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1 Week late on my Period, 3 pregnancy tests were taken and 1 only came up positive?

Hello, I am REALLY confused and need some help/advice from you ladies,

My period is now 1 week late. My nipples are randomly soar, and there are random times where I feel nauseous. I went and bought 3 tests, the first one i took (dollar store) was negative. So the next day I went and bought the good kind, (early detection, CLEAR BLUE) I took it, and it came up positive after 5-8 minutes of sitting flat.

This morning, just to be sure I took the 2nd test (for my morning pee-for the hgc levels and what not..) I dropped the test on the floor on accident (i dont know if that could have anything to do with it?) but it came up NEGATIVE.

I am really confused and would like to hear some advice/help from you guys. I would go see a doctor to see, but currently dont have any insurance until September. I don't want to keep wasting money on things. :(

Thank you!
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If you didn't read the clear blue before 5 minutes it could be evap lines (false positive)  you need to read it at 3 minutes for accurate results.  Also what brand was the third?  if the third was dollar store it could require more HCG (false negative).  My advice get a clear blue early result, test with first morning urine and read it at 3 minutes.  Also if it is positive the darkness of the line does not mean there is more HCG.  those test only tell you yes or no not how far along.  The color is determined by how much dye is on the stick.  I don't think dropping it would have affected it.  If in doubt call your doc for a blood test, good luck hun.
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If it took 5-8 minutes, it doesn't sound like a true positive. Dropping it wouldn't affect the test, as it absorbs the urine up the strip. I would say get First Response (it's the best test on the market) and take it with first morning urine. If it too shows a negative, and you still think you are, see a doctor for blood work.

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