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Unable to lose

I have been the same weight for 19 years give or take 5 lbs. I have done the gym thing and all the crazy pills. My doctor said I have been eating the exact same amount of calories everyday for the last 19 years. I think he is crazy!!! Is there anything else to try I am sick of the weight!!
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Sterlingrose, I can understand your frustration...  It's worthwhile every so often to sit back and think about what goals you are trying to achieve.  Is it a number?  Is it clothing size?  Is it an activity?  Is it a health goal?  It's important to have a good sense of what you are trying to accomplish by losing weight, exercising, or eating more healthy - that can sometimes rev you up and get you thinking about it a little more carefully.  I think that some good places to start might include a food diary - check out my recent blog post for some more solutions that could work for you.  All the best.
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I understand.  It's like having an extra person strapped around you.  Frustrating!  The pills all work "with proper diet and exercise", just look at the back of the box.  But, you're like me.  What's the proper diet and exercise?  Hang in there.
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