed 136 pounds at 5'5", and have a goal weight of 120 - they don't want me to lose more then that, although I had 115 in mind!

The give you a diet plan - I do not find myself hungry at all and am not taking the appetite suppressants as I don't need them.  The nutrition information was helpful and the staff is quite friendly at my location.

Good Luck!
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Can you share your diet plan with the rest of us?  Are you eating 500 cal a day?  Or what combinations of food must you have?/

Some have plateau and it would be helpful to see how each clinic handles the plateau's as well.

Can you post here and at ***@**** site.

Thanks .
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The transformations diet is 800 calories a day.  I have been doing 600 by skipping the snacks.  From what I gather now it is quite different then what most are doing with the KT diet - I can eat bread, milk, and cereal.  I will scan my diet info and post it on the yahoo site (as long as I can figure that out) for all to see.  

I need more info on the KT diet, but I am not a big fan of diets that exclude meals or entire food groups - I am trying to find a way to permanently change the way I eat and not just drop a few pounds only to put them back on later.  Again, I have very little on the KT diet, and am not trying to judge it for others...just trying to figure this out!

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Hi.  Thanks for your response.  I am glad to hear that you are doing well with the program.  I called them and had a long talk with one of the ladies there in regards to doing this from out of state.  Basically they will mail me the shots and I have to have check ins with a dr or nurse every two weeks to monitor weight and blood pressure.  I just cant wait to start.  After reading Kevin Trudeaus book and Dr. Simeons manuscript on the Natural Cures website, finding out that there is actually an answer to the insanity I've lived with for 12 years now with my body.  It all makes perfect sense to me now.  I was a little concerned when the lady at the clinic told me they use an 800 calorie eating plan, but I guess I could just omit some of the snacks as you are doing.  hope you continue to do well.
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i started this Diet 1 month ago and was so  affraid of the 800 col. thing as I was
230 pounds to start off with and thought i could not make it on such little col.
well as i said it has been 1 month now and I am down 15 pounds & 12 inch. total but i just can't make it on the 800 col. every day so some times I go over and I'm sure some times I'm actualy under :o)

at my location in Dr. Phillips in Orlando they do allow you to get 3 weeks of shots twice a year .I was hoping to lose anout 20 pounds in the first Month but I guess that's not going to happen but I must confess that i do absolutley NO exercise at all and cheet way to much so i can't be upset.

I know of a Lady that has done this programm for 5 Months and lost 70 Pound also without any exercise .

my bigest problem is that i HATE water but i use Crystal Light and it makes it a little easier.

let me know how you guys are doing and I would love to maybe keep up with you just as a sort of support system

take care & good luck

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I am in contact with the Transformations Tulsa location. Thinking about starting the program.  Will they let you use the Dr Simeon diet plan instead of theirs?  
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Hi I was wondering if we could get an update on these people that have done the transformations. I was thinking of trying them out in Lake Mary. I didn't understand the post above that says they allow you to get 3 weeks of shots twice a year?

I would like to know how much weight I should expect to lose the first month? i need ot lose about 40 pounds. How long should I expect to be on such a program?
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I live in the tampabay area and also was interested in Transformations.  What were the start up cost and weekly cost after that?
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The initial cost for me was $127 for blood work and consultation.  They gave me 1 week worth of vitamins and their 800 calorie a day diet plan - which is actually 890 because you can have 30 calories per meal of condiments.

You are given hcg and phentermine - but you can decline either.  I used both the first 2 days, then decided to give it a go without the Phentermine - I just wasn't comfortable with the side effects and potential for addiction.

I am at the start of week 6 - I have lost 12 out of the 16 pounds I want to lose.  Autually, I wanted to lost 21 pounds, but they said 16 was enough - so my goal is 16 pounds.

The hcg is about $35 for 1 week - and I think the pills were $10 for a week, but don't recall exactly.  If you call the clinic they outline all the costs for you on the phone.

Personally, I don't buy into the KC diet plan, nor am I sure about Dr. Simmeon.  I have ready several studies and his results can not be reliably replicated.  He also suggests using no lotions nor cosmetics because it effects weight loss - huh?  However, the transformations diet is low calorie and low fat, and in my opinion, there is plenty of food.  It is easy to follow and I have not been hungry.  I am concluding the hcg isn't what is causing the change in my weight - it is not snacking, and making better choices.

I am probably giving up on the hcg and continuing with the low calorie diet for the next few weeks until the pounds drop off.  I will let you know how I do!

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I am back on the Transformation diet.  I originally did it 7 years ago and lost 30 lbs before I got pregnant with my 2nd son.  I am back on it at the Oviedo office.  The staff is wonderful on helping me get the weight off.  I don't always follow it as strictly as I should but I have lost 10 lbs so far.
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Can someone tell me more about the shots?  Do you give them to yourself?  Where do you inject?  I'm a little freaked out about the shots part but I hear that is a big part of the success.  Once finished with the 127 start up fee, how much does it cost weekly?  I read somewhere 450 a month!!  Is that right?  I'd like to hear more before calling as I feel they might tell me one thing over the phone and another when I get there.  Guidance?
Yes you give them in your stomach area. I've done it before and it works.
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I began using the hcg shots from transformations in Tulsa (southeast) in August and have lost about 35 pounds and 29 inches total.  I find that I watch the fat intake (10grams) and not the calorie count and am fine.  It was around $127 for the blood testing and then is $48 a week after that for shots and pills.  I am in the second round of the shots and continuing to lose.  During the 3 weeks of phase 2 (no shots, just metabolic recovery) I lost no weight but also didn't gain any, so I consider that a sucess.  I have about 12 more pounds to lose until my goal weight and those seem to be the hardest 12 pounds in the world!  I am 5'7" and my goal weight is 135, although I wouldn't mind losing just a bit more to have as a buffer zone.  I am very pleased with the results and the staff is always friendly and supportive.  
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