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Weight loss

im a 20 year old female.. and i weigh over 150 pounds.. i need to reduce some weight by December. could you recommend some diet plans please?

P.S. i am not an exercise person. i dont like to walk or jog.
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While it's true that some people can lose weight without doing much exercise, research shows that some exercise can really accelerate the process, and help keep the weight off.

There are a million diet plans out there, and many will help you lose weight for a short period of time - but you really have to think about what you can sustain in the longer term to really be successful.

Please check out http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/97218 which lists just a few solutions that you might find helpful.  Take care.
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I would strongly encourage you to find a form of exercise that you enjoy (or could enjoy).  Walking and running are only two options out of an endless number.

I would question whether your weight loss goals are realistic or even necessary.
Whoops, sorry!  You said over.  Still, be careful.

Try looking up the doctor's first blog entry for suggestions on how you could go about losing weight and making healthy lifestyle changes.

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the best way to reduce in such short time would be by controling your diet.this might seem odd but if you cut down your intake by 30-40% and maintain your lifestyle you will lose some weight..see this site http://www.healthrecipes.com/diet_tips.htm might help you.. good luck
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