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B12 shot vs. oral

I know this has been discussed alot on the board but no one seems to answer the question on how big a difference getting the B12 shot is compared to taking a daily supplement, whether it be a pill, logenze or liquid.  

I have no insurance and I'm wondering if my school's clinic would administer b12 shots, but if not i just wanted to see if i could get similiar effects from taking a supplement.

How is it the same? How is it different?  Does it work?  

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There is a Vitamin B12 supplement that is equal to the shot; however you have to take one pill three times a day instead the shot once or twice a week.  The pills can be purchased at the weight loss clinic instead of buying the shots.
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Where can you get the B12 pills that are the same as the injection?  I can't find any Doctors in my area that will give me the B12 injection.  I wanted to order online.
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Just a littje info:
Oral vitamin B12 replacement is as effective as intramuscular injections. According to this web site @ American Family Physicans.org..  Go to web site below: Vitamin B12 Deficiency (American Family Physician March 1, 2003


Vitamin B-12 is a water soluble vitamin which means if you take more than your body needs it will just be excreted in the urine.
It is may have side effects but it's very unlikely that anyone would experience an overdose. Keep in mind Vitamin B-12 injectable is only given by prescription in the United States.

SAFETY Toxicity...
No toxic or adverse effects have been associated with large intakes of vitamin B12 from food or supplements in healthy people. Doses as high as 1 mg (1000 mcg) daily by mouth or 1 mg monthly by intramuscular (IM) injection have been used to treat pernicious anemia, without significant side effects. When high doses of vitamin B12 are given orally only a small percentage can be absorbed, which may explain its low toxicity. Because of the low toxicity of vitamin B12, no tolerable upper intake level (UL) was set by the Food and Nutrition Board in 1998 when the RDA was revised. Per lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/vitamins/vitaminB12/

There is a sub-linguinal form (under the tongue) you can buy it online www.sublingualb12.com   They claim is absorbed better than oral,that info I'm not sure of. Injectable Vitamin B-12 is usually only used for those who have problems with absorption & usually when the Dr. prefers that method of replacement. Also B-12 levels are monitored thru blood tests. I have been on Cyanocobalamin injectable 1000mcgs. twice weekly for 5 months for true vitamin B-12 deficiency & the truth is I have not lost a pound. I wished it was a wt.loss med...cause I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. A little too much holiday ho-ho-ho!!!  & then some.
A little more info...
Possible Side Effects of Injectable
CYANOCOBALAMIN (VITAMIN B-12) (Injection) (Injectable) Side Effects
Call your doctor right away if you notice any of these side effects:
Chest tightness or trouble breathing If you notice these less serious side effects, talk with your doctor:
Mild pain or irritation where the shot is given
Skin rash

I hope you found this helpful. Good Luck & God Bless!!!
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You know, I have problems with alot of this "nurselpn" comments on this website. I dont know what your background is. But respectfully, I think you need to EXPERIENCE, rather than read off facts and figures that were made and printed by legal departments of differents companies. You are coming to a support message board with alot of different people reporting their personal EXPERIENCE and SUCCESS with either B12 alone or Dr. Kerendian's B12-mixture injection and you are telling us that this stuff does not work???????????????? that does not make any sense to me. You can show me all these mumbo jumbo words that you obviously copied from some book or internet site. I along with all the other people on this site who are happy with our injections obviously dont agree. I myself go to Delight Medical Center in Beverly Hills which is a center headed by Dr. Kerendian which alot of people here have had success with. Before i went to this bariatric physician, I had tried evrything that the books say, but they did not work. i also used to work with alot of people who were overweight. So my point is I have EXPERIENCED, I want to know what kind of experience you have?(nurselpn) and I also want to know why? why discourage everyone? Its working for them and me. so please stop the negativism. Besides, i was seen by a bariatric physician who especializes in weight management. He took the time to ask me about my life and previous weight struggle and he worked me up before he told me that this is what i need. so thats why I am so angry to read that someone who doesnt know me is trying to tell me that this stuff does not work. i am sorry if this email was to emotional.Anybody else agree with me?
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So in conclusion, taking B12 vitamins work too?

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I have excess fat in my stomach because I was extremely small when i got pregnant and no matter what i do, as far as exercising my stomach does not tighten up.  Will the B12 help me?
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Hello everyone. I am not a usual forum responder but this has been a hot topic in PA as well.  I stumbled onto this b12 method in December of last year and started taking the shots via my weight loss physician in January.  I lost 13 pounds the first week and a half effortlessly with mounds of energy and no jitters or palpitations. the biggest downside for mw so far is the cost of 70 per visit.

I noticed after a month that without hte shot the weightloss would come to a halt and that is with me taking an appetite suppressant.

I have taken the trivita b12 which is suppose to be good but in comparison the shot worked same day allowing me energy and stamina I did not have prior or while using the little pink melt under your tongue b12 pills.

I have been working out hard all this month and see no results as I saw while taking the shots.  Needless to say, until I can find a nurse who will give me the shots minus the 70 per shot fee I have to go to my physician.  I know the difference when I dont have the b12 working on my behalf.  oddly enough you dont notice the full effects of your fatigue until youhave taken a b12 shot and slack off.  well, i hope this has been insightful for all those searching out info.

check out:www.physiciansweightcontrol.com
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Why not ask your doctor for a prescription for b12 and give yourself the injection?  I came down with bells palsy over a week ago and read on the internet that b12 injections help with bells palsy and I asked my doc to write me the script and have been giving myself an injection a day for the past 5 days.  I paid $8.99 for the bottle of b12 and $8.99 for the needles.  I am not a nurse and still found it very easy to inject myself once I got over the fear.  Why pay so much money to these weight loss doc's when your regular doctor can give you a script and you can do it yourself??
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Many OB/GYN offer b12 shots to their patients, especially new moms. They show great success in an overall well being in their patients, as well as, "post baby" weight loss assistance.
On a personal note, I know and feel the difference right away - especially if have the flu, (because those flu shots just seem to be a hit and miss with me) so I count on the b12 injection to get me through that day.

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Do you think the pill is just as good as the shot. I am having a real hard time finding a clinic to administer the shot. Anyone know of a Dr. in central FL Lakeland/Winter Haven that does it? So I was going to try the pill first, do you get it at CVS or walgreens or is it only at the Dr.'s advisement...?
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I don't have any problems at all with nurselpn giving us some sensible advice.  Any meds on the market have to go through a certain amount of testing before being released to the public.  It isn't a foolproof method, but it certainly does increase our chances of getting the real facts.  And facts are a necessary part of discovering what works and what doesn't.  

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I just bought the B12 pills 1000mcg. How much and how often should I take them if I want the same effect as having the shot administered?
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