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Can you take phentermine while taking anti-depressants?

I take Lexapro for anxiety and was wondering if I can take phentermine with it?
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I was prescribed back in Aug 07 , phentermine for a diet aid, cymbalta for depression, and Imitrex Spray for Migraines. This caused me to almost die... with Serotonin Syndrome. Each day now is horrible...ups and downs. And the problem is that I can't go off the diet pill because they are afraid I will have seizures , so I am slowly weaning myself off since mid Dec. I feel like I am going crazy...sometimes I can't even move.
Gosh Phentermine or most appetite suppressants usually one shouldn't even need a antidepressant in fact didrex medicine to decrease appetite to cause weight reduction definitely doesn't make you sad doesn't make you lifted High and loaded but because of the medicine decreasing the amount of food intake you already feel better and are happy about plus get added energy movement and exercise from the prescription didrex they should Outlaw antidepressants because they're really not anti they are depressing and depressant I haven't seen one human on an antidepressant happy they have all been depressing and I wanted to run from them they were horrible on their drugs for depression I feel for them I pray for them and I don't want them to be sad but the medicine doesn't seem to help them and a lot of them commit suicide because of the anti-depressant doctors need to not give them and give them a d i d r e x and isn't speed and Phentermine isn't speed ignorant people think of speed
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Hi, I've been on Zoloft for years, and I'm taking phentermine.  It's just ONE MORE REASON why people sholdn't  take such drugs without a doctor's recommendation and monitoring.  We can't possibly know which drugs have contraindications for others.

I don't know about Lexapro, though.
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