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********** OPEN FORUM FRIDAY **********

I can't stop watching the news about NO. My heart goes out to all those people who have lost everything.

Gonza/Shubunkin - any teeth yet ??? None here but I'm hopeful !!
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not yet but he is trying his best too! Swollem bottom gums. N Orleans just breaks my heart and I am so ashamed at the way those people are being treated and the time it is taking to help them. I never thought I would see this in the United States of America.
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It sucks for the genuinely good people that are stuck in there, those are the people I feel for.  I for one am glad they are shooting to kill these looters and unruly people. I don't want to hear they are confused !!  Confused !? Lets steal a plasma TV !!  DUH !! It is because of them that we cant send in people to rescue the people that should be. My cousin is on his way there, he was activated. My brother is a truck driver and his rig was filled with cases of water and he's on his way too. Luckily they are having him drop in Florida. Hopefully The National Guard will be able to regain control down there. What do these people think they are proving killing and raping people, during this crisis ???  I wish Bush would stay in the White House. Stop wasting fuel flying over, everytime he flies over rescue efforts by plane have to be stopped. Watch CNN like the rest of the country. Theres NOTHING he can do by flying over the scene. At least wait until the people are out before you jam up air space.
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Dont get me started.  I have been devastated by this and I dont even have family members down there.  I sat last night holding AJ rocking him and started crying.  We are so fortunate.  I cannot imagine what those families with babies are doing.  It is so sad.  Our government can get aid to Thailand after the Tsunami in record time, but we cannot get into New Orleans, are you kidding me!  God bless those military people going in just after getting back from Iraq.  The LA governor said "these men are trained to shoot to kill and know how to do it".  Good for them, shoot to kill.  Looters have no rights now that they have acted like animals, treat them like animals.  

On a lighter note, No, no teeth yet, but he is trying.  Drooling and chewing on everything.  He is so precious!
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The bad people down there are really disgusting me.  They should be thankful the are alive and well.  
I was watching last night and a bunch of people were complaining about the transfer from the superdome to the astrodome,...my God people be thankful you have somewhere to stay...some of these people were even homeless before the storm.  
And then they showed how people were going into these empty stores and acting like wild animals.  It's completely bizarre.  
And the other thing that bothers me about these people who are upset because they haven't been rescued yet is;  It's your own fault, you should have left NO or went to the superdome like everyone else.
That's my personal view.  I do feel terrible for the people though who had absolutly no way of leaving or getting out of there.  And for all the people who have no homes to go home to, or jobs for that matter.
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this is only the second time in 10 years when I rue not having a TV.  When  tornado hit our town and now.  I really wish I could see the footage everyone is talking about!   It sounds amazing.  I do have family that evacualted NOLA so I am sure I will hear alot when they rae allowed to return.  But Like most people I want to see this stuff you are talkingabout.  The internet access I have is only still pictures.  But it does sound horrible.
Have a great weekend - I guess we will all be realizing how much we have to be grateful for!
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At first there was opprotunist looting, the way there always is.  Hey...free tv's!

But now people are stealing to survive.  Will they be shot?  How will the Nat'l guard know the difference from afar?  People are trying to get supplies now to survive..formula for babies, medicines, bandages, anything they can think of to help themselves live.

HOW WILL THE NAT'L GUARD DIFFERENTIATE?  My guess is that they won't and we will soon be hearing horrifying stories of people getting shot mistakenly.  

As I said yesterday, the UN offered to help, and up until Weds, the US REFUSED.  Now they are "accepting offers of help" from different countries.  Why has it taken this long to ask for help?  

Yes, muggings, rapes and senseless violence has to be stopped, but damn it all!  These people are living in the worst nightmare that we can't even fathom.  They don't see help, they are cut off from knowing about what relief efforts there are.  There is no means to tell people what to do, where to go to get help.  Just thousands upon thousands of suffering men, women, and children who have sweltered in the heat with little food and water for 5 days now, and to their view, this is life or death as they see no help coming.

The media likes to show the worst of any situation.  Then we all get the idea that everyone is acting like that.  I'd say I would be getting violent myself right now if I were there.  

It is delusional to think you can house those people at the Astrodome, or anywhere similar for more than a couple of weeks.
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I heard they cleared the Astrodome schedule into December!!!!!
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I was finally able to get onto the Red Cross website to donate money today.  The website was so busy that it was impossible.  I was also lucky because my company is going to match my donation.
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Carrigan is going through the same thing. I think she is cutting her upper two teeth. The other night she ws up and down and tossing and rolling. Like she just couldn't get comfortable. She sleeps in her crib, but at 3 in the morning I finally put her in the bed with me and Dh. She likes for her back to be rubbed, so I was rubbing everything and she finally dosed off. I just had to let her do what she needed to. It's hard b/c they can't tell you and sometimes Tylenol and stuff like that doesn'y work. I really don't have any advice, just wanted to let you know I sympathize with you!
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I said I would never put my baby in bed with us.  Well when your up until 2 and have to be up for work at 6:30,.....to h@ll with what ever you said you wouldn't do and the mistakes you wouldn't make.
I don't want to take him to the doctors, because it seems like their answer for everyhting is; "Well, here's a scipt."  I don't want my baby doped up to go to sleep.  That will only cause problems later down the road.
As long as I get my bed back with my hubby sometime in the next 2 years, I'll be ok,....not sure about the hubby though. LOL
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they just interveiwed a lady who found a ten year little girl with her throat slit. And they found another young one raped in the back of a car. I agree, frustration does bring violence out in some people and even though I do find it understandable in some cases there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO need in killing and raping young children. That is evil in its purest form! I wish i could get my hands on them!
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I have a question????  My son is almost 8 months.  He got 2 teeth in June and his top two just cut through in the past two weeks.  So I understand the whole not being able to sleep well thing.
OK he's the problem.
He gets real tired around 9:00 so I feed him and he's asleep by 10:00.  When I go to put him in his crib he wakes up as soon as I lay him down.  Then we are up until 2:00am crying, laughing, playing, anything to fight going back to sleep.  He is very tired rubs his eyes and they are red with bags under them,...so he is definetly fighting sleep.
Even laying him in bed with us doesn't work anymore.  he struggles to get out of my snuggle, stands up over his dad and "hits" him.....that part is actually kinda funny.
Last night I tired to let him cry it out, but after 45 minutes of non-stop crying there was no choice.  I picked him up and he was soaking wet from sweat.  And gasping to catch his breath.
What do I do?  
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