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What is the actual difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR.  Will both cause the same weight loss.
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Hi Dixie,

Boy, I think that the difference is simply how they are released into the system. Typically Wellbutrin was initially introduced as a pill you take 2 times a day (maybe that was depending on the dose, but I am pretty sure this is the case)...so if someone was on 100 mg of Welbutrin the dose would be 50mg in the morning and 50 mg around 4 pm. Then they came out with a sustained release tablet only to be taken once a day...yes...that is it!!! Sustained Release. Now if someone challenges that info, I will certainly be open to it, but I am pretty sure this is what it means. You could always phone a pharmacist to be sure. They are very knowledgeable.

Not sure of  your exact question regarding weight loss. I do know that sometimes Wellbutrin helps in cases where people have cravings and/or addictions (to gambling for example and also nicotine I think)...and I also know that people do not experience the same problems regarding weight loss as they do with the other SSRI anti-depressants such as Zoloft and the like.

Take care,

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Wellbutrin XL is once a day and the Wellbutrin SR is twice a day.  I was recently on the XL and I didn't loose any weight, I actually gained some. But thats just me, I have heard it works wonders for some people.
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I was so excited about taking Wellbutrin SR for my anxiety and weight loss it worked for my depression but, not for the weight loss.  I take one tablet 150mg daily in the am.  Please help!!!!!!!!!
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If your taking something else(which may cause weight gain) that very well could be what's blocking Wellbutrin from making you lose weight.
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My Mom just went back on Wellbutrin SR, and she was on Paxil for years before. Since being on the Wellbutrin for 2 weeks, she already lost 7 pounds. I heard this is the skinny, happy pill.
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I have been taking wellbutrin for 8 years.  I was originally considering weight loss surgery and had many reservations about it.  I had to go to counseling before my health plan would do the weight loss surgry and the social worker saw my hesitancy and suggested wellbutrin for weight loss.  My mother had taken it for depression when it first came out and lost 60 pounds and kept it off. I always wondered how she kept her weight off and then now I know it must have been the wellbutrin.   I went from 325 to  225 in 2 years.  While it is not as effective as originally for weight loss, I have kept the weight off that I lost and never fluctuated more than 5 pounds.
For me it has been a miracle drug, and while I had initial side effects of constant dry mouth and a tremor they have disappered.  When I take more than 200 mg. a day I sometimes have trouble urinating.  While I wonder about the long range side effects, I am afraid of going off it all together as I don't want to gain my weight back.  I still need to loose more weight, and keep hoping the medical community will find another relatively safe drug for people like me to control appetite.  
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