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wellbutrin and weight gain

I've been given wellbutrin because since I've been on Zoloft,(about 6 months), I've gained 8 pounds. Wellbutrin is supposed to help with the weight problem but, the possible side effect of seizures terrifies me. Does anyone have any info regarding these things???
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About four years ago, I started meds for depression, anxiety, and ADD.  (I should have started long before this.)  I take Adderall XR for my ADD, and tried a few antidepressants before settling on Zoloft.  After about six months, my doctor added Wellbutrin XL because I felt really apathetic.  (She wanted to keep me on the Zoloft because it helps more with anxiety, though I'm not 100% sure this was necessary.)

I have to say that I really like Wellbutrin.  Compared to other stuff I've tried, I actually feel like myself; not falsely happy, or totally disconnected.  I've also run into a few other people that say that they love Wellbutrin.  I had heard that there was a risk of seizure, and my doc told me to watch my blood pressure and heart rate (especially because of the Adderall), but I've never had any problems.  While it sounds like there have been people who had really bad experiences with Wellbutrin, I would say to be cautious, but definitely give it a chance.  This medicine has helped me so much.

Regarding weight loss, I don't know that I lost a lot of weight, but it does curb your appetite a little.  I get the impression that, in general, the weight loss is gradual because you eat a little less on a daily basis, and you're a little more motivated.  Obviously, everyone's different, but from the research statistics, it looks like weight loss is about the same as with a placebo, while weight gain is significantly less than the placebo.  So, if nothing else, from a statistical point of view, you're more likely to gain weight by not starting the medicine.

A few words of disclaimer:
- For weight loss/gain, always weigh yourself at the same time of day, and take an average over a few days.  A good time is right after you wake up and go to the bathroom.  Your weight can vary by up to five pounds throughout the day due to water gain/loss, because water is 8.3 lbs. per gallon.
- Remember that while the comments posted on forums are almost always true, they tend to have a higher percentage of extreme cases.  For example, someone who has lost five pounds since starting the medicine is less likely to search for something about losing weight than someone who has lost twenty.

I hope this helps.
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My dr. just started me on Wellbutrin SR today for depression. I have gained 12# in four weeks, due to depression-related behavior (eating late at night out of sadness and boredom). I refused to go back on Zoloft, as I gained weight when I last took it. (Though I was grateful to have it during my post-partum period; I'm sure my baby was grateful, too!)

What is the difference between Wellbutrin SR and XL?

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Between this blog and the Lexapro blog, I feel I can now get some control over these side effects! My doctor increased my Wellbutrin from 300mg. to 450 mg. in the morning and added 10 mg of Lexapro to take at night. It's only been barely two weeks and I've gained weight around my middle (the Lexapro blog) and I've always had a flat stomach. Plus I've started to get headaches and feel funny in my chest. My blood pressure medication had to be doubled. All this in two weeks! So I'm going to decrease the Wellbutrin back to 300 mg. and add 5HTP instead of Lexapro. My doctor "promised" that the Lexapro didn't cause weight gain. HA!  Since I've only been on the new regimen for 11 days, I don't expect any problems. These blogs are a lifesaver! Thanks to everyone for sharing.  Kate from Virginia
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I also have taken wellbutrin off and on in the past. It is the only one that I could ever take, the others made me so sleepy and hungry. But I have gained weight lately and crave sweets over anything, I don't think it is from the wellbutrin? But after reading these other post, now I am wondering if the wellbutrin is the problem?
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I have been on Wellbutrin 150 for about 2months and have "gained'weight especially in my mid section and bottom.  I've always heard that Wellbutrin cause you to loose weight so I would have never thought that it was the cause.  Today it just hit me all of a sudden.  I haven't changed my eating habits or doing anything out of the norm.  How am I gaining!  After reading the blogs, I feel so much better knowing there is a cause.  Heck, I thought I was pregnant and my tubes are tied!

Thanks everyone.  I'm calling my dr!
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Scared to take wellbutrin sr.  I was on Abilify for Bipolar disorder/depression and my dr. just changed me to wellbutrin.  I havent started it yet but will tomrrw & will hope I get the weight off I gained from the lexapro I was on before. (50lbs)  Does anyone know the difference between SR and XL
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I've been on Wellbutrin for about 5 years and it's worked wonders for my depression. I also believe it's been a key factor in losing weight and maintaining my weight loss. During the first year and a half of taking it, I lost 30 pounds.  Although I didn't necessarily feel less hungry,  I felt like I had more energy and I was more in control of my impulsive behavior.  I feel like it gave me the extra will power that I needed to commit to a vigorous exercise routine (50 minutes of cardio 5 to 6 times a week and pilates or strength training twice a week) and to eat (1600 to 2000 calories a day) in moderation.  In fact, I feel like it helps me be more moderate in all my behavior. Although I've gained back 10 pounds over the last two years I’m still within my weight range for my height and it’s because I only do cardio 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time.  I believe the weight I’m at now is more my “natural” weight and it’s easy to maintain without constantly counting calories and working out.
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Wellbutrin made me lose about 10lbs and I loved it, but had trouble falling asleep and still suffered from bouts of depression, headaches and heart palpatations/anxiety.  I have been off of Wellbutrin for a month now and have gained the weight back which is hard to deal with since I work out 6 days a week, but I'm not so 'on edge' all of the time and my headaches have lessened tremendously.  I haven't been depressed at all in the last 30 days, either.  So I figure it's best to not be on any meds and weigh 10 lbs more than be taking meds that give me side effects, and weigh 10 lbs less.  that's life
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What I am told is the difference between the Wellbutrin SR and XL is only that the SR is taken more than once a day depending on your dosage.  I am on the XL 150mg and I only take it once a day.  That is what the pharmacist told me anyway.  Hope this helps.
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I'm taking Wellbutrin for Menopausal symptoms, not depression, having switched from Effexor.  After two weeks of headaches, nausea, and dizziness, I am finally over the initial side effects.  Not to mention no more hot flashes and desire to "bite off heads".  Oh ya, sex is great again!

My Dr. did say a benefit was weight loss and a higher libido.  I said it was a no brainer.  However, I got weight gain, not loss, plus a sensitive stomach.  Which is why the weight gain is weird, given I am having difficulty keeping food down sometimes.  No not pregnant!  Just my luck, I'd get the weight gain!  I'm giving this a few more weeks, then I'm going back to au naturel and probably hot sweats until I can find a holistic alternative.  

The side effects are depressing enough!

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ok....heres a stab!

i have seizures .
not from birth.
from the trauma of being in abusive marriage for 12 years and doing nothing but defend my babies and myself, and never hit or strike back but take it all.
i have fibromyalgia also from this.
it caused me frozen shoulder. my arm actually could not move to turn the car radio on, or adjust the visor , i couldnt sleep or roll over on it, they did everything and thought it was rotar cuff....until a muscle and bone dr speciallizing in fribromyalgia  finally examined me and asked if i had been "traumatized by an abusive spouse"
he diagnosed frozen shoulder, called in a couple more doctors. they verified it. wow! sceduled surgery.

before surgery , i went to my home town to my mom and dads bone specialist where my dad just had surgery ...asked for an opinion , but not a second opinion. just like it was a first.  sure enough , he , too right off ask my parents to leave the room so he could ask me a question and i said, I keep no secrets from them and if youre gonna ask me if iever got pushed around.....   'he said thats exactley it.   and he went on an diagnosed frozen shoulder, also

to make a long story short......ive been on every pill and potion and even hung from a trapeze in traction for this , and migraines and etc.

nothing worked.
neither did lexapro, effexor, trazadone, tizanidene, ultra,migrazone, morphine,  you name it , i took it......
topamax at 600 mg a day just made the pounds fall off.
but my headaches eased up
my moods were mellow. ...i also have ADD, and the fibro fog didnt get any better because topamax at high doses lol,,,i call  DOPAMAX

but if you are having problems with weight gain, the DR can give as little as 25 to 50.  i was 600!! (but remember , i have seizures, and daily migraines, and social anxiety)    i am very outgoing , so it isnt that, but i constantly am looking for my keys in my purse, locking and unlocking the doors, checking the bathtub to make sure no one left it on...etc. stuff like that.    in public , check my cellphone a thousand times to "make sure no has called ,even though i know they havent, or make sure it is on, in case my 9 and 11 yr old are in trouble.'    TOPOMAX saved my life on that line, like no other drug i had been on.  but we are ll different.   i had never been able to keep my weight on, im small boned andevery pound shows when i lose it, and i looked like a skeletan.   my dr had me on a weight gain supplement, but the topomax counteracted it.  

just a thought for you all.     (i got a new keyboard this wk..lol...) its trying to teach me toslow down.
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I have been on anti depressants for a while now.  I was on Paxil and gained, got off of it lost weight (all but that last 5-10 pounds).  I then got on Celexa, felt fine. I did not gain any weight on Celexa but I couldn't lose any either.  I was changed from Celexa to Lexapro and on Lexapro I gained 50 pounds in two years. I went back to Celexa.  I was working out and dieting for six months. But I did NOT lose a thing.  (I have also been on Lamictal, with the other, started at the end of taking Lexapro and then been on it since).
I got off of Celexa and feel terrible.  I am still on the Lamictal and recently upped it but it has not helped with my "feelings".  I still feel terrible (as I have been crying for hour and half straight right now). My doctor gave me a prescription for Wellbutrin.  I am nervous about using it. Scared it wont work like Celexa did and I'm afraid of gaining more weight. I can't take that risk.  I am 5'2 and now way 188 pounds. At the beginning of 2004 I weighed 136.  I can be on Celexa and feel better except feeling like a fat cow.  I am so messed up right now I can't even decided if I should try the Wellbutrin or not.  
:(  Not really a question here I guess, just comment and concerns.
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I had been taking Celexa (40mg) for a year and it was working wonderfully for me.  I have since stopped, since I had gained almost 20 lbs while on it - I had strong carb cravings and I just always felt like eating.  My doctor has since precribed Wellbutrin XL.  I've been on it (300mg) for a little over a month now.  WB is not for me.  I've been experiencing extreme irritability and hostility, but it has defintitely suppressed my appetite.  I have lost weight since I've been on it, but nothing too noticeable.  Not sure if I should stick with it longer.  My doctor suggested I try Prozac since it's in the same class as Celexa, but doesn't cause the weight gain.  I've been reading mixed views on Prozac.  I know this may sound vain, but the biggest issue for me is the weight gain.  My dress size has increased 2 sizes since I started taking antidepressants - I simply can't tolerate any more weight gain - it'll only make me more depressed.  
Any Prozac users out there who can share in some of their stories - good or bad.
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This blog has been very helpful. I am on 150mg of Wellbutrin per day. At first I lost weight. But, now that I've been on it for almost a year, I've gained 12 pounds, crave sweets much more and am getting really thick around the midsection. I work out and am relatively healthy, except for the sweet tooth. The other thing that I am really noticing is forgetfulness. I cannot remember things. I can't even remember if I took my med somedays. Peoples' names, kids activities, etc...and I've always been known for my good memory. Anyone else have this problem?
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ok, i know it says DO NOT have alcohol while taking Wellbutrin, but do any of you drink occasionally?  I love a glass of red wine at night?  I forgot to ask my DR. this today when she prescribed it...
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I took Wellbutin XL (150 mg once daily) for over a year and it was a miracle drug for me.  Within 30 days of taking it, I started to feel the serotonin build up and had a greater sense of wellness.  When I started taking it, I was about 25 lbs overweight.  Within a few months I had lost all the weight, I had energy to go to the gym and exercise and never felt better.

I never had any problem with seizures, I don't smoke and drink alcohol in very small quantities, which seemed to be okay for me (small meaning maybe one glass or two of wine per week, if that.)   It dug me out of my hole relatively quickly and gave me hope - when I was in my depression I wasn't able to "see the end of the tunnel" but once the drug kicked in I could see clearly and was motivated to help my life move forward.

Previous to taking Wellbutrin, I tried Lexipro and Zoloft VERY briefly, but could not stand them.  I felt more despair taking them.   As I said, Wellbutrin was a miracle drug for me.
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After reading everyones comments I am actually excited about starting this medicine.  I think that there were more good stories then bad in here....I will start today.  Thanks everyone!!!!!  
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I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 just over a week ago for Depression and Adult ADHD... i dont know if any of you have advice on similar symptons... but ive been having hot flashes, loss of appetite, explosive anger episodes (especially in traffic), and im still unable to concentrate. My depression has subsided mildly, but im not sure if this is going to help my ADHD at all... it feels like its escalating. Do any of these go away after the first few weeks? or should i consider taking an ADHD stimulant in addition to Wellbutrin?

Advice anyone?

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I was glad to see your post because I have had a similar experience
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I was glad to see your post because I have had a similar experience.
I've been on Wellbutrin a while because Lexapro was making me gain a pound a week suddenly
Now after after 2 or 3 years on 150mg of XL I am suddenly up 15 pounds, can't remember a thing, and have HORRIBLE sleep problems...always was an issue for me trouble sleepping...but now I wake up in one hour and stay up for three and do that all night. I am just post menopausal I guess (haven't had a period in 16 months) So I thought that was what was doing all this...but now after reading here....maybe it's a combination with the drug. I too am gaining it in the middle...but that's a menopause thing as well.
There is a website about getting off drugs naturally..so I am going to look there.
If anyone has similar exp. ..please email me
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I read your comment and I have had a similar experience.  I have been on and off Wellbutrin for about 6 years.  Usually on in the winter and off for the summer and by late Sept back on. I hadnt noticed much change until this past year (I am now 51).  My doc switched me to WL XL and towards the end of the summer had a bad time so upped my dose to 300mg. I noticed about 8 lb weight loss in a couple of weeks although I also had been feeling pretty crappy. I was particularly surprised since feeling crappy wasnt going to the gym either in quite a while, I did go faithfully 5 days a week.  I too had noticed lots of hot flashes.  Then about November I began gaining weight particularly around the middle section and thighs..ugh.. I am not a big person so quite noticable pegnant looking belly and thighs I have never had.  My weight has only increased about 8 lbs but probably would be more but as I think my muscle is turning to fat (which weighs less).  Trying to get motivated to do some exercises at home but am having a hard time due to my  mood and being pretty busy at work etc. as I had to take 2 months off stress towards the end of the summer.  I also have problems with the fact I can't stop looking and noticing my belly and thighs!!  I also have had the sleep problems.  Never had a problem sleeping in my life, now I go to bed tired and sleep for maybe 2 of 3 hrs and wake up staring at the clock off and on the rest of the night.  I too didnt know if the sleep problems and hot flashes and weight increase in the middle particularly was from post menopausal thing or what but after reading all these I am wondering too about my sleep, hot flashes, weight changes, and worried about the seizure thing as my sister was epileptic and i have had petite mal seizure type symptoms from migraines in the past year (my md didnt seem worried about them or think to connect it with WB).  I now am wondering too if I go off WB, being on 300 mg to switch to something else (as still know I need an antidepressant) will I gain more weight coming off??  

hope this comment helps with people in post menopause and as well would appreciate hearing more comments around coming off WB.

Thanks,   Kipsy
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I have been on and off of Prozac for about 3 years now and although it did help my depression, I have gained 2 stone but have tried to fight the weight.  I have always had self image issues and so looking like a fat pig spirals me into a depression all of its own and I am currently feeling so depressed but am too worried about going back on Prozac because if I gain any more weight I will seriously want to die.  I know it sounds pathetic and dramatic, but I cannot stand to look at myself and the self hatred is taking over me.

I have read these messages tonight in the desperate hope that I can get back onto an even keel by taking an antidepressant that does not make me load on the weight.  What annoys me is my doc says "Prozac is prescribed for Bulimia so does not cause weight gain" but let me tell you, it bloody well did for me!

I am thinking of going on wellbutrin but I'm frightend of the thought of seizures.

I'm 45, don't smoke (never have) and rarely drink (say 2 glasses of wine a month).

Any suggestions anyone?
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I had been on a combination of Prozac and Lithium for 6 months and while the combination helped my anxiety and depression I gained 25 lbs.  I went from 125 to 150, obviously this effect depletes the concept of what a anti-depressant is supposed to do.  I know Lithium is likely to cause weight gain and I have found that people have gained anywhere from 20-60 lbs. it also can affect the throid which I had my levels tested and results showed no change. My weight gain has really impacted my life and I have now switched to wellbutrin which I was on previously and I am also off of Lithium.  It has only been a week and I am hoping that time will show a change in my weight for the positive as well as keeping my mental health under control. I was also wondering if anyone had experience short-term memory loss on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications?  I feel there are times I forget things and I am not sure if that is due to the fact that I worry about this a lot less and minor details aren't that important.
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     I feel every doctor has a different idea about anti-depressants and every case is not the same.  While it may be prescribed for bulimia I know quite a few people who have gained weight on Prozac, it is much cheaper than Wellbutrin and is one reason why it is prescribed more often.  I am not sure if you are in any type of therapy at all but, it has done a lot for me and my self image.  Weight gain is something that has always concerned me because I was overweight as a child and if Prozac id supposed to help depression the side affect of weight gain depletes the purpose.  As for you weight gain I would suggest looking at portion control it truly has helped me in the past.  Try to cut you food into 3'rds and only eat 2/3 then see if you can cut it into a half out portions in America are so huge and we often feel obligated to finish what is on our plates.  Eating smaller meals more often in the day has show a positive affect on weight.  I am a student almost finished with a degree in exercise physiology and I am not sure if you have considered more exercise, even a walk in you neighborhood?  Exercise does release "feel Good" chemicals and sometimes a small amount will help.  
As for the seizure concern my doctor told me if you haven't ever experienced a seizure you are unlikely to.  I had one in the 4th grade and have never had another one, I was also very sick and after a MRI and CAT scan there was nothing they could find wrong.  I was on wellburtin for a while before prozac and never had a seizure.  While it may be a side affect my psychiatrist has said that it is not that common in people that have never had one and aren't on a large dose.  I have been on 300 mg and I have been fine.  
Hope this info helps
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I too am concerned about the weight gain associated with "Wellbutrin".  I noticed that there wasn't any discussion about generic vs. brand name.  The reason I bring this up is that generic version of Wellbutrin XL, Budeprion has a faster dissolving rate.  It's coating dissolves four times faster than the brand name, causing severe symptoms of: brain zaps, anger, disconnected feeling, short-term memory loss, headache, muscle aches across chest and neck, etc.  

I only found this out once I switched from the brand name to the generic form and had a horrific experience. I decided to "google" the subject and found quite a bit of information online.

I have gained about 15 pounds after having been on Paxil for a few months and decided to switch to Wellbutrin XL for the potential side effects of curbing smoking cravings and because of all the information reported about practically guaranteed weight loss.

While I was on the brand name, my cravings for fast food and carbs was off the charts and almost impossible to ignore.  I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and has switched to the brandname WELLBUTRIN XL and whether or not you noticed any decrease in the food cravings and any reported weight loss.

If you did have a decrease in cravings and noticed weight loss, do you recall how long after starting WELLBUTRIN XL you experienced this?  Was it within the first week or first month, first couple of months?

Best of luck to all of you.  It is so fantastic to find blogs discussing real and serious issues and questions.  Unfortunately, so much of what we report doesn't match what the drug companies release so that we end up knowing more than our doctors and pharmacists.... serious problem!

Please get back to me if you've any experience with the cravings and weight gain, as noted above.

God bless!
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ADDENDUM/CORRECTION to my above post.  In the fourth paragraph down, where I was referring to food cravings being off the charts, this was while taking the GENERIC form, not brand name as I incorrectly stated.
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I was on the Brand Name Wellbutrin XL150 - 2 years ago and could not tolerate it ( anger, jitters etc).

I am now on the Wellbutrin SR 200 and I feel great.  One thing I did learn was no-no-no caffeine.  That could have been my problem 2 years ago when taking it, I was drinking loads of coffee!!  I drink decaf everything.  I have only been on a couple weeks now, but I have no appetite, and lots of energy. I will report back on weightloss.  My sister lost her baby weight with Wellbutrin.
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Has anyone any suggestions, i suffer from cronic insomnia and have done for the past 7 years, just can not switch off at bed time, i have been on a number of different sleeping pills and now ive been taking Mirtazapine 15mg for 3 months and have gained about 8lbs. I have always been a size 8 until now, but the tablets help with my sleep. Does anyone know of an antidepressant that has the sedditive effect but without the weight gain. I have an appointment next week and want to change tablets.

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I just want to make a comment about how so many of you have gained so much weight on Wellbutrin!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!  I have been on the XL 300 mg for about 2-3 years...I am VERY active, eat a very well balanced diet, and STILL gained about 30 lbs. over the past 2 years!  It has been so frustrating, and I finally ran across comments from people like you, and found out that I might be gaining this weight because of this med.  I am trying to get off of it now, and going to try acupunture for my depression. I was also on Cymbalta at the same time for a couple of months, and have already come of off that!  BAD STUFF!! I told my doctor that gaining weight (especially since I'm OVER weight now) is not healthy...along with the other negative side effects.  I have been on antidepressants for about 8 years, and now I think it's time to try something else (TOO MANY BAD SIDE EFFECTS).  anyway, thank you for your comments!!  :)  It makes people like me feel so much better about what I'm going through!
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I was put on Wellbutrin XL 150mg, 3 pills once daily about 6 months ago after trying to deal with my Mom being diagnosed, with breast cancer (the second time) and lung cancer, on my own...  I told my general practitioner about the anxiety and depression I was experiencing and she suggested an antidepressant.  I agreed it was a great idea BUT would not tolerate any weight gain as I have had issues with eating disorders in the past and still had about 4 pounds left to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  So that pretty much just left Wellbutrin as an option because most antidepressants cause weight gain but this one is know IN GENERAL to either remain weight neutral or cause you to lose -- everyone reacts differently to it but it was a better bet for me.  Well, it has not only been working for me to be able to deal with my Mom's illnesses, but I have lost a total of 20 lbs while taking it (I'm a tad bit underweight though).  I think that it's because I have gotten a boost from it and am now able to stick to a better eating schedule and have more energy to faithfully exercise once a day for 45 minutes on the highest level of my Stairmaster.  Bottom line, I feel that this medication, in combination with other lifestyle changes, does have the potential to help you not only mentally but physically as well.  I don't believe it to be a "magical pill" but one that can be of aid with the help of other changes...  If you are able to put yourself in that mindset and do the work, it is effective in many areas.  I hope that this helps!  Much hope for happiness to you all!

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...Oh, and by the way, my Mom is doing very well and has a good prognosis!
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God bless you all!  I have been on Lexapro since December, am normally an "underweight/overtall" female of 120/ 5'8".  Since starting Lexapro, I've gained considerable bulk around my mid section and thighs (don't keep a scale in the house...from my anorexia days) but i just look and feel so blah.  I was weighed after 3 months of being on lexapro and I gained 8 lbs.  My wonderful husband looked up the side effects of Lexapro (i have no libido whatsoever after being on this as well) and told me about his findings, which brought me to this blog.  Thank you all so very much; I'm seeing my Dr. first thing tomorrow to see if i can switch over to wellbutrin.  here's hoping it will help!  Thank you ALL!!!!!
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Within a few months on Wellbutrin XL, I lost about 15 pounds and looked and felt the best in years.  After two years, my insurance switched me to the generic version.  That is when I began my downward spiral into deeper depression, irritabilty, fatigue, hopelessness, and WEIGHT GAIN!!!  Within 14 months, I had gained about 15 pounds.  At that point I just assumed that Wellbutrin just wasn't working for me any longer and weaned off of them.   I continued to be depressed and overweight for about two months.  After reading up on the generic's side effects, it became blaringly obvious that the problem wasn't with Wellbutrin XL, but with the inferior generics!!  ( I was given two different ones).

Anyways I called my doctor last April and requested "Brand Name Only", and I am very grateful that my insurance allows me to get with with a higher copay.  Now I am slowly losing weight again, I have lots of energy, I have a more positive outlook, and I no longer suffer from bouts of deep depression.  Although I'm feeling better, I can't help but feel angry at the FDA for allowing these inferior generics.  Some insurance carriers will absolutely not let people get the brand name when there is a generic available.  I think that is cruel and evil and the FDA needs to raise their standards!!    I feel like I have wasted a year of my life.  I was irritable, overweight, had very little sex drive, depressed,  sad, became a social recluse, and I just didn't want to do anything fun because I felt and looked terrible.  All the while BLAMING myself for all of it.

The generic version is a sham, and I can say that with absolute certainty because I've experienced both.  The FDA ought to pull all that garbage off the shelves ASAP until an EXACT Wellbutrin version is created!!!!!  

When people report they are gaining weight on Wellbutrin, my first question is "Are you taking the generic?".
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I actually googled my observations about generic vs brand and weight loss.  I started on Wellbutrin  350 and almost immediatley began to feel better.  I was so pleased I told my doctor they should put this stuff in the water.  I slowly lost weight around 8-10 pounds in 3 months.  My insurance (unbeknownst to me)switched me to the generic and I started noticing my weight creeping up and it did not seem nearly as effective.  My husband kept asking me "Did you take your meds today?".  It was when I went back to my doctor that he made the connection that I was very happy with Wellbutrin right up until I switched to the generic.  He put me back on the Brand name and in the last 8 months I have lost 25 pounds and feel really good...not perfect but really good.  The weightloss has not been the only other benefit.  Has anyone else noticed how good sex can be?  I am talking about different more intense orgasms.  My husband thinks it is because I feel better about myself so sex feels better but it not only feels better it feels different in a good way.  I actually worry that one day it will stop working for me.  I can't imagine going back to how I felt 2 years ago.

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I was on the generic Wellbutrin (made by Watson) for over a month and it did nothing for me. I started to wonder why I was even putting pills into my body if they werent helping me in any way. My psych switched me to the brand name and boy did I quickly notice a difference. I suddenly felt motivated to keep things clean, care about my personal appearance, and it suppressed my appetite tremendously. It's made me able to eat healthy foods and portions. I dont crave the greasy food I once ate over three times a week (Chipotle, Whataburger, Taco Bell). When I see fast food commercials I want to throw up. I was a size 32 in jeans and since taking the brand name for a few weeks, I've already dropped to a size 30.

I highly recommend the brand name for people who are depressed and self-medicate with bad, high calorie food.

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how do you lose weight on wellbutrin? does it motivate you to workout, eat less, or does it just come off?
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it suppresses your appetite.

to the person that asked this question 3 years ago:

i was on 450 mg of wellbutrin and i routinely took klonopin or ativan.  i never had a seizure.

i lost 20 lbs. in under 6 months.  like someone mentioned, when i stopped treatment and started it again a few months later, my weight remained the same.  it basically stopped working for me.  
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I need to know the same thing, I have been on several antidepressants like cymbalta, celexa, wellbutrin, effexor xr, pristiq, amitryptilin. ALL OF THEM make me gain weight , about 35 pounds in 2 years and a half. Now i am having withdrawal cold turkey symptoms, my doc and I decided to quit like that. I feell MISERABLE... but I tink I will wait for the 3 weeks I read that withdrawals lasts. I wonder WHEN could I start recovering my weight????
Can somebody helps?
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I gained 50 pounds on effexor.  I went off cold turkey and the withdrawal effects were horrible.  After about 3-4 weeks it started to subside.  I put my frustration into running and working out but the weight didn't start to come off for about 4 months.  The working out finally started to pay off and in the next 4 months I lost the 50 pounds.  It was quite a battle but it did seem like it took a full 6 months for it to get out of my system and let the weight come off.  It was worth the effort; hang in there.
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I know this thread has been dead for a while. Here is the thing. I am interested in the drug for an antidepressant and weight loss.

I have gained a lot of weight with all 3 of my pregnancies and didn't lose a lot after each pregnancy.

I started at 150 from there I went to 175 then on and on 200-220-240lbs

I have battled depression all of my life. I felt self contentious going to the doctor about this problem. However in early 2007 I finally broke down. I was actually crying at times sometimes at work. When I would have to confront someone, or talk about issues. It was strange. I went on a drug honestly I can't remember the name it did cause me to gain some weight 20 lbs. It didn't do anything for my depression it made me feel worse plus I have always gotten cold sores since I was a child well for 5 years I had maybe 2. When I started this drug it made me break out with them all over my lips they were sore looked gross it was horrible. I stopped taking meds never went back to the doctor.

I am thinking about going to the doctor again, I was thinking of wellbutrin (Since the birth of my 3rd child 10 months ago I have no energy) I want to know where can I find statistics about this drug. I would like an in depth look at it, also what is the average price I have no health insurance.

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I have been on wellbutrin for 3 years or more and I can say when I first started taking it I lost an extreme amount of weight. I was also going through a divorce so I am guessing that didn't help. I was able to maintain my weight at about 5 lbs lower than my best usual weight for 2 years. Then suddenly I switched to the one a day slow release and I have gained 15 lbs! I didn't put it together until just now when I realized that it was when I switched that my weight started climbing fast. My lifestyle wasn't good either but since then I have gotten on weight watchers and excersize 4 times a week and i am still gaining weight. I plan to go to my doctor and ask if its possible that the slow release is doing this to  me since the single doses twice a day didn't.
I can say that this drug is not easy to get onto so make sure you are ready for about 6 weeks of craziness. Once it evens out it has been the best thing for me since I was a child. I am slightly bipolar and it does great things for the stomach issues that go along with that for me. However I am good now, maybe its time to get off???
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Hi there, I was on Effexor 150mg for over a year, and i gained alot of weight, i have now weened myself off of the effexor ( be very careful if you ween off of it) you have to do it slowly, i had no side effects until i was down to 37.5 mg 1 pill, for 2 weeks then i stopped taking it altogether, when i stopped it i started getting electrical shock like feelings in my brain, i have been feeling this for 4 days now, hoping it will stop soon. I am now supposed to start wellbutrin but i am going to do some research first before i take anything else, when i asked my Dr. if Effexor causes weight gain he said no, and i trusted his judgement, and when i got a second opinion i was told yes it definately does. I only trust a pharmacist to tell me the truth about medications now, as they know more than any Dr. will.
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I have been taking wellbutrin sr for only two days and have noticed a considerable amount of energy, and not really that hungry either.  I have depression and anxiety, i am taking this more for social anxiety.  I have gained about 40lbs from depression and anxiety in the past 5 years.  I weighed 120 at 5'5'' and now weigh 160 and im 27 years old.  I really feel like this is gonna help.  Although, i have noticed that i have a hard time sleeping, and i clench my jaw when i do sleep, bc when i wake up i am doing it and its kind of sore afterward.  hope this helps, i will keep you posted on whether it works or not after a couple weeks or so. :) Danielle
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I just switched to Wellbutrin from Zoloft. I gained about 8 lbs on zoloft and weight is one of the reasons for my depression. I am only 14 and school is starting soon so I would like to know, for the people who have lost weight, how long did it take to notice weight loss. I read for one person that it was two months, is there any one that noticed weight loss earlier? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!
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I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR for ADHD and have been on it for about 2 1/2 months and I have lost approximately 16 lbs. Although I don't fully attribute this to the medication because right around the time I started taking it I completely cut out alcohol, where I was drinking once or twice a week. I noticed a little loss of appetite but Wellbutrin helped me focus more in all areas of my life. This contributed to me eating WAY healthier and allowed me to portion my meals. Although I don't believe Wellbutrin causes weight-loss directly, I do believe that there is a correlation between lifestyle changes and Wellbutrin. Minor side effects I have experienced have been head aches, constipation, loss of appetite and occasional irritability. I believe the pros have greatly outweighed the cons in my case.  
@jules509 I know your comment is 6 years old so you're never going to read or respond to this but I am in the EXACT same spot.  I requested buproprion from my GP to quit smoking (also because my anxiety had been getting out of control the past few years and I was having trouble breathing normally even when I focused on it.)

So 4-6 weeks into it, like magic anxiety drops off and I quit smoking... but then the weight gain started.  Just like you I am working out nearly every day and restricting my calories as much as I can without feeling like I'm starving myself and I WONT STOP GAINING WEIGHT.

I've gained nearly 20 lbs and it's been only 11 months!!!  

I just don't want to keep getting fatter and fatter forever... eventually I'll be enormous...  Is it worth it to have chest clenching anxiety to not be obese?
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I have been taking Bupropion for nearly two years now and also an ex smoker. I actually thought that the 18 lbs gained over the last 18 months has been caused by not smoking anymore but it doesn't seem like it is stopping even after all this time without the cigarettes. I am now seriously questioning whether the weight gain is being caused by the meds. I have spent the last 6 months eating less than 1300 calories a day, exercise 60 minutes per day and continue to gain. At wits end and started smoking again :( It's like whats the worst of the bad? Depression, anxiety, smoking, or obesity?
jules509 I know your comment is 6 years old so you're never going to read or respond to this but I am in the EXACT same spot.  I requested buproprion from my GP to quit smoking (also because my anxiety had been getting out of control the past few years and I was having trouble breathing normally even when I focused on it.)

So 4-6 weeks into it, like magic anxiety drops off and I quit smoking... but then the weight gain started.  Just like you I am working out nearly every day and restricting my calories as much as I can without feeling like I'm starving myself and I WONT STOP GAINING WEIGHT.

I've gained nearly 20 lbs and it's been only 11 months!!!  

I just don't want to keep getting fatter and fatter forever... eventually I'll be enormous...  Is it worth it to have chest clenching anxiety to not be obese?
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I was put on 150mg of wellbutrin because I told my doctor that if I lost weight (25 pounds) I would feel more confident and ready to go back to dating which would make  me happier because I had a boyfriend and I wont date with 25 extra pounds. I am 5'2 and 158. I was put on 150 mg and I was enraged. I got off of it in two weeks. Now he restarted me again on it but started out at 75mg. I asked him to continue slowly. Has anyone had this experience that they were put on a higher dosage to start then put on a lower dosage to start and raised it up higher then did not experience the anger. It was too soon to notice if I were going to lose any weight becuase I got off of it in 2 weeks because I was angry. No headaches, no other side effects just anger. I am bipolar 2 so I just mainly feel the depression as opposed to any other symptoms which is why I question the biplar diagnosis but that is another story. So I am just really concerned that if he raises me up (albeit I requested very slowley) that anger will come back. It was so scary to feel that angry. thanks
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Hi, I've been on adderall for about a year now and the only down fall to it is it will only last for 4 hours which a lot of Doctors don't tell you. I've been ADHD for a long as I can remember. Getting ready to go see my Doctor about taking Ritalin. Good luck to you and I hope this helps. ***@****
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I've been on 450mg of Wellbutrin for close to a year, and have not had any seizures, despite the high dosage. Obviously, it's different for everyone, but myself as well as everyone I know who takes it hasn't had an issue with seizures; you just have to be very careful about drinking alcohol. It also increased my energy and decreased my appetite, so weight loss was a side effect for me (thankfully).
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Don't let them prescribe you welbutrin and don't ask for because isn't my good medicine doesn't help I most certainly didn't cause the weight loss I know it causes weight loss I am positive I know
I don't drink alcohol I can't stand aquaholic can't tolerate I don't like the smell don't like the taste can't stand so I don't have a problem because I won't ever be an alcoholic and I definitely don't want to drink alcohol and I certainly don't ever mix alcohol with any medication ever haven't ever in my life I advise don't ever have alcohol with medication
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