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3 week old with a cold

So my 3 week old baby has caught his older brothers cold, he is so stuffed up and chesty, what can I do to help him? I am nursing and he gets so tired out trying to breath and nurse he isn't nursing as much as he was; I am trying to nurse him more often but he is so tired he is finding it hard to stay awake. I do give him a bottle of expressed milk in the evening with his vitamin A supplement in which he takes easily and it hasn't caused nipple confusion but I am reluctant to give him more bottle feeds as I am afraid he will get lazy at the breast; do you think one more bottle of expressed milk would be okay? I am frightened of him getting dehydrated if I don't get a bit more milk into him. Thanks guys!
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Try a cold water mister, they help a lot.  I would nurse as much as possible and not give an additional bottle.

Good luck, I am sure he will be just fine.
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don't give any cold med. I read that they are not safe for babies at all. Skip that expressed bottle, it will reduce your breastmilk. The cold air humidifier is good. Hold your baby as much as possible. Crawl in bed together and stay there, your body and breathing and heartbeat (lay your baby on your chest sometimes)will help the baby heal.
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I would recommend calling the babies Dr.  At this age is immune system is not completely developed and a cold can become very serious quickly.
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i'd call the doc too. our last baby caught his siblings cold and it turned out to be RSV - very common cold virus but dangerous for newborns. he ended up having to use a nebulizer for a few weeks to help with the breathing.
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My youngest had gotten RSV and my cousin's baby had gotten it at a few weeks of age.  Luckilly my son only had to be hospitalized for 3 days or so.  My cousin's baby had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks.  It is not something to mess with.  I would definitely looking into going to the doctors.
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Thanks guy's. I have spent the last couple of hours with him fairly upright on my tummy and had him in the bathroom in his car seat whilst I took a steamy shower; his congestion is clearing and he has been nursing fine. If he get's worse again I will be sure to take him to the Doc. Thanks again.
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I forgot to mention he is having a check up tomorrow, weight and such, so I will ask them to check it out thoroghly then too.
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