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MIC Injections, Methionine, Inositol, Cholineis, B12

I'm wondering about the success of the MIC Injections for any of you out there?  I just had my 4th weekly injection and am also on a 1200 calorie a day diet.  I have lost 4 lbs at the end of my 3rd week.  What I am noticing is that I am losing inches around my tummy (hips).  These shots are pretty expensive $250 for 5, but I get the weekly visit with my nurse practioner along with a weigh in and support from her & her staff so, I guess that isn't too bad :).  I haven't experienced too much in the way of more energy and hopefully that will come.  I'd love to hear from anyone that was on this program for any length of time and your experience with it.  Thank you.
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Ouch! $250 for 5 injections?  Wow.  I've been paying $12.50 per shot.  I have a friend who gets these for $14 each at her doctor's office.  I hope that you get a lot of advice!!!
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Wow Judy!  That's expensive  - I am reading the ingredients of the 30ml vial I bought for $100 (total of 15 shots) same ingredients.  I have been using these for about three months & it has really made a difference.  The first month nothin major happened because I had not gotten serious about working out, but when I did (the second month)  the weight started dropping quickly and I am feeling really good.  I have lost a total of 25 lbs so far (and still dropping).  I suggest you find an alternative supplier.  If you know how to self-inject you can buy them online.  There are a couple of reputable clinics that will sell you the kits with syringes, needles and all.  Do your homework and you will save some money.

Who do u get ur injections from
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I just noticed you are in Florida.  Healing light holistic Center in Miami is where I get them.  I am happy with the quality and service and again, if you don't mind giving yourself the injections (it's easy) you save.  

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My goodness that is a lot of money for a visit and shots.  It's to bad you couldn't find a cheaper way of getting the medication and visit.  The doctor I go to offers B12 with Lipotropics shots online as well as in his office.  Google mydietsolutions and you will find them.  If my math is correct it's just under $13 a shot.  I am sorry you are having to pay so much to get healthier.  Maybe this information will help you.

Take care,
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hello Sandy,

Healing Light Holistic Center is the clinic I go to in Miami.  I did not know that I could buy the kits.  I will ask her next time I see her if I can do this.  Although, I really like going into the clinic as I get acupuncture, hypnosis, and herbs in addition to the shots.  She charges $20 per shot and $50 for the acupuncture/hypnosis/herbs etc...  I think I might have been b12 deficient because I felt a difference right away.  Dr. G told me that if I happened to have a deficiency which a lot of people do I would feel it right away.

Happy dieting!
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I'm a compounding pharmacist and re-selling these shots to you from the doctors office breaks the triad law. It is against the law to resell these shots, it makes both parties manufacturers which is illegal for compounded products. These shots are made by a compounding pharmacy and if you are not careful you will be caught up in the mix as well. If you are caught and the doctors office is reported, all parties will be brought up to the state for a mandatory review, especially the pharmacy and physician office.

If you get these shots, get them within the office for "office use" purpose only. Also these shots must stay cold and out of the light or else they will lose activity in a short manner of time.
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i started the shot march 24th the first week i lost 4 lbs the next week i lost 6 lbs i have lost 10 lbs in two weeks thats no lie. im so happy.. i have lost 60 lbs since june.. i just started the shot two weeks ago.. the other came off my just cutting back and not eating before bed time.. my doctor only charges $20 a shot every week.. there is no office cost for the shot..everyone who has started the shot there is losing weight.. i love it i feel so much better more energy..Good luck Judy.. let me know how you do.. my e-mail address is(***@****) my name is Kay..

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I am getting 2 MIC injections weekly through Medi Weight Loss Centers. I pay $70./wk which includes: body fat analysis, 500 cal/day diet (protein only), phentermine, vitamin supplements including a fat burner to take with meals, the MIC injection is given to me in the office, and I may take another shot home with me to use half way through my week. Im only on week 2 and have lost 5 lbs the first week, I'll know Thursday after my appointment how much I lost the 2nd week. If you're serious about losing weight, I highly reccommend medi weight loss. You are under a doctor's supervision and it costs less than Jenny /Craig. Also they give you 100 keytosis reagent strips so you can check your urine for keytones; which means that your body is burning its fat stores for energy rather than carbs/sugar. It works! Good luck, and your paying waaaaay too much!
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I read your post with great interest as I have just heard about the Medi Weight Loss centers.  I do have some concern regarding what exactly is in the injection.  Have you or anyone else done any research into the components of the MIC injection?  Is there any data as to side effects, long term adverse effects?  Would appreciate any information you have.  Thank you
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I have been on the weight loss program for two weeks. My first week I lost (7) pounds. My second week I lost (8) pounds.  I am so excited becuase this is the first diet plan that I went on and it really works.  I pay $35.00 dollars every week for the shot. I weight in every Monday. I have a strict 1200 calories meal plan and I also walk a mile every day except (Sunday).  Stay strong Still standing.  Email ***@****  Let me know how you are coming alone.
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I am glad to hear your progress and because I read your story I started the program two week ago.  I lost (15) pounds I know it can be done I am a witness to your story.  I started off weighing 333 punds.  I am at 316 now. I can not wait to weigh in on Monday.  I walk (1 )mile every day except Sunday.  I am on a strict diet also.
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I left my mic out of the fridge by mistake for about 5 hours.
Can you tell me what the detrimental effect would be from that?
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Can you tell me the name of the clinics that will sell  the MIC for weight loss please?
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Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Days and I am not obese about 30lbs overweight

i started going to the doctor last Friday weighed in at 207lbs 29 year old male 5"7 so not huge pretty athletic build. I do not count calories just measure meats 16oz very lean meats and green veggies 4-5oz green only, lettuce, pickles, sugar free jello my fillers. They gave me Calcium Pyruvate, Fish Oil with high Omega 3 make sure you find Fish Oil with high EPA 1200 mg †  DHA 600 mg    which I now buy from Whole Heatlh stuff at grocercy store has too much fat if you put in freezer overnight and it freezes its garbage. Make sure you take a really good multi vitamin. I got a Mic, Chromic Chloride, B12 Injection. I also drank between 140-180 ounces of fluid 1 20 ounce unsweet tea, the rest all water with about 2-3 waters per day with MIO in it. Mio is a new liquid water flavorer.I like to drink Votka so this week i had about 5 Votka drinks with water and a splash of Mio.

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So many people on here relying on 500 calorie diets shot, sypnosis, and voodoo for weight loss.
Since it seems to have eluded you all, here is the secret guys..
Eat less
Move more

No need to starve yourself.
Shots are fine, but will not drop the weight like Diet and excercise will.
and when I say exercise, I mean lifting weight, and doing cardio.

Eat 500 calories under what you body requires in a day and you will drop 1 lb per week on average..
First, google the term "BMR calculator" and plus in your numbers to see how many calories your body needs for a day eat that amount on days you exercise, eat 500 calories less on days you don't.
Weight every single thing you eat, and plug it in to fitday.com or livestrong.com so you know how much you are eating.
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Anyone would lose weight on a 500-1200 cal diet. You are putting your body through unnecessary stress by pumping all of these chemicals through it. Your liver can only take so much. Eat a high protien/low carb diet. Workout 5 days a week: cardio and resistance training. Take the money that you're throwing at your doctor and get a personal trainer. They will make you more accountable than any scale ever will.
Only when you are living a lifestyle that you can MAINTAIN FOREVER, will you truely lose the weight and keep it off.
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I am going to a clinic and they have Lipotropics which is the MIC Methionine  Inositol Choline

Another clinic I know in Pembroke Pines has the lipotropics and she said it only has b1 b3 b6 and b12

Which one is beter the MIC which my dr calls the Lipotropic
or the other clinic that onliy has all the B vitamins she calls the lipotropics
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I live in tpa fl. I get both shot for 30.00 every week since Jan. Of this year I have lost 52 pounds the first month l lost 25 pounds I feel good
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This is my 4th week taking the injection and i have lost 9pds....i feel very good about it and i had no side effect. I been doing my own diet. I have reduced the portion of food i eat and i do not eat after 7pm. Also is very important to drink lots of water. Also i have notice that i have lost inches from my belly and alittle bit from my thighs. I have tried all type of pills but this is the best. I highly recoment the MIC injeciton
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I am getting ready to start them cause Ii have to lose weight for a surgery. But before I started a wonderful program and lost 16 pounds last month with no exercise. Im still going to stay on the program while on the shots to lose the weight but then Im going back to my protein shakes. If you need to lose the weight without the shot check this out.... lisawetzel.bodybyvi.com
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I was only reviewing this forum because I thought that I must be imagining the effectiveness of these MIC injections. I go to a place called JG Health Clinic in Palm Harbor where they sell them for I think $25, but you can get them in a package for $20, so obviously I do that. They have weekly promotions, so I'm sure you can get them for even less.
They work.
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i started golds gym last wk and read about mic injections went for consultation n start my first shot mon 04/30/12 and i pay 20 wk for shot. i am excited and cant wait to c how it works for me!! glad everyone is having positive results!!
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Sandy, I'm in Tampa too.  What clinic do you use?
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Where did you get it from ??????
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if you cut down on your calorie intake and/or workout, you are going to lose weight!!!!  you don't need any shots!!
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Meghan, some people canNOT lose by simply eating less.  I have never in my life eaten over 1200 cal per day, I do not drink alcohol, I do not drink caffeine,I DO drink 64 oz minimum water per day,  I do not eat sweets, I do not like breads and empty carbohydrates, I have not had real sugar in anything other than naturally occurring like fruit for over 12 years. I also work out a minimum of 4 days a week, running/power walking, nautilus, kickboxing, and weightlifting.  However, I am battling hypothyroidism, forced menopause, polycystic ovary disease, plain old genetics, and am 1 yr post chemo for breast cancer, and I have not been able to lose weight at all.  So before you judge me, please come walk a mile in my shoes and see if you can fill them.
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Can someone purchase Lipotropic injection for me/??? I need help. I can not find any place to purchase the lipotropic around my area. If anyone want to purchase for me I would be really appreciated.  
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how many milligrams are you having per session? is intramuscular or subcutaneous?
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did you have the MIC and B 12 combination? 30 ml  for 100 ? can you tell me where did you get it?please!!!
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Good for you!!! I was doing research because I have Fibromyalgia plus a world of other injuries and illness. Not only have i lost weight, Ive had amazing pain control. I don't know if its the MICB12 or the HCG proven to have accidentally found to reduce pain in fibro patients.
My meds were really making me gain weight! So thank you again for your post, unless its your own body, don't tell someone else it only takes whatever.
Ive been able to reduce an enormous amount of pain meds and lose weight from both shots and reducing (weight packing) medication.
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I have been trying hard the recent couple months to lose weight. I am going to go to the place that does fat removal in Cincinnati and I'll tell you how it goes! Wish me luck!
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We all understand that eating less and moving more makes you drop weight.  These shots and other weight loss aids help us to maintain the low calorie diets without the awful side effects that would normally be associated with only eating 500 calories in a day (Dizziness, headache, etc).  We are aware that this is not a long term good health plan, but trying to exercise when you are very overweight is extremely difficult.  Sometimes you have to drop a significant amount of weight and get to a point you can work on maintaining or start losing more slowly.  If you are judging someone for any method of trying to lose weight than you have NEVER felt the complete DESPERATION of being more than a couple lbs overweight and having to watch every bite you take.  Consider yourself lucky and stop visiting diet forums...you obviously know it all already.
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Are you taking the injections twice weekly?  Do you mix your's with any vitamin, such as B12?  Just curious.  I just took my first MIC only injection today.  
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For clinics calling B12, B6, and B1 lipotropics, they are being a bit misleading. Lipotropic by definition is a substance that breaks down fat in body. I suppose the B vitamins can do this indirectly by increasing metabolism, but it's really the MIC amino acids that have a direct relationship with fat.

$250 for 5 is high for a package deal. Just B12 MIC injections shouldn't be more than $40 per injection.  If the injection has other components in it for added fat burn, then that would make sense.

I work in a clinic where we offer both. People who do the MIC injections lose inches. Patients notice that fat around their midsection and thighs goes away with weekly injections.  

If you are in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend Prolete Natural Health Center. They use high potency B12 and MIC in their shots.  Injections start at $20 and can be purchased in bundles if you get at least 5 at a time.

Hope this helps!
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Well Judy, The B12 W/MIC have been a life safer for me. Until this past couple of months. I went to order and found out that the FDA and its greedy hands have decided to regulate and I am only to get with a prescription, which has double the costs. I was able to order online for 50.00, this would last me a month. I was able to order injectable vitamins at a cost I could afford. The pill form does not effect me the same. Now since there are at a cost I cant afford now, I am back to feeling lethargic, no energy and lifeless. my hair is thinning again at a rapid rate (after it grew back because of the combination of MIC & B12). its a complete turn around. So if your able to afford the B12 w. MIC do it, it will help utilize fat for energy amongst other benefits. It was a life saver for me when I could afford it. I want to thank the FDA for putting back into my state of illness and lethargic.  
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Don't fall for these stunts - if you read the disclaimer under B12-MIC shots it is written by the manufacturers for legal purposes that there is no scientific evidence B12 methionine choline and inositol intake can result in weight loss.

Phentermine is like cocaine and can cause addiction , stroke and heart attacks.

500 to 1200 calorie only lean meat and veggie diet is not a balanced  diet and can put your body under stress and lower your immune system - I just saw a lady who was hospitalized with very bad infection after sudden weight loss with the help of a wt loss clinic - I guess her immune system was down.

Some of these clinics are also mixing thyroid hormone to boost metabolism in their supplements which can cause cardiac dysrhythmias.

Most people gain weight back once they stop going to these quack clinics.

The best advice is to increase physical activity by 3-5 times a week walking , static bike or elipitical machine which are all low impact exercises for obese people and eat a balanced diet in small portions with less carbs , less fats , more lean proteins and fiber. Take additional multivitamin and calcium ---> you will notice gradual weight loss over a period of few months not days or weeks - and this weight loss will be healthy and long lasting . My two cents.
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Can I inject my MIC chromiun lcarnitine with a 27g needle? If yes, What is the better site?
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The components of the MIC injection is Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. Some of the shots also come with other B vitamins. All of the main ingredients are amino acids that your body naturally produces from your diet however if you do not eat the proper foods sometimes your body does not make enough of these protein builders. They are beneficial and there are minimal side effects. Generally you can't over do these supplements because your body is very good at secreting any unused portion of the injection, but it is possible. Prolonged use has not shown to be a problem in the studies that I have read and is recommended by most physicians. MIC injections are safe when used as directed by a physician.
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Kay where did you got this product I want to buy too
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I have been buying mic injections from the hcg institute online with no issues for the last 8 months. No issues and the prices are reasonable. I even got them to make me a custom blend.
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